Tuesday, April 27, 2004

current mood: ecstatic (D-uh!)
current song: none

Whew! that had been some time since i last updated my blog! It had been a very good weekend and quite a good start of the week for me. Last night I was appreciated by my FOH Manager for me attending to a few drunken ladies and their couples, who were making noises in the Circle and had made other customers uneasy and unable to concentrate watching Full Monty. After i received a complaint from one of the customers, I went to the group and asked them to 'make it low', and that poor lady who complained got reseated at the directors box. Come intermission, as I was selling ice cream, one guy came up to me and complained that i told his wife to 'shut up' and told me that it was a comedy and is it wrong to laugh in a comedy? I just smiled and i told him there was a few complaints about them making noises....The whole group left! well, i was just doing my job and my FOH Manager took on my side. ALhamdulillah.

Lately I had been talking to lots of the locals, at work, etc. I was quite surprised to notice that I somehow gained confidence to speak in English, without 'stammering' and difficulty in finding the right words. Hmm...

On Sunday, after the night out with Mahmud, we decided to go to Princes Street Gardens to take photographs. It was SUCH a nice day (unlike today-boo hoo!) The spring flowers were in full bloom, please click on my links on the right hand side, yes dear! my online photo album. As you can see, the colours are brilliant and vibrant. Flowers everywhere and my favourite is the chreey blossoms. Last year I just did not have the time to take pictures of the Cherry Blossoms....since it's my last spring here, might as well grab the opportunity to do so.

Yesterday, I manage to sew up a Puteri Perak Costume, and basically i only have to finish off the collar and the hem of the sleeve and blouse.

hmmm.....it looks like i am quite uninspired to write today, eventhough i have loads on my mind to write about....

rehearsals for food fair on thurday at 5.30....got to decide on the music....

Thursday, April 22, 2004

current mood: LAZY eeeexxxxxxtreeeeeeeemeeeely LAZY!
current song: Let It Go ( Original Soundtrack of Broadway Production of Full Monty)
current character: Fifi

Astaghfirullah Hal Azim....I just dont know why, i just feel dead lazy today. I wanted to start tracing the pattern for the Puteri Perak costume, but i just dont feel like doing so. I guess its back to Chekhov for me today.....

I'd already worked for 2 shifts for The Full Monty. Its a fabulous show and very fresh compared to the other shows i've seen at the Playhouse. Basically it is an adaptation from the British hit movie The Full Monty only that it had been 'Americanised'. The setting has been changed, originally it was set in Sheffield but the stage production is set in Buffalo. Whatever you see in the film, is on stage as well. The best part is the grand finale, where, as in the film, the actors took their kit off. Very clever of the lighthing designer to enhance this very last bit...but last night's performance was a bit more 'daring' as the main spot dimmed about a few seconds late...THUS........ making everything VISIBLE on stage! that was a good one last night's show!

Erm....I've like so many things in my head....I cant seem to put everything in perspective. Ezwan is in Heathrow now, about to fly off to Malaysia for good. hmm..aint I WORRIED???!!!

I used to have a pet cat named Gyrus. She was brought back home by my sister who found her at the medical faculty in UM. There was a possibility that Gyrus was about to go under the knife (HOW COULD THEY!!!) for some research. Because it was the day my sister was learning about the brain, that was how Gyrus got her name...GYRUS is the lining of the brain..heheh... She was somehow toilet trained, she only did her 'business' in the toilet. She is of mixed breed, partly persian (very bushy tail) and partly siamese (dark pointed ears and tail). Unfortunately, she died about 2 months before I flew to the UK. She was with my family for about 11 years. I just suddenly missed her presence. There was once when the whole family went to Australia for my father's open heart surgery, and she was left under the care of my cousin, the moment I got back to Malaysia and went to my cousin's place, she was waiting at the door. She used to wake me up for school as well and during the fasting month she would 'fast' as well...she would sleep all day and only make her presence felt after Maghrib...he he he..how cute is that? hmmm memories...

