Sunday, March 30, 2003


Sorry for not been blogging in. It had been quite a tiring and tedious week for me.

Well, The Oscars did kick off my week. Saw it live and ended up not sleeping at all (yeah, I fell asleep through part of it) and ended up starting my day at about 2 pm.

Basically, this week had been something for me too. I finally got my HSBC Switch Card. I also sent a parcel back home. I paid 64 pounds. It contained 4 shirts, including a Kenzo shirt, two bridal shawls for my sis, 1 silver plated tray I got at a charity shop that cost me 50p, some hairclips I got at a clearance sale, some Christmas deco-clearance stuff, at 25p each and my dad’s hair cream. Not forgetting a folder of stuff for my sis’s wedding and a mother’s day card for Mak.

The parcel is expected to arrive (in fact, as I am writing this, it had already been cleared by Malaysian Customs) on Monday, 31st of March. Technology nowadays! I could track it from basically anywhere in the world!

This week too, I rushed to finish off the Exorcist project. It is quite confusing though. Confusing in the sense that we’d really did not know what else to be added in to hand up. We met again yesterday, Friday. We basically got pissed off because the printer at Gateway was still broken. Was it because the undergrads who were on Easter break?

Anyway, on Thursday, me, Marina, Jess and Zan met up with Pauline regarding Irma Vepp. Everything is in order. After the meeting, I ran off to Party Mania at West Nicolson Street and bought 2 wigs for the shoot on Monday. I even went to buy some ostrich feathers and pearls to do up some of the wigs. Then, I walked down Southbridge to Sally’s Beauty Supplies and got a dressing comb. I then took the bus back to Leith Walk.

When I reached the Workshop, the production crew was having a meeting next door. I went in just in time to know that I have a wee part in the shooting itself! I’ve a small part as a dresser. I’m going to make a very camp appearance! Anyway, after the meeting, I darted off to the workshop and started dressing one of the wigs to the look of the Victorian era. It was about 5ish then. I decided to just go back and come back the next day to continue my work. Oh yes, it was this day I received my pack from the playhouse!
Gosh, I finally am going to earn some extra cash! Need to fill them out though.

Well, spent Friday with Loz and Julie trying to figure out what else is there to add and do with the Exorcist project. On the bright side, its almost complete! We later went down to Wetherspoon’s (after a depressing attempt to print out the project using the office printer)for a snack and I headed off on my own to the charity shops in Leith to look for white shirts and black pants. No luck, just got one white shirt for 2 pounds. Went to Cash Generator to look at this cd player. To buy or not to buy??? I guess I’ll just wait for my pay and get one. Have to save up for my surprise spree when I get back to Malaysia.

Saturday, March 29, 2003 I went out after Zuhur, intending to look for a pair of black shoes. I took the 86 instead of the 26. The driver then told me that Princes Street was closed for the big Scotland Anti War Demo. Hmm… what the heck, I’ve paid the fare. I got off at Haymarket and walked towards Princes Street. I had earlier on called Mahmud to meet up for lunch at Palmyra. As I was walking towards Princes Street, the crowd was going against my direction. They were going to the Rugby Tournament at Murrayfield. A very big event. Princes Street was already closed at that time to make way for the Demo. The biggest ever to be held in Scotland. As I approached NEXT there were thronging of people going in and out of the store. There was a HALF PRICE SALE…stock clearance! OH MY GOD! Me and sales!…I went in straight to the men’s department to find myself amidst so many people. The shirts was of course from last season, but it’s like so cheap!
I did not buy anything though, just looked at the shoes.

I went ahead to Burtons, this store really is suitable with my budget and they have very good quality goods and they keep up with the current fashion trends. I looked for a black shirt for my shoot, nothing to my liking except for he one at Top Man. The shoes, 2 for 50 quids…I really like the brown leather sneakers. Did not buy anything because I needed a second opinion. I walked out of Burtons. As I headed for north bridge, I saw the on waiting crowd of Anti War demonstrators. I waited by the curb of Princes Street and North Bridge. I waited to see and feel the emotion and energy of the protestors. I even took photographs. I was overwhelmed to see the spirits of the people of Scotland standing united against the war. Personally, I still think (it is a fact anyway) that the war is wrong. It is ok with me to get Saddam out of the way, but why do you have to put up with all the crap just to gain something personal. The demonstration was also partly on behalf of the distressed Palestinians whom their land was taken over by the Israeli’s.

On the whole, the Demo was not only to voice out protest on the on going war, but, also on world peace. Being a Malaysian, I know what peace means. It is quite depressing to see how people suffer! Especially the people of Iraq and Palestine. They also suffer unrest in their own country. May Allah protect the Iraqis and Palestinians, and give all Muslims the strength to go through this ordeal.

After I had watched and sip in the atmosphere, I walked across the Bridges and met up with Mahmud infront of the Old College. We met up for lunch and later went to the charity shops along the street. We then, walked all the way down to Princes Street again to Burtons and to Next where I finally bought, a pair of black pointed shoes. We decided that the shoes at Top Man, Next and River Island is not to our consumption. For Muslims that is. The lining is made of pig skin! (Kul Babs)….pity them..cant get my money! LOL!

