Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Assalamualaikum, Started the day at almost 11! teruk kan? to Gateway at about noon, went str8 to the make-up/dressing room. Today as planned would be the tech for Irma Vep, me as the Make-up Designer. At his moment, i am actually sort of like taking a i decided to blog in a litlle.

Marina taught me the correct way to correct a face, that is by using her techniques that she learned. Same concept and everything tho. The shade n light, using brushes. It does makes a difference from the method i always used. The outcome was fantastic. The shade n light really looked good and fine.

I'm gonna run down now. If i have some more spare time, i'll add on to this bit.



Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Assalamualaikum, today was quite tense amongst the production team. I started my day late as usual....suppose to wake up at 8...ended up waking at 1030!!!! Irma Vep is opening in 4 nughts and many petty problems and techy problems are arising. I gues after the weekend, all of us got to push ourselves.

My wigs just dont seem to work, I have to go look for colour hair spray. Anyway, i manage to do-up the dressing room cum make-up room. I would post the pics up soon.

I also became the runner to get stuff today.

i'm actually so tired, will note down some more tomorrow. I could not afford the time to write more now. NEED TO SLEEP!!!

Cheers n Wassalam