This song was playing on SINAR, and i found the lyrics...One of Kak Ogy's hits in the 80's...See...another fine example of melancholicly written lyrics...but the melody (ehem?) is very soothing tho...hmmm :updated @ 1325:

Kisah Cinta

Ini sebuah kisah cinta
Dari sekuntum bunga sekeping hati
Dua jiwa dalam hayalan
Berat rasa untuk berpisah

Dua dunia satu mimpi
Satu cita dalam satu hati
Terjerat dalam permainan hidup
Terkandas dalam cinta terhalang

Mengapa dunia
Kejam pada mereka yang bercinta
Mengapa bercinta
Harus ada saja perpisahan

Kisah cinta berakhir
Dengan penuhharapan
Kisah cinta berakhir
Dengan penuh ratapan
Kisah cinta...

update @ 1653hrs

i had just realised that i am 27 years old and 2 months today! gosh!

I had a good brainstorming sesh with the scriptwriter on my last and final project. A lot of useful information and ideas that we discussed. Mainly now the theme of my designs would be PAINT, Surrealism, 'on thin air'. Mainly we just talked about the characters and what they are. The themes are yet to be discussed and the thing is...we open in 10 DAYS! he hehe....see Fifi...there are PILES of stuff coming your way now!!!! well, im going off now, to grab something light to eat, havent eaten lunch yet! am i getting bullimic? he he he..I wonder what harm am I causing myself...I never knew that self inflicting injuries are so ADDICTIVE! lol! Astaghfirullah....

Anyways......i'm meeting someone for a drink at 8, so better go and get something light to eat. Cheerio!

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

current mood: idle
current character: Nur Afifi Mohamed Taib
current song: Khayalan (VE n Ruffedge) on ERA.FM

I was not feeling that well last night, but I managed to finish my plot comparison (PHEW!) but that is not the end, i havent done the commentary part yet. I was feeling feverish and my voice kind of changed. Even now, my nose feels a bit stuffed up. I hate not being well!
I'm quite paranoid about it as well, I was really ill during Eid and what hell I went through at that time.

I am going to call up Charles Fox in a wee while to ask about any spaces left for their workshops in July. I would really want to attend the workshop for theatrical, film n tv and bridal make up. I wonder how much more £££ i would need! GOSH! Insyaalah it would materialise some how.

This is my update as of 11 a.m. Might update again later or tomorrow. Alhamdulillah I've a shift tonight and its FULL MONTY! LOL! can't wait!

Artis : V.E feat. Ruffedge
Lirik: Positive Tone

Percubaan mike 1, 2, 3 dan 4
Tiada apa ku dapat bersamamu hanya penat
Mereka bisa berkata apa
Kerna tidak merasa beban yang terpahat di dada
Sunguh menyiksa
Terpinga-pinga aku dalam dilema kamu, kamu, kamu
Terbang mengejar mimpi kamu, kamu, kamu
Ku sendiri lagi.. khayalan menjelma
Menghantui diri

(Verse 1)
Khayalan mejelma
Ketika fikiran
Melayang menjauh mengenangkanmu
Suaramu yang mesra
Mengalunkan lagu
Irama hatimu yang sepi

Aku dapat merasa engkau dalam derita
Tentang kasihmu tinggalkan pergi
Oooo... ooo...

(Verse 2)
Kumasih terdengar senandung dukamu
Yang engkau curahkan di malam itu
Wajahmu terbayang
Mengukir senyuman yang penuh dengan kepahitan

Aku sungguh simpati
Atas nasib dirimu
Tapi apakan dayaku ini

Diriku sudah pun berpunya kekasih hati
Tak mungkin ku tukar ganti
Padamu yang datang dalam khayalan

Carilah pengganti agar kau gembira lagi
Usahlah kau mengganggu
Wajahmu muncul dalam khayalan


Diriku sudah pun berpunya kekasih hati
Tak mungkin ku tukar ganti
Padamu yang datang dalam khayalan

Carilah pengganti agar kau gembira lagi
Usahlah kau mengganggu
Wajahmu muncul dalam khayalan

Diriku sudah pun berpunya kekasih hati
Tak mungkin ku tukar ganti
Padamu yang datang dalam khayalan

Carilah pengganti agar kau gembira lagi
Usahlah kau mengganggu
Wajahmu muncul dalam khayalan

Copyright (c) 2004 Pustaka Muzik EMI Sdn. Bhd


Cheryl, awat hang takut ngan lelagu pilihan aku nih? ekekke...Well, itu ler lagu Melayu noks...semuanya mendayu-dayu, semua tangkap cintan, cintun asyuk masyuk....

