Sunday, February 26, 2006


Got a voice sms from Kak Wan this morning

"Nak pegi pasar pagi camne u ol? banjir ni.. mak bangun je tadi nampak bumbung kereta sajor..jalan jem gile, orang park kereta tengah2 jalan"

Oh my, I was supposed to go shopping for vintage clothing and accesories with my student for Alang Rentak Seribu which would be staged at the end of March at the Sunday Market near the Shah Alam Stadium.

Well, Dream on! I decided to use the Federal Highway, yet the toll gates at Batu Tiga was closed and all traffic had to do a U Turn.

Me and Fiza decided to go through Glenmarie, gambling our luck. We did manage to get to Shah Alam sect 13 WITH THE JAM and to our surprise......

And GIANT Sect 13 was kinda deserted as well.... hmmmm

Mrasalah only tonight pegi pasar malam kat Sunway to look for the stuff. isks...

No regrets nothing about going out today, but jelas dan nyata tentang keEsaanNYA.

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