Monday, February 27, 2006


fireworks for the nation!! what are we celebrating???

Petrol price raised to RM1.93 from RM1.63

just filled up the jeep, full tank, long ques at the petrol stations...
wonder what is going up next?

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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Got a voice sms from Kak Wan this morning

"Nak pegi pasar pagi camne u ol? banjir ni.. mak bangun je tadi nampak bumbung kereta sajor..jalan jem gile, orang park kereta tengah2 jalan"

Oh my, I was supposed to go shopping for vintage clothing and accesories with my student for Alang Rentak Seribu which would be staged at the end of March at the Sunday Market near the Shah Alam Stadium.

Well, Dream on! I decided to use the Federal Highway, yet the toll gates at Batu Tiga was closed and all traffic had to do a U Turn.

Me and Fiza decided to go through Glenmarie, gambling our luck. We did manage to get to Shah Alam sect 13 WITH THE JAM and to our surprise......

And GIANT Sect 13 was kinda deserted as well.... hmmmm

Mrasalah only tonight pegi pasar malam kat Sunway to look for the stuff. isks...

No regrets nothing about going out today, but jelas dan nyata tentang keEsaanNYA.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

TPM's Visit, Sutun2 and a kempot Saturday...

Got home at about 2 a.m this morning, after starting the day at 5a.m and a light nap at about 2pm. So it was a kempot Saturday as i got up only at 2 pm.... Never so ever I was seperated from my body for a period of time like that, I deserve that time I left my body on the bed and God know's where HE had taken me to. Wallahualam.

So, yesterday TPM came to my uni to open the Young Leader's Convention where all public and private uni representatives of Student Union came to commemorate and take part inthe 3 day convention. As usual, my dept had been called up to make things merrier, to girangkan the ceremony. I had to prepare 6 usherettes to welcome the TPM with flowers. I also had to make sure that the dancers are properly dressed before they go on stage.

The original concept of the launching is A Garden In Bloom, a metaphor for the young leaders (flowers) being in the unversities (garden) as leaders in the future, where it would prepare the future leaders to be matured in leading the nation.

Manually operated flowers in bloom

The costumes for the 6 usherretes at first was fantasy like with Larger Than Life flowers on them, very high fashion (It was supposed to be the PM himself coming to officiate the programme in the first place) and at the last minute (around a week before yesterday) the plan changed and the budget slashed, and the costumes ARE NOT to be done (sad-sad-sad). And in one of the last meetings, it was decided that the 6 usherettes were also not needed. FINE! (in DQ intonation). And again, at the VERY LAST MEETING on Monday, my HOD went, IT WAS DECIDED THAT THE 6 USHERETTES WERE WANTED AFTER ALL (betui ka bahasa? *mati la Prof Imah kalau check entry ni- erm.. u nak keranda ape?) DIE DIE DIE.. at the very last minute, I had to crack my head to KAK NAM what ever we had in stock. I was mix and matching costume pieces (I was told that THEY ARE USING GAMELAN for the arrival - BORING!!!- SOOOO OUT OF FASHION!) to suit the new 'addition' to the red carpet ceremony *mati la ABP. I ended up Kak Naming some personal fabrics that i've kept over the past months. And again, they wanted to throw flowers (Bunga Campak??? HAHAHAH) at the VVIP .. ok lah.. sprinkle flowers? Well, with NAN ADO budget, I went to Klang to buy stringed jasmine for my 6 usherettes and got some chrysenthemums for the sprinkled flowers.

This is where I bought the stringed jasmine

Well, thinking that the flowers I bought was insufficient in amount, I decided again to Kak Nam some bunga manggar (still BUNGA right??) for the flower-sprinkle thingy. Thank you my semester 4 students for kak naming the stuff even though I knew u guys were really KEMPOT after the full dress.

My concoction of Bunga Rampai Cyber, a mixture of polymer based bunga manggar and fresh chrysenthemums. SOO cyber age!!

My 6 usherettes and bits and bobs of the ceremony

After a tiring morning which started at 5 am with make up call etc, I was extremely kempot. NZ called me to remind me of Ezad's invitation to preview SUTUN 2 on that same night which would eventually start at about 7. I was very inbetween because I had a splitting headache (not enough sleep I guess). Got home at 6pm, called up Ezad for confirmation of time, took my bath and left at 10 to eight and shot off straight to Wangsa Maju. Thank GOD I remembered the way... hihihi... Anyways, stopped by CARREFOUR to get some ice cream for the pot luck and called up Ezad again for directions, SM gave me the directions and not even 5 minutes later, I was signing the guest register at the guard house. By the time I stepped into Ezad's lair, they had JUST STARTED the preview. ALhamdulillah..... Majority of the cast was there except for Is and Sharmila, there were new faces as well. RTM had PASSED it's content AND IT WOULD BE ON AIR ANY TIME SOON!!! So, MRASALAH wait for the screening on RTM folks!!