That’s it I guess. Next week is going to be tiring as I will start officially with Stars. Hope I have the time to update my blog.



Sunday, March 23, 2003



Hmmm…busy busy busy.

Yesterday was Friday (yeah it was) I started the day as usual, still had stomach ache from the day before. It was D-Day for Lorraine and me because it was our final day to do our screening of the Exorcist. Being quite desperate, I even put up an ad on EMSA list! Ha ha!

The outcome: NOBODY CAME AT ALL! So Lorraine and me started dashing around the remainder of people at The Gateway to fill up the questionnaire. Lorraine then told me that Julie wants to meet up at 1300 the nest day (today) at the Leith campus. I agreed because I wanted to get this research project over and done with.

About 5, I met up with cW and Shida and went to Planet Out for a drink. It was my first time entering the Rainbow Owned pub cum disco. We sat down, had Coke and chatted about things that were happening around us. My mom then called, the usual stuff. Then cW and Shida filled up the questionnaire. By 1900 we started talking about food. I guessed that all the 3 of us were so hungry. We started walking to this new Thai restaurant, Thai Me Up in Edinburgh (sounds kinky). The prices…hmmm….was not palatable at all! We then decided to cook, which will satisfy our typical Malaysian tastebuds and also our pockets!

We walked down to Leith Walk towards the Halal Shops. Shida bought 5pounds worth of chicken wings, and I, bought the other ingredients to cook up something, very impromptu I guess. We rushed back to Meadowbank and I started to prepare the stuff to cook.

This was what I made:

Chicken Sambal with Fresh Coriander

Chicken wings }
Chicken spice } marinade and deep fried
Turmeric powder }

Chili powder mixed with water to a paste
Ketchup to taste
1 large onion Cut into rings
4 pips of garlic sliced

1 bunch of coriander chopped

After the chicken had been fried, fry the sliced garlic and onions till fragrant. Add in the chili paste and ketchup. Add in the chopped coriander. Now, mix the fried chicken with the coriander sambal. Cook on low heat for another 5 minutes and serve.


Well, after dinner, we sat and chat in the kitchen till about 11 pm then I took the bus straight back to my flat. I logged on checking my email… and received this horrific email from Farah…. a song with a sudden emergence of Regan (the exorcist) screeching away! SHEESH! Was so tired… I fell asleep till 10 am today!!!

I just lazed on bed, finally getting up at 11 and got ready to go to Leith. I got out at 1130 and headed first to this Halal sandwich shop at Nicolson St. Bought a Mexican Chicken Sandwich and got on directly on a no 14 bus and headed to the foot of the Walk.

Walked straight to Leith campus and started looking for Julie and Lorraine. Met them at the refractory. We then discussed about the project and our plan of action. We still had like 11 more questionnaires to be answered. Lorraine and me scoured the campus for people to fill up the questionnaires and we succeeded.

Julie had already prepared a worksheet to put the results together but the disk she had the template would not open on the Uni. Pc. Another set back! Anyway, we decided that all the work is to be divided amongst us again. So Lorraine and me would do up the written part and Julie the graphics part. We are meeting again on Wednesday nest week with lots of things to come up with (further research, etc.)

Since it was such a beautiful day today, I decided to stroll along Leith. Found some interesting shops today. I ended up taking the number 22 to Ocean Terminal. Just walked and reloaded my phone, and bought a CD, My Best Friends Wedding O.S.T.

I then took the bus back to the city center and walked along Princes Street. It was like 10degrees Celsius and the sun was shining. Went in to Burtons. Might buy shoes, quite cheap! 50 pounds for 2 pairs. Need to consult cW or Mahmud…he he he…me, and shoes!

As I walked to the bus stand, I noticed the busses were diverted off from Princes Street. Gosh…what was happening? So, I decided to walk along towards West End to catch the bus. As I walked, I heard police sirens and banging of drums and chants. It was an Anti War walkout. I was quite overwhelmed with what was happening (well, being a homosapien) . Hope the war would end soon.


Friday, March 21, 2003


Well, well, its war. The day has been quite a depressing one for me. I just did not know why. The radio stations kept on reporting the going on in Iraq. The terrorist alert too has been raised through out the world. I guess, it is very appropriate to say Inalillahwa inalillahirajiun. Masya Allah.

Life goes on for the human kind. Still breathing in o2.

Today has not been that much for me. Rushed over to gateway to meet up with Pauline to go over the letter I had asked for. Well, it was good one she wrote. I really am hoping and asking for Allah’s blessing for me to pursue my MFA and to complete it by early 2004. I cant really take it anymore being away…. ha ha ha!

Yesterday, we had the first screening of the Exorcist. Well, no one really turned up for it! So, it was just me, Lorraine and Julie. Spent the whole morning printing out and stapling the questionnaire. The printer broke down earlier and Lorraine and me had to walk down to Leith campus to have it printed there. Imagine the queue at the computer lab! And the faces the other students did when it was only our questionnaire coming out of the printer! (Yeah, 5 pages X 30 copies) Lorraine and me could just give a big smile!

