Monday, December 24, 2007


It's Xmas Eve. So what? I tak celebrate pun.Kat opis ni ha, nak mengadap documents utk ISO etc. Dgn opis karam pecah ni! But entah la. A fren of mine gave a the link to my cousin's blog. Huhu, was surprised to find out she has a blog. Thanks Fren.

Remember my entry about arwah my aunt? some time back, macamla aku ni rajin sgt update blog ni kan?

So, my cousin actually pour her heart out in her entries. Gosh. I jadi waterworks kejap. I terus teringat kat arwah. Ade one time tu, I dapat surat ke BTN, which, I tak berminat pun nak pi. Kebetulan the same date tu, I was to follow my aunt to Singapore, sebab nak attend kenduri my relative kat sana. Kalau I tak follow my aunty ni, mmg sah i takkan kenal sgt belah Singapore. My dad bukannye story sgt about his side of the family.

I ingatla, vaguely, pagi arrive kt Changi. Breakfast kat AnW tak silap. Then, off to a relative's place. And i vaguely remember naik bas dgn dia, and another relative, pegi Sentosa ISland. Goodness. Masa tu tak silap I, my cousins were already overseas kot?. hurm. Tah la.

Al Fatihah to arwah.

oh yes, to all Christians yang read my blog, Merry Christmas and to otehrs, happy hols :)

Jazakallahu Khair

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