SUTUN 2 preview at Ezad's

Ezad, thank u for ur invitation. I pray for the success of SUTUN 2. Sutun 2 features the feelings of Adik, a soft spoken guy who just loves teh colour pink. Even though he is effeminate, he too has feelings. Adik who had just enrolled in a local U faces so many complexities being who he is. It is where he made new friends like Sabri (K'ma) and Fitri (Isma Yusoof). He also has a close female companion Zita (Sharmila). Sutun 2 also has sub plots of other people in Adik's life like his fellow kampung friend Khalid (Sharul Mizad) (aiyoh *matila kamus IMAH LENGGOK!!) who wants to be a REAL MAN, denying himself and asking for Adik's father's help to become one. Eventually, in his pursuit to prove his manliness, he met Yam (Sherry) at a bus stop and practiced what Adik's father had taught him.

Want to know more??? WAIT FOR IT TO COME ON UR TELLY SOON!!!

Over all, personally, because I never ever watched the first one before, think that SUTUN 2 is enjoyable and very educational to the Malaysian public. ALLAH created all kinds of people for a purpose HE only knoweth, we as humans have to accept other people as they are and learn to tolerate. Know one to love one. I hope SUTUN 2 would open up new windows for understanding of people like Adik, Sobri and Fitri and other people who are like them in the society. One should stop discrimating or judging people like them just because they are different, they are humans and are breathing the same oxygen GOD had created for all mankind.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thanks A Million guys....

Thanks 4 all ur greetings... i'm chaffed...
Turned 29 by the gregorian calendar today at 7.10pm. I could never imagine my mother's pain giving birth to me 30 years ago (4 Rabiul Awal 1397).
How much she sacrifised her life to bring me into this world and for the past 10 585 days of me living in and on ALLAH's property she had been there for me. I am just so speechless. only ALLAH knows what is playing in my mind today.
I am just glad to be home, even though I did not sit down and eat dinner with them tonight. I was just kind of confused with myself today. I was supposed to attend tech for TPM's visit to my Uni on Friday, but I did not feel like it as I know I should have been home with my parents. I do not know what to do and was just feeling numb through out the evening whilst Baby, Mali and Mas was clearing up stuff from the stadium and put my third storage into order. Earlier, Baby called me to ask me what was her share of work for the day and she asked me hether it was my birthday or not today, I blatantly told her it's not. I somehow just would not want any fuss, anyways, it is not my official birthday (Confusing eh?) as I'd much prefer to celebrate (rather not-again) on the 4th of Rabiul Awal this year.
Anyway, my colleague kept on calling me and sent me sms for me to go to the venue (I have nothing to do with the Tech anyway) I did not feel good and somewhere at the back of my head, i knew they are going to surprise me, true enough... Cik Najib and Ken planned it out... they had a cake waiting for me. Oh my... when they started singing the birthday song.. I just cant help it and burrowed my head in my arms.. Oh gosh.. tah la..bukan tak thankful, tapi tak tau kenapa rasa macam malas, it is not the age factor tho, I just have so many things in my head.
Well, just over a few minutes ago, my friends on Yahoo - Leosabri, Putra70, Tukangtaip, Mukriz Iskandar, Zest, Arez, Kiah dan lain lain sang me the birthday songs and gave their wishes to me - Abang TT... u TUNGGU ye...hehehe. I am so chaffed.. no words could express my feelings. May ALLAH bless us all and keep us on HIS path. Insya ALLAH.
Lastly... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BLOG.... it has been 3 years...

excerpts from my account

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29 years ago today

siapakah diriku ini?
diri ini tidak mampu membalas jasaMU kepadaku,
diri ini juga tidak mampu membalas jasa kedua ibu bapaku,
Sehari-hari KAU kembalikan rohku ke jasadku,
adakah aku bersyukur,
wahai Penciptaku?
Hanya Engkau yang Maha Mengetahui.
10 585 kali terbitnya sinar matahari,
10 585 kali terbenamnya fajar,
adakah 10 585 kali aku mensyukuri kurniaanMU?
peliharalah diri ini,
pimpin daku ke jalanMU,

To all my dearest of friends who has wished me many happy returns of the day, hanya ALLAH yang dapat membalas segala ingatan kalian terhadap diri ini.