Hmm…. by 1315 Lorraine and me re-arranged the conference room into a small theatrette. The screening went on anyway… me…being the only one watching.

I didn’t find it scary or disturbing at all, only a few moments when I just like jump out of my chair but, nothing much to it. It is scarier to watch Indonesian horror movies!

Well, the only side effect I had was, I did not feel like eating after watching the movie, that ended me having stomach ache today.

Kewl, there is this new Pakistani sandwich bar at Nicolson street serving Halal Food and sandwiches…Cheap too!

Hmmm….that’s about it, I’m slaving on Stars now.

Please Mr Bush sir, STOP THE WAR!!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2003



Things that happened today:

1) Interview with Janice Heart, at Theatre Workshop
2) Interview at the Play House for FOH casual worker
3) Reception with principal

Woke up at 7 today, only finding out it was already 8! Sheeesh! Ha ha ha… did not really rush. Sham came online about 930ish as I was having my bowl of cereal. Gave me his new hp number.

I got the 10 o’clock bus to London Road. Went to Gateway to pick up the research project folder. By 11, I went out to Elm Row and grabbed a taxi to meet up with Janice at Stockbridge. Suppose to meet at 1130 but I got there at 1120. It’s a nice theatre…reminded me of Center Stage in Ampang, especially with the throw cushions all around the theatre.

Janice Heart is a freelance designer for the Waters Of Leith environmental theatre; it’s a community project. I went there supposedly for the wardrobe supervisor post, but I ended up telling her my intention on a placement as an Assistant Designer for my MFA project. I’ve got to talk to Pauline about this. Need to call her before Thursday afternoon. I like the way she designs, the process that she goes through is quite interesting, especially with this coming project. I hope I could do it!

I walked around Raeburn Street after that, going in and out of the charity shops there. There is one that has Bridal Outfits, gosh, they are all so nice! And cheap too… By then it was 1230, my stomach was growling for food. I took the 29 to Nicolson Street, and went straight to Palmyra. Had chicken kebab sandwich, yummy! As I ate, I watched Blair on TV. It was at the House of Commons, debating on the Iraq issue. Well, the Brother working at Palymyra was also making funny remarks with another customer about Blair, Iraq, Bush etc I cannot understand a word as they spoke in Arabic. By the time I left Palmyra, it was 1330. I had half an hour to get to the Playhouse. Eventually, the no 7 came and took me back to Elm Row, just in the nick of time. I got to the office of the Playhouse at 1345, and my, with the sun still shining, it was so CHILLY!

I registered at the front desk and waited for Richard Millar the FOH manager. In a matter of minutes, he greeted me and went to his office. I suddenly felt nervous. He asked me a few questions, mostly on work ethics and some problem solving regarding the FOH job I was applying for. Well, it did take about 15 minutes or so. By then, mentally I was quite tired. I took the number 26 at London Road heading back to Clerwood. I went off at St John’s Road and went to TESCO. Bought an Attitude magazine, bread, some frozen dinners and Plax.

Got back to my flat at about 1545, and I have got a reception to attend. I was quite tired then. Well, I just slipped on my Next jacket, and headed off to the conference room.
To my surprise, even I had answered the RSVP, my name was not on the name tags printed out. So, I just scribble out my name and course and country. Well, it was nice, sandwiches, pastries, pate’, met up with the usual group of people etc. The principal then said a few words, see, he is the new principal, just 3 weeks in office.

That’s just about my day today… nite!

Letih la…mentally letih… cW tahu la citernye….he he he

Journal 16032003


Uni server went down again. So fed up, that explains my first few short and sharp (?) sentences.

Anyway, had a fine day today, it was misty the whole morning and when it lifted…the sun shone above Edinburgh, inviting all its inhabitants to come out in the streets and celebrate the day. I was one of them.

Anyway, had an appointment for tea today, at Bill and Nan Laird’s, my friend’s mom’s friend when she was studying here in Edinburgh (guess that was in the 80’s). Went out at 12.30 and went straight to Marks and Spencer to buy a bouquet of flowers. SO I ended up buying Tulips…pink ones..

Walked over to their place at Lauriston Gardens from Nicolson Street via Bristo Square.
Well, they are such a lovely couple and they used to be in the International Club, where they play host to International Students studying in Edinburgh. Nan served me Ginger and Cherry sandwiches (its Polish) and Truffles…..pretty English…with Tea and milk of course! I was served with their clan tea set, What an honour that was! (they belong ti the Robertson clan). After about 2 hours chatting over tea, I made my way back to Nicolson Street to Anis’s flat for the Tahlil. I got there and bumped into Ajie…with Ozzie (the cat, not Osbourne) and went straight up. They had just finished the Tahlil when I got there and I was still full, so I did not eat anything. Anis prepared Kueh Teow Goreng and popiah….ooooo la la! Haven’t had that for months!

