Friday, February 28, 2003 up at 9.30 today! Yeah, slept at 2 a.m. this morning....tired and got a sore back. Switched on my email...and I started to browse the NST, BH, Harian Metro and MM. Just to see whats happening back home while my dvr player was playing ERA....and just my luck...Ning was on air. Well, some geniuses we have in Malaysia..16 A's-GOSH! well, I guess the new generation of Malaysians would have a bigger hurdle to get through tertiary education. Lucky for me to be KBSR's 2nd batch. the moment I am listening to THR...with this Fag Speaking ABBY FANA...ayoooo...she is sooo...FONEN! well, being outspoken and immitating the speech systems of the AKAQS just made her famous i guess, well, I enjoy it...ha h aha...he who laughs last.

Anyway, out of the blue, Lily Iszarina Agogo Pompuan Chantecks messaged me on yahoo. She was so down because of office pressure. OK LILY! dah? pueh? aku sebut name ko? ayoooo Abby Fana ni buat lawak laha....ade ke...hari jumaat sunat potong kuku...hari apa tak boleh potong kuku? answer: harimau...alamakk...lawak lemauuuuuuu sundel!

Aiyoh....ok...back to my story mory for the day. After going through the online papers, i checked the forecast...hmm...cloudy...4 degrees celcius. Slight fog. No sun=SLEEPY. Well, i guessed i was quite worn out from last night's trip. My stomach was not that ok as well, keep on going to the loo...for about 3 I decided just to take it even slowly today. Had a crave for Nasi Goreng...and had some left over rice. Cut up some frankfurter, with some chopped garlic, some briyani paste...mixed it up and threw it in the wok. Added in some thai sambal belacan....fried it abit...tossed in an egg....and finally the rice. Hmmm.....something not veggie...I opened the freezer and took out some frozen veggie and tossed it in..Jadilaaaaaaa....and only after that I took my bath. (really am taking it easy eh?). After Zuhur, i just felt a bit sleepy...well..u know what rice do to just kind of dozed off..and I was supposed to meet Lorraine at 3!!!!

I got up at 1415hrs...GOSH! its gonna take me at least 45 minutes to Elm Row from here! providing the bus is at the bus stop. (it takes me about 8 minutes to walk out to the bus stop) Well, after slipping on my jacket etc..i had to brisk walk to the bus stop..thank God the bus was there. Waited for another 5 minutes untill it finally moved. By the time I got to London Road, it was already late! Cant phone cos my phone was at Anis's.

By the time I got to the costume shop, Marina and Jess was busy picking up stuff for tomorrows trip to Bath. Lorraine was not there...aiyoh!!! Sei Lor! Jess told me she left 15 minutes ago...and she was kindoff 'mad' Aiyoo mampus aku! I tried calling Lorraine at home..but no one answered...aiyooo...teruk nih! So, i decided to follow Jess back to her flat and meet up Lorraine there.

Thank God Lorraine was OK....he he he..what a relief! Jess made me coffee....and me and Lorraine started to get down to work on our Exorcist thingy. It made sense now....disscussing issues involved..well, 2 heads is better than 1 anyway. We went through the questionaire and the proposal working paper. Well, we manage to settle a few things and things started to make sense.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Well well....what a day! quite a relaxing day for me and my mind was focused on the trip to Glasgow t o meet up with my sponsor, JPA.

Tried to write the essay though this morning, do you ever get started with this!!! i dont want to write jargons! need more ended up asking my groupmate for more facts....hmmmm...diheartened or I did not try? I did try...well...probably my mind was already in Glasgow. I dont know what facinates me sooo much..hmmmm...

Well, received email from Oeda this morning. I just had to scream! He is planning a Fashion Show for the other Anugerah Benang Emas (94, 97 and 2003) finalist who are doing something else besides fashion design in their daily life...and..I AM ONE OF THE LISTED 10!!!!
Gosh! I was so excited by this motion! I replied straight away, agreeing to his proposal. He just has to get the garments from my mom's place and put it up for the show. 5 pieces of my Mens Wear collection 2002. Arghh! ekekeke! I Like!...and he would be getting NORMAL PEOPLE to parade these's intended for NORMAL top models i guys..keep a look out for this show. I'll keep u guys posted ok!