This would be an interesting topic to talk about with Cempakasari....
I guess being a Melayu, I had been exposed to this genre and style of music at an early age and somehow had blended it in. It is very seldom to listen to songs that are not of the usual topic of Melancholy, Love Relationships, Heart-Breaks, Crushes (E-HemMmmM?!!!<---paham kan Che Timah oiiiii!), Lost-Love and what so-ever. Very seldom that u get to listen to Malay songs that is inspiritional (erm, i guess those love songs do inspire at times, if u put a different context to the original meaning of the lyrics). I find that Hazami's TEKAD is very good, so is Ku Mohon by Sheila Majid. Besides the Patriotic songs....which is themed for LOVING the country. Well, come to think of it, even the lyrics of traditional Malay music of the Asli genre is basically about love, or, adoring a lady or man. Zapin music on the whole usually brings us to the theme of the greatness of Allah and praises to Muhammad S.A.W.

That brings me back to the topic i chose, (oh dear! does this sound academic?) why Jess is kind of 'scared' of the choices of lyrics that i chose to share with my fellow readers. I guess, it depends on the state of mind and what you are going through at the moment. It does reflect what mood and situation you are in. Ironically, I am listening to Sinaran on DVR player.com and the DJ is spinning Springs BOURGAINVILLA (no..its not...its the hit song after that song...me...just so bad with song titles!).

Well....thats me....a human life form...i'm no alien, but maybe alien to others...god knows!

Monday, April 19, 2004

current song: listening to Radio Era
current mood: blur, excited, ting tong, quite idle
current character: Nur Afifi Mohamed Taib

Im sitting in tha lab...typing some work, updating this blog, surfing, typing my work again, wonder where is my focus.

I was listening to this song this morning, reminiscing my 4th form and early Uni days.....the good 'ol days


Angin bayu membawa diriku
Sepintas lalu ku terkenangkanmu
Memori silam meresap malam
Kenangan bersama tersimpan selamanya

Walaupun kau pergi jauh dari diri ini
Cintaku masih bersemadi di hati
Keyakinan kita kan kembali
Menghidupkan semula janji bara cinta

( korus 1 )
Kita bersama mengejar mimpi
Terpisah sementara kupasti
Suatu hari nanti
Cinta kita bersemi
Kembali menerangi
Mekar di taman hati

( korus 2 )
Walaupun jauh pandangan mata
Kuyakin kau kan tetap setia
Begitulah ku jua
Keikhlasan di jiwa
Dan cintaku hanyalah

Saban hari diriku menuggu
Khabar berita darimu di sana
Gerimis senja kembali reda
Kerinduan di jiwa
Kau jadi penawar

Rinduku padamu tak dapat ku terkata
Setiap saat waktu bagai terlalu lama
Bila kita kembali bersama
Hiduplah semula
Janji bara cinta

( ulang korus1 & korus2 )
( ulang korus1 & korus2 )

Mimpi yang dikejar telah pun menjadi nyata
teristimewa untuk anda semua...

at this moment, i'm listening to this 80's hit......on ERA.FM, wonder when would it be a reality for me........


Satu Penantian

Kau yang ku sayang
Dari dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya
Sebelum kenal dirimu
Sebelum jumpa dirimu
Kau sering datang dalam mimpiku

Kata hatiku
Selalu membisik kau adalah milikku
Biar lama pun kutunggu
Saat kedewasaanmu
Daku tak pernah jemu menantimu

Disaat ku sendiri
Ku bayangkan wajahmu
Terkadang ku berilusi
Tentang dikau dan aku

( korus )
Ku harapkan semua ini
Esok kan jadi kenyataan
Dan aku berjanji
Kan ku bahagiakan dirimu selamanya

Kuharapkan semua ini
Akan segera terjadi
Dan semoga nanti
Bukan sekadar impian belaka

( ulang dari korus )

Che Timah, any comments? wonder what does Kak Ina think of this? LOL!

current mood: ting-tong, blur, short-panick-attacks
current song: Lara Hati (Katon) Untukmu (Feminin)
current Character: Bedah


I guess, being away farrr and awayyyy from home means that you have your friends as your closest family. And I guess my closest 'family' is in Guildford, and that is like........MILES AWAY! U know who I mean right Timah?


Its Sunday today, did nothing, just lazying about. I went to the sunday market this morning with Kak Anis and bought a Silver Plated Tray (Queen Anne?!) and a box of CLUEDO.I only spent £3. Good for me.