After the guests had gone back, we had a charade session.

Friday, March 14, 2003

Journal 13032003


Alhamdulillah, I manage to fast today. it went smoothly and I did really enjoyed it. At first I thought it was going to be hard, because psychologically it was not Ramadhan.

I went out after Zuhur prayers at about 12-ish. I went to the mailroom at the main building, hoping to get my long awaited mail from Holiday Inn Express (remember my keys?)…hmmm….nothing. but, there was a letter in a plain envelop for me. Hmm..Who is it from? So I opened it, an interview letter from the playhouse! Yeahhhh! I’ve got an interview on Tuesday, 18th March at 2pm. Well, I’m gonna call them tomorrow to confirm. Alhamdulillah, just what I needed…a job.

On my way to Gateway on the no 26, I started to read Stage Make Up by Richard Corson. I just realized it had a few chapters that would really help me do up the module. When I got to Gateway, Marina was already setting off for her interview and she gave me a copy of The Mystery of Irma Vep by Charles Ludlum. Have to read this play ASAP, ughh,…more script reading! Anyway, this play would be very challenging as it involves quick changes for costume and make up.

I left for the Leith Campus library after that. Went to return books and borrowed MORE books. Well, the books at the library just makes me go MAD! I want to have each and every one of them!! The range of books on Costume Design and Stage Make up over whelms me every time I go to the 792.026 shelves!

Borrowed 4 books on costuming and make up, for further reading to add on to my module.

Went to Old Town after that, got to the King Fahd Mosque about 3.30, just in time for Asr Jemaa, went straight to the party shop to collect my wig after that. I just noticed they also had dragees (almond sweets) and little packages to put them in! sooo cute! I would be buying some for my sister’s engagement and send them back via post.

I paid a visit to the Charity Shops on Clark Street…got some clothes for Spring. One thing though here, second-hand clothes are even more worthwhile to invest in rather than new ones, cheap and the selection of brands is just great. Leez, if you were reading this, would love it! All the clothes for u to dirrag in! all less then 8 pounds! Anyway, I went to EBS to buy some files and folders…. nothing much there…oh yeah, I went to this cake decorating shop next to EBS to look at the dragees packaging there as well…cheaper than the party shop, but of course, they had different things.

Dropped in to TESCO after that and did some grocery shopping….went to farmfoods next, dropped by 79A Nicolson Street to pick up the KUE forms, left the wig and my ‘charity clothes’ because I had a bit of too much to carry. Last but not least, dropped by my favourite Halal Meat shop. RB. Got a pound of lamb (for my iftar), ½ pound mince and 1 chicken breast, potong kecik kecik!

By the time I got home, it was like 1756 and Maghrib was like 1812. Allright, I went straight to the kitchen and started to mess about, oh… mixed a packet of 3 in 1 Milo for Iftar, I put my lap top volume to max as I have this Athan (Azan) software installed.

I was marinating the lamb when the Call For Prayer boomed out of my speakers. Alhamdulillah….I had some Milo and a samosa. Continued to make couscous and the dish to accompany it. Here’s the recipe I made up for the accompanying dish.

Kambing Masak Ala Arab

Bahan A
Daging kambing (Lamb) 1 pound
Ground garlic 2 table spoon
Cumin 2 table spoon
Ground Corriander 2 table spoon
Fresh ground pepper as u like it
Tomatoes 2 juicy ones

Bahan B
½ onion mayang (cut into strips) ك-can I say that? He he
Paprika 1 ½ table spoon

Heinz Vegetable Soup 1 can
Tomato Sauce to taste


1)Bahan B tumis sampai wangi ك-I don’t feel like translating...

2) Bahan A Add in after step 1, stir fry until meat is a bit brownish

3) after step 2, add in the veggie soup, followed by the fresh tomatoes and tomato
ketchup. Bring to boil for about ½ hour to 45 minutes, until meat is REALLY SOFT. Hen add in salt.

Suitable to be eaten with couscous or pilau rice, I think its also suitable to go with Nasi Tomato. C'mon guys...give it a try!

Quite lavish for my Iftar cum dinner.
I’ll write more tomorrow. Irma Vep is calling me…and so is my duvet!!! Oh no, choices that humans have to make!


Thursday, March 13, 2003


Hi, It has been sometime since I last wrote in. Time quite taken I guess, busy as a bee (huh?).

Well, this is somewhat a summary of what I had been doing since Monday. My uncertainty about things here is really taking toll. Still had not sent out letter to BLPS regarding extension, all because of the letter from my supervisor. Gosh…I’m quite tensed up.

The most significant thing that has happened so far is getting hold of Zizi Zulkifli. This is regarding my placement at Istana Budaya; I offered my services to design the costumes for her. She was quite affirmative about it…. and she told me to email Dr Hatta. Well, as soon as I got to my room, I started out to draft the letter and sent it to Kenchana in the states. I even e-mailed En Najib regarding the opportunity and he replied to me saying that I should go for it.

