Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thanks A Million guys....

Thanks 4 all ur greetings... i'm chaffed...
Turned 29 by the gregorian calendar today at 7.10pm. I could never imagine my mother's pain giving birth to me 30 years ago (4 Rabiul Awal 1397).
How much she sacrifised her life to bring me into this world and for the past 10 585 days of me living in and on ALLAH's property she had been there for me. I am just so speechless. only ALLAH knows what is playing in my mind today.
I am just glad to be home, even though I did not sit down and eat dinner with them tonight. I was just kind of confused with myself today. I was supposed to attend tech for TPM's visit to my Uni on Friday, but I did not feel like it as I know I should have been home with my parents. I do not know what to do and was just feeling numb through out the evening whilst Baby, Mali and Mas was clearing up stuff from the stadium and put my third storage into order. Earlier, Baby called me to ask me what was her share of work for the day and she asked me hether it was my birthday or not today, I blatantly told her it's not. I somehow just would not want any fuss, anyways, it is not my official birthday (Confusing eh?) as I'd much prefer to celebrate (rather not-again) on the 4th of Rabiul Awal this year.
Anyway, my colleague kept on calling me and sent me sms for me to go to the venue (I have nothing to do with the Tech anyway) I did not feel good and somewhere at the back of my head, i knew they are going to surprise me, true enough... Cik Najib and Ken planned it out... they had a cake waiting for me. Oh my... when they started singing the birthday song.. I just cant help it and burrowed my head in my arms.. Oh gosh.. tah la..bukan tak thankful, tapi tak tau kenapa rasa macam malas, it is not the age factor tho, I just have so many things in my head.
Well, just over a few minutes ago, my friends on Yahoo - Leosabri, Putra70, Tukangtaip, Mukriz Iskandar, Zest, Arez, Kiah dan lain lain sang me the birthday songs and gave their wishes to me - Abang TT... u TUNGGU ye...hehehe. I am so chaffed.. no words could express my feelings. May ALLAH bless us all and keep us on HIS path. Insya ALLAH.
Lastly... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BLOG.... it has been 3 years...

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