So, i left after Zuhur prayers, and went straight to Elm Row for lunch. No atter what, I just have this craving for Briyani (Pakistani) at this Halal restaurant (Lahori Karahi) next to my school, which was closed for the past 4 weeks for renovation. Well, luck was on my side though...I ordered a chicken tikka briyani. It cost me drink. MAHAL YA AMATZZZZZ....but SATISFIED. Being full up to the lungs, i carried myself to the bus stop to get to Nicolson Square where the Malaysian students sponsored by MARA, JPA and other sponsors would meet and take the bus up to Glasgow. ERm....i was called up Oja, and she said she was at home, and so is i decided to lepak at their place while waiting for the clock to turn to 5.15. As I got off the bus at Nicolson Street, I decided to give Oeda a call from Moneygram. I got through. The phone call was exciting and I just could not stop giving ideas and bitching and gossiping with Oeda. Well...It felt nice talking in your native tongue and speaking Fag with a close friend who is like 15 hours away...not drive but Air....goshhhhhh! t'was nice and surreal. Technology! I even ask him to copy Asyik Istana and Mengadap Rebab for my dance recital for a possible Malaysian Night....OOOooooooooooohhhhhh! menari...sukela suke suke suke.....

Cut things short, by 5 20 most of us had gathered outside the bus....boarded the bus and headed off to Glasgow. In the bus as usual, we chatted and it just reminds me of trips back home. Remeber Rombingan Cik Kiah ke Sukan Komanwel? ha ha....memories....

So, I met Nik again. She loves dancing....and she has a belly dancing recital with her friends at Pleasance on the 28th, 1st and 2nd. Hmm....what a pity, I'm going to Bath on Friday morning, for some research on Period Costumes and only coming back on Saturday evening. Well, at least I could still go on Sunday...and make her up!! aiyooo lame nye tak mekap mampanzzzzz!!! And Nik also told me, there would a recital in July...and the Edinburgh Uni dance society would really want to see Malay dances. Aiyoooo Lagi aku sukaaaaaaaaa........he he he he.......Even planning to help her make a costume for her future recital. FUN FUN FUN!!! eh eh...keje melabak..tak sedo diri ke aku...Well, if I did it back home, I could do it here right? Insyaallah.

Glasgow. Hilly, something like San Francisco. Windy. Malaysians....oooo.....ok...Registered at the counter under the JPA sponsorship list. Well, it was the usual thing, the usual issues ( politics, MONEY, religious practices, penarikan balik biasiswa ) Well, the sponsors are strict now. Whoever is involved with the Hizbi group is being pulled off their scholarships and given the flight ticket home. Well, the Edinburgh crowd was the biggest i guess,,,satu bas 51 seater..PENUH!...almos was informative and go some new info like the raising of our allowances ( Ho Hummm) the Treasury did not approve...Hmmmm....sad! when u r paying GBP375 a month for lodging, 33 pounds for bas pass and guess what? you only get GBP435 a month! SAD isnt it? sakit oo....what is left for food? basic necessities.....well...cant complain much and i guess, i just have to be THANKFUL for it i guess....thats the main issue here. Kelab UMNO. Well, this organisation is to pay tribute to UMNO for fighting for the Malay Rights. Without that fight, I guess, I would not be here.

The meet ended at 10 sharp....went out to get my packet food and rushed to the bus to look for my hand phone....oh yes...during the ceramah, i discovered my HP was not in my Duffle Coat pocket...ayoyo kadavaleyyyyy....must have left it or it might have dropped out when i stored my coat in the overhead compartment...Erk...not there! must have left it at Anis's house...because I was playing the ring tone (A2DC)...i was quite relaxed and was conforting my self. So, as the bus moved on...I opened my packet of nasi Minyak, Ayam Sambal and Jelantah...sedhaapppppppppp!......