I called Nizam in Malaysia after my siesta, I'm so happy for him as he had found his soulmate and i got the latest gossips as well. Hmm...

After chatting to Nizam for almost 45 minutes, had i just realised that i had to get to Corstorphine for a rehearsal, and so I rushed and got ready, heading out of my flat in the drizzle and got on the bus. Thank goodness I managed to get the connecting 26 at Princes Street to Clerwood. Aiyooo! very aszab one. As i leapt out of the 22 to board the 26, Taufik called. He made Nasi Ayam and was about to go to Kak Ro's place with Cheryl Yatimah....I WANT SOME NASI AYAM OK!!!!!

I got to Clerwood at 1845 and to discover that the rehgearsal was called off!!! well, my fault for not conforming the rehearsal with Nozomi. So, here I am, like 45 minutes and 2 busses away from home, updating my blog! LOL!

Senandung Semalam

Yesterday, I sent of Ezwan and his brother, Ehsan back to Bristol. Ezwan is my colleague in UiTM and had just finished his Masters degree. He came to visit me before going back to Malaysia for good. Gosh, hope everything would work out for me.


I also met Taufik's friend, Kiah, from Manchester, he came to spend a night at my place on Friday.


Erm....I'm just not in character to write today, thats why it is just short and straight forward sentences...ha ha ha...all of it impromtu. Anyway, would be updating soon.

something about Varick

Oh yeah, watched the preview of Uncle Varick. I'd probably write up something about it. On the whole, I really like the production and it is just mesmerising. Yeah, i'll be reading more stuff on Chekhov and i would tell you readers more on Uncle Varick pretty soon. Got to get back home.

Thursday, April 15, 2004


Chekhov. I’ve just learned to appreciate this writer for what he is. Even though Uncle Vanya is the first work of his that I have read, it had opened a new perspective and had sparked a new interest in gaining more knowledge about styles in writing and play righting.

Chekhov being a naturalistic and his works immersed in Russian provincial life in the late 19th century (Fortier, 2003) has inspired many others to adapt his writing for stage or translated into other languages and being studied upon by academicians’ world wide.

After reading his biography by Pritchett, I began to understand a wee bit more about Chekhov. His writings are mostly inspired by Tolstoy, etc (fill this up darling!) and most of it is derived from his travels and past experiences. Theatrically, he brought real life on and to the stage. From my point of view, he had given inspiration for other writers to talk about real life, rather than fantasy to be staged to an audience.

I admit it that I need to read more on Chekhov to really understand his styles and intentions whilst writing a story.

I too wonder, his passion for writing was so great, that he could schedule his days to write different things at different times. I wonder how he does it. How did he focus on different issues, stories and ideas at different times and come up with wonderful work like Uncle Vanya.

Uncle Vanya for me is a real drama. It portrays real people in probably real situations. Even though some of the scenes are sort of like animated and dramatic, for example the scene where Vanya fired two shots to Serebryakov and missed, could it happen in real life? I guess it depends on the situation and the state of mind one is in.

Its drama in a drama.

I spent the whole day today, reading his biography, trying to understand Chekhov. I went to the cloth shop, bought chicken, went to Lidl for a wee bit of grocery. I was reading about Chekhov at almost anywhere I could lay my eyes on the book, even while waiting for the bus! I wonder why I suddenly became really interested to know more about Chekhov, anyway I thank Allah SWT for this sudden change.

Started the day being melancholic and all, and suddenly, intrigued by a dead writer! LOL. Time is also running out on me. I am really concerned about this present project I am on. But it sure is a turning point, I am more aware of what I have been lacking and I am trying to catch up with it. And somehow today, Chekhov had inspired me to write as well, or more likely gave me a spark to do something that I’ve never done before. WRITE A PLAY. I had noted the ideas down and would attend to it when I am free. I had never written a play before, I guess there is a first time for everything. (Please read my previous posting). But I guess, I still owe to Allah SWT for this sudden surge of self motivation.

Cheryl and Taufik is in London tonight, they are still on Easter Break and as I am typing this, I am listening to Kris Dayanti – Ku Tak Sanggup, with orchestral arrangement (Konser KD). Her delivery of the song is so energetic and full of emotion. Gosh. I think I’d better stop melayan perasaan.

I would be expecting Helmy tomorrow night, and Ezwan on Friday morning.

Tour le Edinburgh anyone?