23 02 06, genaplah 3 tahun blog ini. Alhamdulillah.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical

Assalamuaikum.. I HAVE TO UPDATE MY BLOG!!! hiks.. Went to watch PGLM this evening and WAS I MESMERISED with the production! Congratulations to Enfinity Productions and Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelline and all those who are involved in the production of PGLM. I went to Istana Budaya after a meeting, where most of the Theatre Dept Students came in 3 bus loads from Puncak Perdana to watch History in the Making.

Aesthetically, it is a breathtaking experience with good lighting and good sound. The people behind the scene like Dick Lee (Composer) Adlin Aman Ramlie (C0-Director/Lyricist/ Sultan Melaka) Sow Teong Hin (Bookwriter) Zahim Albakri (Co-Director/ Book Writer) Roslan Aziz (Musical Director) Pat Ibrahim (Co-Creator/ Choreographer) and Tiara Jacqueline herself as Gusti Puteri Retno Dumillah and the Executive Producer for PGLM.

This is their second show from the three week run. Personally, I was really satisfied with the Visual Feast PGLM offered the audience, but I did not FEEL anything at all. Stephen Rahman Hughes who played Hang Tuah was TOO CAREFULL with his pronouncation and thus making him sound awkward at some point, and sometimes as if he is reading. That is when he could not deliver the FEEL or giving the audience (especially me) the PUNCH it needed. But when he started SINGING, OH MY, I had to pinch myself to make sure that I AM IN MALAYSIA, sitting in Panggung Sari. For one moment I thought that I was in the West End. Anyways, I hope Stephen would just brush up his Malay so that he would put in more soul into his character and deliver all that he could and make me cry. Casting him for his voice IS A GOOD CHOICE.

I guess, Tiara has set the ball rolling for the future of Malaysian Musicals.

Enjoy the photos I snapped this evening... oh yeah, it was exhilirating to learn that your friends, ex students and people you know are part of this Malay Musical which in future would revolusionise the Malaysian Theatrical Arts Scene. Insya ALLAH.

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pic 1. Intermission pic2. me pic3. Grand Finale, note the standing Ovation pic4. Me, Ismarizal and ZT AuditionII, once my students pic5. Tiara and Sthephen pic6. Me and Hang Tuah pic7. Tiara Signing my RM15 programme book pic8. Me and my ASK friends, Fee and Fini. and lastly Me and Azrizal, a fellow chatter on YM.

photo credits to Berita Harian and

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Belasungkawa II

kepada Baim dan Su
atas pemergian anakanda tercinta kalian tengah hari tadi,
semoga kalian bersabar atas dugaan ALLAH ini.

`Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari. Dia datangkan petir dan kilat...kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya ke mana hilangnya sinar... rupanya-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi...'

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Make Up Artis

I dont personally know her, but she is one make up artiste yang memang superb. She also pernah make up one of my coursemates when she got married about 4 years ago. The Malay community has lost another creative being.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Broke my Back trying to watch Brokeback

went to watch this last night at NZ's place...

LeeZ was there, KlubbKidd, Sultan Muzaffar, Abe Soccastar, Mama Za, Izryiel, Izzad (Sutun's Director) and some other guests of Nizam's. It was a pot luck thingy we had so I brought my version of Buffalo Wings (tema cowboy katanya...) and other people brought in all sorts of food stuff.

I and LeeZ had a great time gossiping and keeping up with old times whilst eating what ever there was on the table as well as LeeZ going GOO GOO over Abe.. hiks~ *die la bonda.

So this is what I think of Brokeback Mountain:

Eventhough the movie was kinda dragging, and the pacing of the movie is slow, It was enjoyable. Firstly because of the sceneryand secondly of the plot. A Must Watch if you could get your hands on it.

The guests

My plate, feta cheese salad was FAB!

Jari FAMOUS BLOGGER .. which one? siapa betul tak dapat hadiah *matila GBA

Abe Soccastars.. and all tgh KHUSYU' tgk Brokeback... eh.. siapakah in white sabolah Abe itiew???
Hiks... mrasa nak jugakkk snappy dgn Abe ni.. maklumle Celebrity Footballer yang dah kempot melayan LeeZ.. hiks~ *die la bonda

Dearest NZ, thanks for the screening, i really enjoyed myself.

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