Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Salam. Have not blogged for some time. Busy gile.

Anyways, 2 nights ago I did a small get-together in honor of Kak Rose, my kakak angkat in Edinburgh. She is here following her husband, Abg Duncan who has some business meetings to attend to.

And, so, one of the people who attended is Mahmud. He was introduced to me by Rashid. We clicked during our hey-days at Edinburgh. And so, Mahmud would be flying back to Edin tomoro night, as his Viva would be on the 30th.

When the whole lot of people gathered of kos la all old story resurface kan? huhu.


Kebab Mahal, Abass from Bismillah Halal Shop, Palmyra, Nasi Masjid semua jadi bahan bualan, not to mention Park Chung Hing, Rumah di Leith and other hangouts. Gosh.

Like I mentioned to Jess on YM earlier this evening, I wonder how did i survive. I owe it all to ALLAH. He sustained me. Entah la, as human being, aku rasa aku sendiri x cukup bersyukur, ALLAH keeps on giving and giving, but apa I buat to pay back? huhuhu

uhuhuh.. at times I wish i cud just fly back to Edinburgh, just to jalan2. Tapi I just have this feeling, that, I would not set foot again there. Wallahualam.

past tense.. past tense... hehehe

Jazakallahu Khair
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