Wednesday, April 14, 2004



Jangan Ada Benci

( 1 )
Andainya ada di antara kita nanti
Berubah hala serta janji
Jangan ada benci
Suka dan duka dilalui
Jadikan kenangan di sudut hati

( 2 )
Andainya cita-cita tidak kesampaian
Ikatan murni terputus di pertengahan
Jangan dikesalkan
Jangan lantaran kegagalan
Kita saling berdendam saling bermusuhan

( 3 )
Memusnahkan diri

( 4 )
Kita harus tabah dan bersedia
Cekal hadapi kemungkinan yang tiba
Kadangkala yang berlaku
Di luar kemahuan kau dan aku

( ulang 2 & 3 )

( ulang 3, 4 & 1 )
Di sudut hati

This morning when i woke up, with the usual 'stiffy' e-hem! i felt melancholic...aiyoh! why? kinda gray as the skies. anyway, as i walked towards the bus stop to go to Uni, this song was playing in my mind. Only Allah knows whats it all about. I was even inspired by Sheila Majid's song and of Chekhovs style of writing today. I think im going to experiment with something. Had already jotted down ideas. Hope it would be a success or whatever. AKU NAK PEGI GUILDFORD!

My other SOng of The Day...Ya Allah, why am I so melancholic?????

Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi

Kesalahan ini
Yang membuat segalanya
Gelap jadinya

Oh... oo... kasihku
Kuharap kau mahu
Memaafkan menerima pengakuanku

Jangan kau diam lagi
Ku tak sanggup menahan
Bicaralah kau sayang
Jiwa ini tak tenang

Cinta jangan kau pergi
Tinggalkan diriku sendiri
Cinta jangan kau lari
Apalah erti hidup ini
Tanpa cinta dan kasih... sayang

I guess today is my Sheila Majid day.....hmmmm just read and comprehend the following lyrics. Beautiful. Cheryl..u know y...

Ku Mohon

Setiap hari kumohon
Agar Kau sentiasa
Memberiku ketenangan dalam hati... kekuatan
Menempuh segala dugaan yang mencabar ini
Pasti punya ertinya
Engkau beriku harapan
Menjawab segala persoalan
Hadapi semua dengan tenang

Dengan merasa kesyukuran
Ku doa Kau selalu
Mengawasai gerak-geriku
Berkatilah ku penuh rahmat dari Mu

( korus )
Oh Tuhan terangkan hati dalam sanubariku
Oh Tuhan ku berserah segalanya kepadamu
Agar jiwaku tenang dengan bimbingan Mu selalu

Ada kalanya ku merasa hidup ini seperti kaca
Jikalau tidak bersabar
Hancur berderailah akhirnya
Tabahkanlah hatiku
Melalui semua itu... Ooh...
Cekalkanlah diriku

( ulang korus )

Curahkanlah nikmat Mu pada hidupku

I guessed, when Sheila Majid wrote the lyrics for KU MOHON, she was in such a state that she could only resolve to Allah SWT. The way she delivers the song too, is like a prayer. This brings me to the question of life. Why do i live? Why am I tested and challenged with all sorts of elements and ideas, making the right choices or not. Does that make me a better person? what good does it do to me. LIFE. HUMAN. HAMBA ALLAH. MOHAMMEDAN. MUSLIM. ALLAH SWT


BLOG 13 April 2004

Well, it seemed to have been months since I last updated this blog of mine.

These past 3 months had been tiring, stressful and gay (e-hem). I finally moved out of the top flat at Nicolson Street mid February and now happily settled down in this band new block of apartments at the foot of Leith Walk.

The flat is very nice, 2 large sized patios, a nice sized kitchen, spacious rooms and 2 bathrooms. The rent is cheaper compared to that nitty gritty li’l pigeon hole at Nicolson Street. The four of us, me, Kak Anis, Che Dean and Zam are quite proud of the flat as we ae the first tenants, everything is nw and is furnished from top to bottom with stuff from IKEA. Vasst!

I’m currently on one of my final projects for my MFA degree. I’m studying the designs by John Byrne for his adaptation of Uncle Vanya by Chekhov. It really is challenging as I had never read Chekhov…shame on me. I discovered a whole new world and I am very intrigued by this. I think Chekhov is great as he is able to put real people and real life situation on stage (these are borrowed words from John Byrne-and I can’t agree more). That is what drama, theatre is all about, a celebration of life or fantasy, no matter you’d been in that situation or not, no matter what the consequences are, it is all make believe yet alive and kicking.