I am also going to write a short paper (mini thesis? Can you say that…but its like a form of research paper); its going to be called A Comparative Study of Costume Design Process In Scotland (Edinburgh) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Why do I pick Kuala Lumpur as my comparative subject? It is to see how far the costume designers are to work overseas or even make it international. A designer differs to a costume maker. Well, I’m creating this issue of the possibility of Malaysians to go overseas and design shows using the standard methods or processes. I think we do lack a lot of the design process, I’m not saying that the designers can’t design, that is not the issue, but how they have to comply with certain disciplines in the design process. Well, I guess the background of each designer in Malaysia is different and the people who went for formal training in Costume Design can be counted with one’s own fingers. I would probably find out how many there is when I do the research then.

Well, I’m trying to piece the proposal for that paper, doing some reading and net searches on the topic. I guess, like what Cik Najib said, it’s time to prove that designers are serious about their work, is true. Its not just designing but it involves so may other factors. Actually, what triggered me to do this write up is because of what I went through my first term here when I had to design a costume. I was totally blanked out when I had to prepare a costume plot, costume list, textual analysis, character analysis and so on. Well, I WAS designing costumes but THIS IS FOR REAL! Gosh…I felt so left behind!

Come to think of it, there are lots of things for me to think about to make my writing more interesting.

Today, its one of those days, I just cant pull myself out of bed. All this worrying and waiting is killing me. Hope Kenchana would reply my mails ASAP.

I never knew how to write in a business sort of things, or formally…especially for E mail! Ken commented on it, its hard, but I really suck writing emails…proper ones because for me, I had always though the email is quite personal and never that formal. Well, I guess I have to wait for the reply. My duvet is calling me again!!!! Ha h aha!
C ya later.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Saturday 08032003

Well, after not writing anything in for the last few days, I think I owe something to be uploaded to my blog.

I stayed in the whole day today, trying to do some work. Well, did manage to. But what I want to share here is this overwhelming experience watching clips of the Coronation of Sultan Sharafuddin. Being an Anak Selangor, this event was much awaited for, but it was just not my Rezeki to witness it as I am currently in Edinburgh. I was there when Almarhum celebrated his Silver Jubilee, was there to witness his burial and now, the Coronation after 42 years.

Being someone who is in love with Malay arts, this sort of ceremony had always been awaited for. All the ceremonies that took place, all the significance of the adat istiadat, what people wore, all the types of setanjak worn…these elements play a big role in me trying to derive certain elements in designing costumes for performances. Even the movements of the ceremonies could be depicted in a dance.

Well, last night at about 3 a.m (yeah, I slept late last night) so I heard the ceremony via Internet on Radio Malaysia Melaka. The sound of the Nobat really made my hair jump…its something with the Nobat ensemble…the mysterious sounds, very enchanting. I just tuned in at the right time when Sultan Sharafuddin was crowned. Then the crowd cheered Daulat Tuanku ! I was just gasping for air…ha ha ha…very dramatic am I? I tried to visualize the scenario in my head, well, it didn’t work. The last ceremony was the Menjunjung Duli and Renjis Air Mawar by close of kin of the sultan. Well, they stopped the broadcast then.

When I woke up about 9 this morning, I started checking the newspapers for news etc. When I got to Star Online…Oh My! There it was…video clippings of the Coronation!!
Without hesitation, I clicked on the real player download, and manage to watch excerpts of the ceremony. I had never thought to get to see the ceremony at all! When my mom called last night, I asked her to tape it for me, but the VCR at home was broken…no luck… I was quite happy to get to see clippings. All the adornments, regalia, ceremonies. I’ve got to thank the Star for putting it up on web. For an Anak Selangor not in his home state for this Stately Event, it was enough for me. As I had said earlier on, my love for the richness of the Malay arts would never cease, no matter where I am. Some people might think its just a bore, well, at least there is somebody who just adores it.

One thing though that I would really miss is, is the Royal Concerts and celebrations. Being a part of it is a dream of mine, contributing something or maybe performing…
Tuanku is my University’s Pro Chancellor so the possibility for arranging a royal performance is always there….Ahhh…how I miss the hustle and bustle of a performance and the madness preparing for it. It is the proudest moment for me. I had performed during a luncheon for the late Sultan of Selangor, and that was a moment to remember! Well, he enjoyed the show. Hmm…I’m starting to mumble now…I’ll stop first…maybe continue later or tomorrow. Wassalam.

Thursday, March 06, 2003


Hmmmm…well, I’m writing this the morning after….got back at 2-30, exhausted. It was my first time clubbing (sort of) in Edinburgh. Went to Medina to see Nik do belly dancing. Well, they played a mixture of songs, which was quite ok……so everybody that went, came out from their shell…including me…he he he…have not had such good time for a looooong time!

Not writing up so much anyway…just to keep up with my blog. Today would be another busy day (hope so) I’m going to Grassmarket to look at some stuff for Marina’s shoot, and probably get my hair cut today. Catch up later on. Anyway, have TONS of things to complete.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Journal 04032002

Assalamualaikum and a good evening to my blog. Well, a very fulfilling day indeed. Finished with the proposal for the research project.

