Thursday, June 30, 2005

A TRIBUTE TO No 42....... Posted by Hello

This is Faizal Oda, a very special friend of mine, whom I had known for the past 8 years! Today's entry is a tribute to his former family home at the Brickfields Govt Staff Quarters where he'd spent the last 20 years of his life. Oda, as he is known, really know me, as he had witnessed me being in every mood swings, drama ( i kan DQ!!), laughter, tears...misteri iban...oooppss!! *maati la akuuu!!! he he he... So this entry is specially for you Oda, as I also feel the sadness that is enveloping you. But I guess, moving on is for the better. My wishes to you and your family at your new family residence in Paya Jaras... aiyoh...konfom hem kene buat entry jugers ok! He actually designed their family home... Oda ni sunguh multi talented.. dia bleh design rumah, interior, baju (Yes, Fashion yer!) menari, buat show, show, show *maati la mekk!! lumbe lari, mekap mekap dan mengkak namkan orang... *maati la i againn!! :P... Posted by Hello

Front view of 42 Jalan Chan Ah Tong. This is a tribute to no 42, where Oda had lived for the past 2 decades (and me getting aqcuainted with him for almost 10 years!! and its that same period of time that i've come here) Since Oda's Dad has retired from the Govt Service, they are moving out to their new family residence in Paya Jaras, Sungai Buloh. Today is their last day at this house..... Posted by Hello

Oda clearing out his drawer...lots of memorabilias..... Posted by Hello

View from Oda's bedroom....thats KL Sentral in the background Posted by Hello

Oda found his Final Year designs....he is a trained Interior Designer, then took on Arts Management and now, an ID journalist... Posted by Hello

this is betul-betul memory....ANUGERAH BENANG EMAS JELITA 1997, that was when i first met Faizal Oda and we became such good friends since then... We shared many common interest and he is kinda my partner in crime.... Alhamdulillah, I have him as a friend.  Posted by Hello

Oda, reminiscing his old days at college....this was his room before his brother got married...and he had to shift downstairs Posted by Hello

Oda made this when he went to Thailand for this ASEAN Youth Arts programme thingy... Posted by Hello

The kitchen area... Posted by Hello

very distinct feature of the colonial period kitchen..shich was eventually Oda's room before them moving out out the quarters Posted by Hello

I guess only Oda knows where this was taken Posted by Hello

The power supply to no 42 Posted by Hello

Stepping out.... Posted by Hello

Oda and thosei... sedap occay! murah some more... Oda, lepas ni mane nak pi eh for Chapati n Thosei?? Posted by Hello

Brickfields...KL's first set of brick housing estate.... Posted by Hello

pose air mata... after having the ritual roti banjir and thosei meal Posted by Hello

taken from the junction of Jalan Chan Ah Tong.... Oda grew up with the trees here..(eh i'm not saying ure that OLD la kan...ko tetapp jiwa remaja....) *maati laa makkk! Posted by Hello

Oda walking towards no 42.... Posted by Hello

no 42, flanked by KL Sentral's multi storey ultra modern architecture Posted by Hello

Depan rumah Oda... malam. Posted by Hello

Window.... Posted by Hello

That's Oda's sis, Daya.... they spent like almost all their lives in this very house..... Posted by Hello

:) Posted by Hello

Oda, lookin into the past. I think I know how u're feeling Ods.... Posted by Hello