Sunday, December 16, 2007

night out

Agenda for the day:


Meet client for April wedding @ Kemensah. Went on from 11am-4pm.


Went straight to Masjid India to buy Keris for props. Went straight to Vistana after that for a show. Baby asked me to hang out with the rest of the gang at her father's Dangdut Club. Woohoo. Tonight is the last night of Queensway Nite Club in Sentul. Change of ownership. So it was my last chance to go and experience what a Kelab Dangdut is like and to commemorate to closure, the same gang would be performing tonight at the said club.

The show at Vistana finished at 9 pm. Woohoo. That was early! anyways, decided to hang out at Anis's place @ Sentul and watched Asian Pop Idol. I like Jac's delivery and also i had seem to like Filipina's Idol as well as Indo Idol. Singapore Idol, HAdi, is just to cute. HAHA.

Anyways, at about half past midnight, we left for Queensway. Got there at about 1245 and there was not many ppl around.

It has been a while since i last went for night outings. And tonight, really opened my eyes. While sitting around and listening to the loud music (This place actually play mixture of tunes, not only dangdut, yet they play Zapin, Joget, Chacha, Mambo etc - varying in levels of degree!) This aunty caught my eye. This aunty, she must be about 50 - 60, carrying a big bag of tid bits to be sold to patrons. She lugged around the big bag of tid bits and shone her torchlight around to attract attention. Oh goodness. My heart sank to think, at that age, in the wee hours, a lady that age should be at home, sleeping and resting, not carrying a huge bag of tid bits to be sold to patrons at the club. I just then thought, how lucky I am. How I was never that thankful with what HE had given me and always had taken granted of things.

GRO. Guest Relation Officer. Last night was my first encounter with girls who carry this stigma of a title to the society. They are just human beings and i bet they did not choose (if given the chance to choose) what they do. Probably there are lots of things that contribute to why they ended up there. It was very surreal to see, my ex students dancing next to them. It was because, again, my ex students had the opportunity to study (and I am aware that there are GRO's who are college going girls) and dah grad pun, at least dgn diploma. Yes, generally they just entertain guests, and accompany these so called lonely men. According to a source, these GRO's are going to be out of work as the new owner who bought over the club wont be taking the girls and the rest of the crew that run Queensway. And i know what its like when u have shortage of cash. And imagining some of the GRO's have mouths to feed. I guess that is what you call TAKDIR (fate). And how we handle ourselves to face it.

Entah la. last night's outing really opened my eyes and had given me a new perspective in life.

I am ever so thankful to YOU and thank you for showing me things and giving me the thoughts last night.

Jazakallahu Khair

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