This morning I got up about 10, and started checking e-mails and reading Malaysian newspapers, only about 12 I started to read and type out my make up class module…. I must have it finished by latest, 3rd week of March. Well, as I was going through my handwritten pages, I still had doubts on what should I put in. Anyway, I skipped that part and started to look at the other aspects of the paper. I am obviously modeling the guidebook from Marina’s Costume Design module. Personally, I think that her module is very concise and her course description is exactly what I intend to imply upon my students in future. The amendments made were mostly on the project brief section. From that, it goes on as the other main guidelines for the class.

Going into detail would be when I start to type out the handouts, and try to make power point presentations (hmmm…. is it suitable for a make up class?) Well, there are still lots to read from and it would take me more time to keep on reviewing the module I’m making. Never knew it was that HARD to put together a module. Well, I also plan to DESIGN (can I say that?) Some small workshops on beauty make up as well and compile it together with the rest. Well, got to get to that after this.

Back to my research module, Lorraine called at about 2, and I met her and Julie in front of the job-shop. From there, we went to the Post Grad IT lab…full. We retraced our steps to the IT lab… the undergraduate ones! Well, lucky enough for us to get a free PC. Logged in and Lorraine made last amendments to the document. At that time my sister (the one that is getting married) called, she was complaining to me about how bad was my letter writing. She was nagging all the way till Lorraine and Julie was already by my side! He he! Anyway, we went to the print room and had it bound. 50p…that was the price. We then adjourned to the QM Student Union to find out about the place whether it was possible to have our screening there. Not much help though….and by the looks of it, we don’t think of having it in corstorphine. So we sort of like decided its better for us to do it at Gateway. So, Lorraine and Julie went back off to Gateway to make bookings.
And I headed back to my flat…Nick locked the door! Hmm….had to go to the bursar’s office and had to take the spare keys. Well, happy enough for me, at least I manage to get myself into the flat! And I started reading some more things that had relations with my make up module.

Mak called again, regarding my letter. I think it was the service provider that made my mom sound as if she was talking with her mouth at the receiver and the volume at the top of her lungs. Well, she told me to rewrite…but gosh, I cant make out ½ of what she wanted me to re I told herto ask my eldest bro to write it and somewhat email it to me…..

Well…that’s about it I guess….


Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Journal 3.3.03
A very productive day for me. Even though I woke up a bit late, missed Maghrib and Isya’ , what else Fajr, I just kind of slept through last night.

Woke up with a fresh feeling and started to re work on the essay for the research module. I had to re read the guide Pauline supplied us with. Assuming what I understood, I went ahead explaining the methodology and part of the validity of what we were doing. Manage to email it to Lorraine. Oh yeah, the server went nuts again today.

Today I was to meet Julie and Lorraine at 5.30 at the reception of Gateway, so, after Asr, about 1545 hrs, I left my room to board the 26 bus. Approaching the St Andrew Square stop, my phone rang. Mak called regarding a draft letter I sent via Kandar’s e-mail. She says that the letter is clear enough and hopes that UiTM would see that I get the extension that I need.

The topic of my sisters wedding propped up again. This time, to my dismay and disgust, my mom provided me with the dates! Sheesh! Engagement in April and Nikah on 6th September, I just gave a dry and empty laugh. I am very uncertain here, absolutely uncertain for my MFA projects. So I just told my mom off…go ahead with the plans, I’m not going back to Malaysia. She doesn’t seem to notice that how bad did I wanted to prepare for my sister’s wedding. Well…like I said, win a few, lose a few. I hang up as I entered the foyer.

Julie was already there. Lorraine got in about 5 minutes after that. Off we went to the IT Lab, to edit the proposal. Julie set off typing her part of the essay and later cut and pasted them together to be one. Lorraine then went through the other parts, filling in and editing. I surfed the web for pictures from the Exorcist and then started to work on the questionnaire. We had quite some fun doing it together today and see the whole proposal taking shape before our eyes. I accidentally stumbled upon this website which had trailers of The Exorcist…goshhh. IT WAS GRUESOME!!!! Well, after we had finished all the lay out and we printed a draft to see what it looked like. It was good! We did not notice it took us almost 2 hours to finish up everything. Weren’t we famished by then! We then decided to go and have dinner somewhere. Well, it was quite a productive day for me, as I said earlier, anyway, I did manage to type some more of y projects this morning. I also received my phone bill and a birthday card from Dik Ja. So happy for her, that ‘little’ sister of mine.

Well, I’m quite motivated a bit now to finish off my typing and other things that I have to do.

I want to call it a day now.
Oh, before I forget..Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru Hijrah 1424. Semoga tahun baru ini membawa erti baru. Ya Allah, hijrahkanlah diri ini. Amin.

Monday, March 03, 2003


Wanted to leave by 9-ish...but when I tried calling one picked up the phone....about 11ish I manage to catch hold...and the guard gave me a spare key. Need to see bursar tomorrow.