They dropped me off at West End so that i could catch the 26 back to Clerwood. As my mind was going afloat with ideas for the recital Nokia 8310 the sound of Hail Amir n Uji Rashid's lagu raya. My Nokia 3330 number appeared! Thank God Anis found it at her was in her COAT POCKET all this while...ayoooo...and I sat next to her through out the 45 minute journey!!!!! Syukur Alhamdulillah............And here I am...writing my blog..ending it at 0155hrs..Wassalam. Another day is installed for me tomorrow. Insyaallah.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

U huh! another day...and today I encountered more human life form...ha ha ha...

it has not been a productive day somehow for me, started out late....

Went to the Fringe Office today, at the Royal Mile. Went there to sort of enquire about some info on the festivals and if they need costume designers during the festival periods. And so, i learnt something new as well today, the Fringe only orgaises the festivals! they dont do any productions of their own. The girl at the info counter gave me numbers of other festival offices, she said they might want to use designers. So, the Fringe only organises the run of the festival and provide techy support. Well....i guess it was worth asking, and maybe the numbers she gave would land myself somewhere else! who knows?

And so, off I went to Gateway. Bringing in the news that i had just discovered to Marina and Jess.

Got to Gateway about 1-ish, my...the costume shop was kinda busy! people were bustling in and out...Panos, Maria, Mario and Tony was on their feet...ironing, finishing up a black tie and going back and forth to the laundry room checking on the washing and drying for The Bans. The cast went in and out....lots of traffic and cursing going about...hmmm...Jess was busy doing up her 40's dress.

Today i brought in my portfolio to show it to Jess, so taht she has kind of an insight what i had done before and showed her an issue of Jelita. How she was kindof amazed with Malaysian Fashion! he he he....Then she was telling me about making her sister's evening dress..and i sketched it out for her. Oh...and of course, i relayed the story of me going to the Fringe Office. Well, she then showed me this email print out. Some company in Leith wants Designers and Assistant Designers..need to email or send CV to the company. Well...its great! just what i need! and so did Marina and Jess too....Well...all this fuss is about getting placements for my MFA projects.

My MFA requires me to work on design projects for a professional portfolio. Need 600 contact hours for it. Writing a dissertation just wont work for me because I prefer to through the creative process and practice my craft. Only if some people would understand, I guess the people in the States would. What I'm doing here is quite vocational. Need to put it to practice and see wether it would work or not...My task now is Stars In The Morning Sky. Well...i'm putting that aside for today because I have to start my short essay for the Research Module. The Exorcist! he he...

I guess thats about it for the night (2224hrs)....need to start with essay...compiling it on Thursday afternoon. Arghhh....and Friday i'm going to Bath....Oh dear...when is ITM putting in my allowances! looks i need to get some help from FAMA again....write to agaiin tomorrow...hmmmm.....Wassalam...

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Life....this is life...u get up every morning, u go to sleep every night, sometimes your night meets the morning sun and vice versa. My inaugaural entry to the new world og blogging. Have to do this. Might be a bore. But its me. Cest Moi! Aku adalah Aku...this is also to commemorate my 26th Birthday on the 22.2.2003. Love my parents.

Being away. Me, being youngest and being away for the first time! he he he...funny! well if it was not for His will, I wont be here.

thanks to Nizam Zakaria for introducing this KEWL stuff!!! ini kirenye part of my daily korang leh tahu ape aku buat, ape aku face dalam aku kejar cita2 aku nak dapatkan akunye degree. Eeeeeeeeee...seremmm ok! my close friends and family has VERY high expectations!!! So, jawabnye....I have to work Hard. Insyaalah.

For ur info, i'm in Edinburgh. QMUC. Doin my postgrad in Theatre Production.

Blog ni pun kire tempat aku nak aku takle waste time depan lap top aku ni....ha ha...teringattt Doogie Howser MD! ekekeke!

sape ingat Jem and the Holograms? i was looking for inspirations for designing Stars In The Morning Sky by Alexander Galin(Russian) citer pasal Pelacho in Moscow during the summer Olympics 1980, aku terjumpe website Jem nih...terkenannnnnggg zaman aku sekolah rendah...darjah be exact...pagi ahad..sambil makan nasi lemak yang my dad beli...tengok la Jem lepas Sekapur Sirih on TV3...haaaaaaaaa...NOSTALGIC nyeeeeeeeeeeeeee

ok le....aku nak titon....dah lewat.....