I turned 27 last February. Getting older, but I am wondering if I am getting any wiser. It worries me. Lots of issues play at the back of my head regarding my future, and the fear of facing it is also another matter. Well, as Cheryl would say, let nature takes it path. I guess it’s best to do whatever it takes and pasrah to the Allmighty. Get the work done first, do the best and then pasrah & tawakkal.

London. 23rd March – 29th March. I had to renew my passport as it would expire in July. I purchased the GBP25 return ticket. I met up with Ras to catch up on gossips and just to hang out. It really is very nice to meet up a familiar face in a cosmopolitan city away from home. We went to watch Les Miserables at the Palace, got quite good seats for 15 quid each. That week would be the last week Les Mis. Would be performing there after god knows how many years, it would move to another theatre somewhere in the west end. We even lepaked at Kudos and adjourned to Heaven. It’s my first time going clubbing in London, a city which is known for its nightlife (and I guess that is the only thing that people do…he he he). Come Friday, I took a train from Waterloo Station to Guildford to meet up with Cheryl, it was such a lovely train trip, beautiful country side and it was sunny. I stayed at Che’ Bun’s place, just walking distance from Cheryl’s room at the Uni of Surrey. Theres lots of things to catch up on with Cheryl as the last time we met was in year 2000 and we’d been chatting on Yahoo Messenger mos of the time. I find Guildford to be a very small self contained township, everything is walking distance. For lunch on the day of my arrival, Che’ Bun made Tom Yam and peas with calamari. Tasty. Cheryl even introduced me to his friend Taufik, Iman, Bao etc. Everybody was very warm and welcoming. I really had the time of my life (yeah…for the don’t-know-how-many-hundred-times-of-my-life!) They even brought me to a PROPER car boot sale ( the one in Edinburgh is really SAD!) bought hot hair curlers for 2 quid! And it was only used once! LOL! That Sunday I returned to London and stayed at Ras’s for the night. Oh yea, went to watch Lion King the night before going to Guildford. Roar! The only tickets I got was the standing tickets at the far back of the Grand Circle. At least I get to watch it.

The following Friday, Taufik was in Edinburgh, so Cheryl had asked me to take him around, and so after Friday prayers, I met him and Bul outside the Scottish Museum. We then toured the museum and brought him to the Royal Mile, and walked, walked and walked to almost anywhere that I thought interesting. On Sunday night I cooked Taufik and Bul dinner. I made Lamb Caserole, with buttered rice, salad and Yorkshire pudding. Glad they liked it. Taufik left for Manchester that Monday evening.

Wednesday. Cheryl and Che’ Bun and Zaidi arrived in Edinburgh at about 9pm. I was still at work. Oh yeah, Footloose was on the Playhouse last week. I had marinated chicken from the afternoon and fried them as I got back from work. Zam had cooked the rice, we had a very LATE supper. That night I chatted with Cheryl till we just dozed off. Anyway Cheryl, if u r reading this, u’d remember how GILA we got right? And the discussion topics….LOL! (Lagu Lara Hati by KATON)

Thursday. They went up north, touring Scotland whilst I attended another production meeting for Nozomi’s production for Monday Lab and the Fringe. I made Lasagna for dinner, in fact, I made 2 trays of it. That was the best Lasagna I had made so far. Even somebody in Guildford got to sample it. Tee hee hee (giggle-giggle-wiggle). That Friday, we went to all the tourist attraction around Edinburgh. Took SO MANY photographs. I really enjoyed myself because I had never ever really taken so many photos before and what more with the company of Cheryl. That night, after work and some food, we celebrated Zaidi’s birthday and not long after me and Cheryl headed off to CC Blooms (its FREE ok!) and just danced till 2.30 am…he he he.

After 3 nights in Edinburgh, Che Bun and company headed back south and left me, alone.

I just wondered what would happen if I suddenly write EXPLICIT stuff here? Should I? hmmm….no lah! Somebody had asked me to do so la kan…so sorry la.

My fotopage


My Mobile

My mobile is on T-Mobile
The others on Voda
Thank goodness my prepaid is a Voda
Keep calling my Voda
Disturb me doing Yoga
Like I do yoga?

My mobile is on T-Mobile
The others on Voda
Why has it not rung?
Or it had?
Pls call my mobile.