Well, Went to Zandy's at abt noon. So Re re installed my windows. Went straightt to Anis's after that. Anis was preparing lunch, and had lunch there. Well, quite a relaxed day for me today. Nik came at about 5.30, rushed with her make up....After she went off to Walimar (i think so) me and Oja went to Kebab Mahal to have kebab. Never tried their kebab before. Well, it was GOOD...had mango lassi to go with it.

Got back to Anis's, and watched vcd...Well...very relaxing day actually...

Anyway, about 2 AM this morning i called home. Just to receive news that my sis is probably getting enganged in April AND I WONT BE THERE TO WITNESS IT!!!! well...still mixed with emotion...The wedding might be in September. I dont think I'll be able to go back home by then....Well, quite upset because her wedding would probably be the last wedding (last daughter) and I had always dream to prepare everything. Well...writing this is making me feel so UPSET! SO BLOODY UPSET!

My parents planned to visit me in summer. Dad said, since my sister is getting married, they might not make it to Edinburgh. Erm.....when all my other siblings were abroad, they'd travel all the way to visit them? and me? hmmm.....I wonder if u guys feel what I'm feeling now. Everything has to happen at this time, this moment. Moments that's meant to be shared. Well...cant win all the time right?

My mom hoped that i would not be SORE about it.well, it's obvious that I AM SORE! quite frustrated though...and upset. Well, i guess thats life. Win a few...lose a few. Just dont feel like doing anything. Felt quite down. Well....dont want to say much. I know I am such a drama queen. Things might change, but i am still upset about my parents not soming to visit me. They had planned the visit since September, before i left for the UK. Deep inside me, I really want to make up time with my parents at this stage of my life. Well, i guess it has turn to ashes though. U know HOW MUCH malay weddings cost right? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

hidup ni kita tak tahu bile akan tamat. Rahsia Allah. Ajal maut semua atas kehendakNya. niat hati nak kongsi keindahan bumi Allah ini dengan 2 insan yang benar2 aku sayangi, dapat berkongsi dgn diri ini...dapat merasa bagaimana diri ini berada di tempat orang. Aku hanya mampu berserah. Well, call me a drama me anything...because it's me. Malas nak buat ape2...better aku lepak n tido. Esok another long day. Anyway, i'm 26....motif?


28/2/2003 – 01/03/2003

Well, I guess I have to continue my journal here. Yesterday, I left my room for the airport about 7.15. Woke up at 6 that is. Took my bath, prayed, had leftover Murtabak Maggi and quickly got ready. Bath Spa…. Somerset, that’s my destination today. Well, for the time being, Marina is paying the trip for me and I’m paying her bit-by-bit back. I just have got to see the Costume Archive and the world’s most complete Costume museum.

Got at the airport via the Air Port Bus (the no 100) at about 10 to 8, flight was at 8.40. Hmmm…no signs of Marina and Jess. About 8 05….Jess was outside the terminal building taking a smoke. I decided to call Marina, hmm no answer. Wonder if she manages to get on the bus? Hmmm…it’s running late. Finally at 8.30 Marina got to the airport…gosh pity her…we rushed to the Go counter…and guess what? The counter had CLOSED! U should have seen the look on Marina’s face! Anyway, the bitchy ground stuff told us that the counter closes at 8 10…and all this while I thought it closed 10 minutes before flight departure. Well, on the bright side, we did manage to get on the plane. And off to Bristol we went. Oh yea, the flight was DELAYED 10 minutes…hmmm. The flight was slightly bumpy but ok. We reached Bristol Airport at about 9-ish and straight away headed out to get a coach to Temple Meads Train Station. There, we got on the 11.10 train to Bath Spa. A ticket costs us 3 pounds each. Reached Bath train station at about 11.30 and from the train station we took a cab that costs 3.50 to Holiday Inn Express Bath. It was just a short ride. So, Marina had planned that we leave some stuff at the hotel and went straight to the Costume Museum. When we reached the hotel, the room was not ready yet so Marina left her stuff behind the counter. We took the cab to the museum as the weather did not really permit us to walk (15 minute walk? Hmm…he he he)
We got off at the side of the museum. We paid entrance fee of…4 something (Marina n Jess paid for me first) and got the guidebooks at 3.95 each. Went straight to get our personal audio guide. State of the art! We started the tour looking at the Assembly Rooms. This assembly rooms use to cater the locals for dances and social events. Beautiful space that is, with chandeliers and a gallery for musicians. The adjacent room is the Card Room, where the people meet and play cards. This museum used to be a place to meet and socialize for the peoples of Bath Spa. Getting bored of the explanations, we adjourned straight downstairs to look at the costume collection. Wow! The costumes are authentic! The oldest of the collection dates back to the 17th century! A real piece of antique! I could not imagine it was hand stitched! The galleries were really fascinating. The wigs, the costumes, the details…what I had learnt back in ’96 was right here in front of my eyes. How I wished Cik Kalsom were here…aiseh! Should have bought her a postcard! He he he…. Well, I mainly looked at the coiffure, as that is for Marina’s video project. I was really amazed with the collections! As I walk through, I felt as if I was going through a time tunnel! I was immersed with the audio guide, with an aching hand that is! I’d seen the real stomacher, a 20” corset, Madame Pompadour hair dos, Crinolines, bustles, shoes, socks, gloves and Penniers-huge ones! The other exhibition that was put on this time is the 1920’s fashion. Gosh! Women’s liberation, post war, freedom…the collection was really captivating, the WIGS! Magnificent! I really liked the dress collection, the beadwork was just too captivating and it really reminded me of Rashid’s collection. It didn’t really take us that long to go through the museum. By 1.25 we were already out of the museum, and, HUNGRY. So, we scouted for a place to eat…instead we came across antique shops and later this Deli. We just grabbed sandwiches for lunch. By 1.45 we were at no 4, The Circus. The home of the Costume Archives. To our dismay, the archive did not open till 2. So, we decided to have lunch in the rain, by the Circus. Hmm…it was ok but a bit chilly. I had salmon with egg mayo sandwich that costs 2.50. By 1.55, wet and cold, we went back to the archives and rang the bell. After leaving our stuff downstairs, we went upstairs to the research room. A table had been set for us. We were briefed on what we were supposed to do and how to handle the articles requested. Marina had requested Corsets. I guess I was quite lucky as I get to touch and see a real 18th Century Corset, with WHALE BONE! REAL WHALE BONE.
The make of the corset really made me think. How fine was the workmanship and how tedious it was to produce a corset of that kind and what sort of women wore that corset. By the way, that corset is the only one remaining in the world.

