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Hati Malaya


Tadi tengahari, I sompek menyompek kan diri menonton 1957: HATI MALAYA kat TGV KLCC. TQ to Volks n Hook yang provided me with the details of the screening.

Siapa nak tahu sinopsis bagai sila klik SINI

Im not really reviewing the movie, but i just want to share my viewing experience.


The opening gave me goosebumps. The shots and how they edited the scenes as well as the presenting of the character. Narratively simple and straight forward, yet done is a beautiful way. With Siti belting out HATI, the OST, my, I cant wait to see what is up next.

The story begun in 1940-sumthing *die la I was not focusing kan* The subtitling of whats happening according to historical facts at the bottom left and right on the screen was really helpful.

How Datuk Onn was featured.. I like.. ang Joanna Bassey as the mat salleh siap with english accent.. wonderful!

Eh, I want to watch it again lah... i guess i was too absorbed with emotion while watching it just now. Or maybe im just too tired today. Hurm. Cant think straight. Nanti la, i update balik *die la ALASAN*

ok la cut things short:

What i like (not in order of scenes):

Rozie Rashid - make up n characterisation
semiotics of the modern characters
the fight scene between Zahri n rozhan
some costumes - Joanna Bassey's especially - and her as the english lady
Che Kem (Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra) - He is GOOD!
Ang Lee - Douglas Lim
Artistic Direction , editing, COLOUR and TEXTURE of the whole film
Nanu as Sharifah Rodziah - Sukeeee sangat!
Scene BOCOR - i really felt MAD
Scene Chinese HAll of Commerce - this I really CRIED, i dunno why. I was just overwhelmed.
Proclaimation of Independence di Melaka - another tear jerker for me *me eyes welling up now*
Sultan Abdul Samad Building (MERDEKA) scene
SceneTunku berarak di Bandar Hilir masa balik dr UK with people lining up... the actors lining up and CGI'd with old footange - I broke down too, I could imagine whats it like, as if i was there *EMO LA AKU!!*
Scene Datuk Onn kat umah dgn wife n son, masa 31 Ogos. this too was a tearjerker for me.
*ade lagi, tapi i kene watch it again*

Ade la jugak kan, esp Pakaian Sultan2 Melayu. Huhu, ade ke pakai SONGKET PAKISTAN?! ade lak yang TAK SEDONDON. Samping ikat Jumaat.. MOTIF? anyways, the casting for the Sultans were ok lah. I liked Mustafa Maarof best. Dato' Jins, personally la for me, did not do a good job as Sultan Ibrahim.

Saya faham sangat bila membabitkan extra yang ramai, terutama bila nak jaga pakaian. Ade gak terlepas satu mamat berbaju johor SATIN KELABU!! masa tu org ellaki x pakai SATIN.. hehe.. And also songkok Indonesia.. yang haji2 pakai kaler putih ade sulam benang perak... also terlepas. And then Scene TAR *kalu x silap ler* took over UMNO, ade gak xtra sorang pakai baju melayu, obviously of this era, hehe. Ade satu scene tu plak, nampak rambut IQram nyer HIGHLIGHTS... 2-3 seconds, tapi i noticed it la. hehe. Che Dee Hasnan jgn marah noh.. Saye pun paham keje ni... nak detail, tapi saya faham constraintsnyer.. ni just nak share aje. U did a great Job on the wardrobe :) Tak banyak la yang I tak suka, bukan tak suka, tapi kelemahan manusia, yang insya ALLAH, boleh diperbaiki.

I guess it's how Shumi and Gang put it all together making history ALIVE with some things that happen which was never been told, or ever imagined by anyone, the emotion and love put into it.

What ever it is, I really enjoyed the movie. It gave me a more sentimental feel of the independence. And I think, I dah kenal who Datuk Onn is, who Tunku is and the people surrounding the process of Merdeka 50 Years ago and their struggles etc. Let's look at ourselves now, do we love our nation? I do. And I do not want to be colonised in what ever way ever. I want to watch it again hehehe. ...

Hati : by CT, taken froum Youtube. Credits to Zaffizaraini.

*please mute the media player at bottom-most of this page to enjoy the Vid Clip :)

Jazakallahu Khair

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At Sat Nov 03, 07:41:00 AM 2007, Blogger Fahmi Reza said...

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