Thursday, January 31, 2008


Al Fatihah

Semoga ALLAH mencucuri rahmatnya keatas roh Rosli Khamis (Loloq) dan Dato Ishak Baharom (bekas mufti besar negeri Selangor 1985 - 1997). Semoga ditempatkan bersama mereka yang beriman.

This brought me to attention. My end is near. What have I got for myself to bring back and see HIM?.

I have been taking SO many things for granted. I should appreciate and be more thankful, and quoting my senior: At least a good deed a day or make some one happy by just greeting them is 1 goodness. ALLAH would reward even to the smallest atom of good deed we do. And I hope HE would allow me to do many more good deeds. Insya ALLAH.

Mengapa selepas seseorang itu hanya tinggal jasad, baru kita rasa akan kepentingannya? baru kita menghargai apa yang telah dilakukan mereka? Subhanallah.
Adakah sebagai seorang muslim, kita mengharrgai jasa mereka yang sebelum kita, terutama kepada Rasulullah SAW, Kekasih ALLAH? Kita rasa sedih akan kehilangan tokoh atau mereka yang dekat pada kita, namun, bagi mereka yang telah dipilihNYA untuk membawa kita dimana kita berada sekarang? Subhanallah.

Pimpinlah kami hambaMU yang hina. Amin.

Irhamna Ya Rahman Ya Rahim

Jazakallahu Khair

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Sunday, January 27, 2008


It was a storm, complete with lighting and thunder and strong wind and I went to the Alumni @ AD Dinner, Lets Sembang ... Nostalgia at the Shah Alam Club last night. Not many from my batch came, only Azli n Rinee.

Met up with quite a number of seniors, super seniors and super duper trooper seniors. Also met Encik Jai and Encik Tajali, my drawing lecturer when I was in Foundation Year. Reminisced a bit about the hey days of Kompleks PKNS :). Kool.

But, the most memorable part of the evening was when I won (FIRST TIME TAU!!!) the lucky draw. Got 4 CD's of Indo Artistes :) Kool :P

My highlight of the evening was not just the food, but meeting up my senior, Jaafar, who is a Fit Technician at a multi national company.

We sat together, ate together and reminiscing old days at the Fashion Department. I offered to send him back to Kpg Baru after the event. So off we went and have coffee at one of the stalls in the make-over of Kpg Baru project.

Whilst having coffee, we spoke our minds on certain things. It was like God sent. Talked over about sooo many things, the system, curriculum, syllabus at the FSH DEPT, lecturers, work and of course life.

Jaafar made interesting remarks on a few things that somehow opened my mind. I am so glad to have met him. To Jaafar, if u r reading this, thank you for ur suggestions and ideas and knowledge. Its hard for me to explain it here due to state of zombieness. May continue esok.. haha.. IF la ..... KANNN?! :P

gotta catch same ZZZ

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Go Gurl!!

HAHA! made me smile reading this. especially the HIGHLIGHTED PART. :P

Gadis Kedah belasah peragut

ALOR STAR 16 Jan. – Seorang gadis yang menjadi mangsa ragut bertindak nekad membelasah lelaki yang cuba melarikan beg tangannya dalam satu kejadian di Kilometer 15, Jalan Putra di sini semalam.

Kejadian berlaku kira-kira pukul 5.30 petang ketika mangsa, Siti Naquiah Kamaruddin, 20, menunggang motosikal Yamaha Ego bersama ibunya, Aishah Adam, 47, dalam perjalanan dari Alor Star ke Padang Besar, Perlis.

Peragut terbabit yang menunggang motosikal Yamaha LC mengekori mangsa dari belakang dan dia dikatakan cuba meragut beg tangan milik Siti Naquiah yang disangkut pada cermin sisi sebelah kanan motosikalnya.

Siti Naquiah yang sedang menunggu keputusan peperiksaan Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) berkata, semasa peragut berbadan gempal itu menarik beg tangannya, kedua-dua motosikal mereka hilang kawalan dan terbabas di tepi jalan.

‘‘Tanpa berlengah saya terus bangun dan melompat ke atas peragut itu dan memijak muka serta badannya.

‘‘Saya memukulnya sehingga orang ramai datang membantu menangkap lelaki itu,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Menurutnya, peragut berkenaan kemudian dibawa oleh orang ramai ke Balai Polis Ayer Hitam dekat sini untuk diserahkan kepada polis.

