Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1st day of school.

Do you guys remember the first day of school?

My school logo. I remember the school song still. And instad of the rukun negara, we actually recited prayers at Monday morning assemblies. Hehe. Those were the days!!

I remembered mine dearly. HAHA. Funny to think of it.

that was in January, 1984. This time around, my nephew had already been enrolled in standard 1, and boy, WAS HE EXCITED.

My Primary School. Same structure, different color! haha.. photo taken frem HERE
It used to be brown-yellow-ish, now PINK. HAHA!!! and this is where I usually wait for my dad or hang out during recess when i was in standard 6. With the girls.. HAHAHA..... die!

I guess, I was kind of excited. My standard 1 uniforms were bought in Singapore in a trip in 1983 and my school bag was actually bought by my mom from Korea. Huhuhu.

I remembered those days, my mom would wake me up at 6 (and till to this day ...) to get ready for school. I would have gotten up already by 6.15, as the alarm radio would be blaring out this morning exercise program..haha. The tune still plays in my head!) My mom at that time was still a head mistress in an all girl school in Port Klang - she leaves home by 630am. So usually it would be my Dad's task to send me to school. That went on till I was in standard 6.

That particular 1st day (i dont remember the orientation at all! - eh, got.. but fragments ajela) my dad brought me to my class. 1 Kembangan. If not mistaken, my class teacher is Puan Hasnah (wonder where she is now). I guess the best got out of me. I chickened out! I did not cry, but I dunno, I just felt uncomfortable. I was telling my dad I did not feel well and I did not want to stay. Other parents were there too. haha. Well, the teacher tried to talk me into staying, but I kept saying I was ill. And she did mention about somebody throwing out outside, and asked whether it was me. I LIED. I SAID YES! hehehe. And so, I guess my dad cant take it, and took me home. HAHAHA. THAT WAS MY FIRST DAY!! I think I dissapointed my Dad. huhu.

Eventually, the second day went fine. HAHA. I always hated it if my mom sends me to school tho. I'll get mushy and i feel like crying. huhuhuhu. Well, it's hard to say.

What ever it is, those were my memories of my 1st day of school. such a coward! LOL!!

Irhamna Ya Rahman Ya Rahim !

Jazakallahu Khair

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At Thu Jan 03, 10:28:00 AM 2008, Anonymous YAZriE said...

Matilah 1 KEMBANGan katanya...opsssss....laaaaa....riiiiiiiikkkkk

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