After scrutinizing the corsets (there were 5, 18th century (2) and 19th century (1) and 20th century (1)), taking photographs and video of it, Jess and Marina spread out the stuff that they found in the wardrobe storage area. With the help of the lady who is in charge (forgot her name), she helped Marina and Jess to find out further information on the dresses. Interesting because the gray dress was an authentic piece! And probably the others were fancy dresses made for stage or parties.
We then adjourned to the book section after that. Gosh! All the costume and fashion books that you could ever think of! I went for the books on hair and make up, even found a book on Asian Designers, well, it portrayed Rizalman and Bill Keith. I also manage to get a copy from journal on Asian pants, interesting, because it showed some similarities with Malay pants. Well, what I can say is, it’s the most basic shape of trousers for many Asian cultures. Wished we had more time then…by 4 we packed up everything and went back to the Costume Museum shop because Marina wanted to get more books on costumes.
By 5 pm we were in room 18 of the Holiday Inn Express. Tired. Hungry. Jess and me decided to take a walk to Sainsbury’s…, which was just across the road from the hotel. It just came to be a Sainsbury Petrol Kiosk! Hmmm…bought some biscuits and drinks. We also just took a walk around that area, looking for a take away or something. Eventually, we came across a Chinese-fish and chips take away just 3 minutes from the hotel. We went back to the room because the take away was not opened yet. So, I just watched TV while Marina and Jess discussed about their research paper. Went out again about 1930 to buy dinner. I had Egg Fried Rice with fired Taugeh. That was just nice, for just 4 pounds. Very filling. Watched TV till about 11…and chatted and I guessed I just dozed off…
Oh yeah, Mak called at about 2220, didn’t tell her I was in Bath because did not want to offend her (yeah…shared a room with 2 women) anyway, its TABOO ha ha ha…Well, they are my friends anyway, and I really am glad to know them, we all have the same interest and we’re course mates anyway. Well, she asked me whether I would be coming back in September. I don’t know. I’m still confused about my status and my MFA…The connection was bad, so had to hang up. Earlier, Shabaz called. Quite surprised to receive his call! I told him, Insyaalah, I’ll visit them some time after this term, and after I got some extra cash to spare. Anyway, I want to visit Norman and Ezwan.

Woke up at 8. Spend morning watching TV and had continental breakfast…really enjoyed it. Jess called for a cab at 11 and off we went to Bristol Airport. In 40 minutes we got there. Checked in, and guess what? I LEFT MY KEYS AT THE HOTEL! Sheesh! So careless of me! Ish ish ish!!! Well, too late now. Guess that I have to get into my room with the help from security.
Boarded the flight at 1 and took off to Edinburgh. By 2.15 we reached Edinburgh Airport and took the 100 back. Well, I got off at St Johns road. Hoping to find a take away (yeah sure!) but nothing. So, took the 26, got off and went straight to security. Thank god there was someone there! So, I explained what happened and the security guy opened the door for me. Well, had late lunch of cold Turkey Luncheon Meat aith onion sandwich…too tired to do anything else.
The server was crap today, can’t access even my own Blog. Means I have to ask Zandy to check out my lap top tomorrow morning. Well, got so tired, I think I slept about Maghrib….and woke up about 8. Had instant Rice and curry. Well, that’s about it. Started writing this and about to start with the Exorcist after this.