Siti Naquiah yang pernah mempelajari seni mempertahankan diri di sekolah memberitahu, peragut itu tidak melawan ketika dipukul tetapi ketika dia cuba melarikan diri lelaki berkenaan diberkas oleh orang ramai.

Gadis itu hanya cedera di tangan kanan manakala ibunya luka di lutut kanan akibat terjatuh dari motosikal.

Semasa kejadian, beg tangan mangsa mengandungi dua buah telefon bimbit jenis Nokia N70 dan Motorola V171, wang tunai RM7 serta dokumen peribadi.

GO GURL!! hehehe... Tah la, gila la nowadays!


Jazakallahu Khair

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Dengan Nama ALLAH Yang Maha Pengasih Maha Penyayang

* pls mute the mediaplayer. It's right down at the bottom of the page to listen and ponder to this VC

The first time I heard this was during Ramadhan a few years back, 2003 maybe. A SINETRON from Indonesia. This song is the theme song for that Sinetron, JALAN LAIN KE SANA.

I always liked this song. Its a reminder, which, me myself, always forget. Astaghfirullahal Azim.

Irhamna Ya Rahman Ya Rahim

Jazakallahu Khair

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Al Fatihah

Dari ALLAH kita datang, kepada ALLAH kita kembali.

On the last day of Zulhijjah, I lost a colleague and friend. Azli Mashood. He was a technician with the music department ever since he started work in ITM the last 18 years.

I have lots of fond memories of arwah, mostly when the music department was still part of my faculty. Arwah was always at almost every function i performed or managed.

Arwah was a very cool person, he used to be a dancer as well (that's how I learnt how he met his wife). I think that is how we kinda like connected. He even gave me some dance music when we were based at the stadium.

Oh my, me eyes are welling up now.

I learnt about his passing from a clerk when I got in office on Wednesday at about 1 pm. It was shocking. Managed to inform Tn Haji and En Najib.

Al Fatihah for Che Li.

He will always be remembered.

May ALLAH bless his soul.

Irhamna Ya Rahman Ya Rahim

Jazakallahu Khair

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1st day of school.

Do you guys remember the first day of school?

My school logo. I remember the school song still. And instad of the rukun negara, we actually recited prayers at Monday morning assemblies. Hehe. Those were the days!!

I remembered mine dearly. HAHA. Funny to think of it.

that was in January, 1984. This time around, my nephew had already been enrolled in standard 1, and boy, WAS HE EXCITED.

My Primary School. Same structure, different color! haha.. photo taken frem HERE
It used to be brown-yellow-ish, now PINK. HAHA!!! and this is where I usually wait for my dad or hang out during recess when i was in standard 6. With the girls.. HAHAHA..... die!

I guess, I was kind of excited. My standard 1 uniforms were bought in Singapore in a trip in 1983 and my school bag was actually bought by my mom from Korea. Huhuhu.

I remembered those days, my mom would wake me up at 6 (and till to this day ...) to get ready for school. I would have gotten up already by 6.15, as the alarm radio would be blaring out this morning exercise program..haha. The tune still plays in my head!) My mom at that time was still a head mistress in an all girl school in Port Klang - she leaves home by 630am. So usually it would be my Dad's task to send me to school. That went on till I was in standard 6.

That particular 1st day (i dont remember the orientation at all! - eh, got.. but fragments ajela) my dad brought me to my class. 1 Kembangan. If not mistaken, my class teacher is Puan Hasnah (wonder where she is now). I guess the best got out of me. I chickened out! I did not cry, but I dunno, I just felt uncomfortable. I was telling my dad I did not feel well and I did not want to stay. Other parents were there too. haha. Well, the teacher tried to talk me into staying, but I kept saying I was ill. And she did mention about somebody throwing out outside, and asked whether it was me. I LIED. I SAID YES! hehehe. And so, I guess my dad cant take it, and took me home. HAHAHA. THAT WAS MY FIRST DAY!! I think I dissapointed my Dad. huhu.

Eventually, the second day went fine. HAHA. I always hated it if my mom sends me to school tho. I'll get mushy and i feel like crying. huhuhuhu. Well, it's hard to say.

What ever it is, those were my memories of my 1st day of school. such a coward! LOL!!

Irhamna Ya Rahman Ya Rahim !

Jazakallahu Khair

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