Thursday, February 02, 2006

Broke my Back trying to watch Brokeback

went to watch this last night at NZ's place...

LeeZ was there, KlubbKidd, Sultan Muzaffar, Abe Soccastar, Mama Za, Izryiel, Izzad (Sutun's Director) and some other guests of Nizam's. It was a pot luck thingy we had so I brought my version of Buffalo Wings (tema cowboy katanya...) and other people brought in all sorts of food stuff.

I and LeeZ had a great time gossiping and keeping up with old times whilst eating what ever there was on the table as well as LeeZ going GOO GOO over Abe.. hiks~ *die la bonda.

So this is what I think of Brokeback Mountain:

Eventhough the movie was kinda dragging, and the pacing of the movie is slow, It was enjoyable. Firstly because of the sceneryand secondly of the plot. A Must Watch if you could get your hands on it.

The guests

My plate, feta cheese salad was FAB!

Jari FAMOUS BLOGGER .. which one? siapa betul tak dapat hadiah *matila GBA

Abe Soccastars.. and all tgh KHUSYU' tgk Brokeback... eh.. siapakah in white sabolah Abe itiew???
Hiks... mrasa nak jugakkk snappy dgn Abe ni.. maklumle Celebrity Footballer yang dah kempot melayan LeeZ.. hiks~ *die la bonda

Dearest NZ, thanks for the screening, i really enjoyed myself.

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At Fri Feb 03, 08:42:00 PM 2006, Blogger sultanmuzaffar said...

wah...jaja menjaja katanya...


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