Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005....a retrospective of my life

2005 so far in general had been a great year for me. I have to thank ALLAH or all His Blessings and guidance through out the year. Eventhough I have not met a few important targets this year, I should not think that I should feel guilty about it as I believe there is a brighter side of everything, Insya ALLAH.
Me through out 2005
2005 is when I started Blogging again.. thanks to Leo Sabri who helped me tremendously in re-building this blog. It was from him too, I learnt the whole world of HTML Coding and the trims that you see in my blog today. I share many 'common' paths with Leo.

2005 also is where I made new friends and rekindled old friendship. Top of the list goes to friends on my YM list, namely Raydy78, Kie, Isis @ Joshua, Bibi, Fully, Boy, Intan, Sean, Putera, Abg TT, Zest and MANY MORE (sorry if ur name is not mentioned)

2005 also had seen me going to Alor Star for 3 times, two on official business, and one for leisure. Kedah, The Rice Bowl of Malaysia is home to Nurlea, an old friend since MiRC days. Through her blog and contacts I met with Zack @ Mamy, Abang Saleh, BS, GINGER!!! *hiks...mrasa la KEMPOT mek sebut nama dier...hiks..., AdamMaskulin, KP, Ranggedey. I also met Chef Aduka on YM, and it turned out to be Lea's close friend in Alor Star as well. Well, Alor Star is what i could consider my other home because I have never known soooo many people as close as I know the people mentioned elsewhere in Malaysia. I would always cherish your hospitality to me, guys... Miss ya lots!! C ya insya ALLAH in February.

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Lihatlah.. siapa kata LL tidak RATU?? Her crown menghias Bandaraya Alor Star lagi yerk

World Of Tag Board Chatting. I was also introduced to this fad by Leo who highlighted Leez's and Lea's blog. I am now regularly chatting at Lea's Cbox and Cemara Jingga Halia's tagboard. My own tagboard? hiks~ let it be full of cobweb.. hiks.. it might just trap the LALATS wondering about noseying people's personal life. It is at Lea's Cbox that I come to know Kak Nam, Hatress, Volks, Kejadah Warrior KATADAH *ooops, BS, Neo, Ameer, Nasik, aD, Apek and many more, not forgetting all the Queens from Ginger's Taggy: Caulie, SK III Nory, MAC Gurun, GriMAsWI, Umi DLL... hiks.. oh yeah..not forgetting Dr Imah Lenggok.... huhuhu....

Talking about Blogging. This year witnessed the 1st ever BLOGGER's IDOL organised by Lea. I was one of the contestants and was thrown out in week 3. I had FUN FUN FUN but not to forget a lot of CDH and SDH whilst reading comments from the juries. Whatever it is, It is for the better of my own blog and my blog writing. Few things I learnt, JUST BE YOURSELF, TRUE TO WHAT YOU ARE WRITING and JUST WRITE, whether your readers like it or not, IT IS YOUR OWN VOICE TALKING, not some one elses. And, IT's MY BLOG.. and I CAN WRITE or STYLE it AS I PLEASE... heheh.. *mati la Jury KEMPOT

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Work in 2005. Well, work is work. What I do is what I consider as ALLAH's test and trust upon me. I really enjoy what I'm doing and what I am sharing with my students. I worked on 2 productions Salina and BLDA with my students for their Diploma Showcase and produced 2 Festivals to date. Well, the student's energy gave me the strength to pull myself through. Alhamdulillah, I LOVE WHAT I'm doing now.

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Love in 2005. HA HA HA.. Laugh Out Loud people, its because, I'm Down With Love!! Ermm Barbra Novak.. Could I have your autograph puhleeaasee!! ... hehe... Well.. it's like this, I can't define what is love because I never felt it before. But this year, it was not Love that I felt, it was just CRUSHES and LUST *mati la mek...ekekek. But what is important is, I learned how to appreciate people for what they are and learn to feel for other people *mati la hati batu. FRIENDSHIP is what I'm for.. something extra would be nice, but I KNOW MYSELF. Hiks~
What I Did Through out the year. R u in there somewhere? hiks....

Ushering in 2006. Well, Only ALLAH knows what lies ahead of me. I might see the sunshine or not. It is all to HIM. My life is in HIS control. The best I could do is pray, and talk to HIM, appreciate and thank all HIS givings and blessings. Praying that everything would fall into place this coming gregorian year. Well.. 2006 is going to make me hit the big 29!! (30 in Hijri Calendar). 2006 could be my end as well. Only HE knows it. Cest La Vie!! 2006 is also a new beginning for me as I would be in Puncak Perdana where they relocated my workplace. All NEW. So, I guess I have to put up a new spirit to burn my passion in whatever I am doing. ALLAH, help me.

`Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari. Dia datangkan petir dan kilat...kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya ke mana hilangnya sinar... rupanya-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi...'
'Sometimes ALLAH hides the sunshine. He bringeth thunder and lightening, we cry and ask where is the sunshine?, little that we know, ALLAH is surprising us with a rainbow...'

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Monday, December 26, 2005

A Year Ago....

A year ago today, at this moment, I was already busy preparing to do Make Up for the Karangkraf Broken Angels team for their Media Night at Holiday Villa Subang. Little that I knew a gaint wave called the Tsunami had hit Acheh, Sri Lanka, Thailand and a few other places in this region. By night, I only knew a little of what happened ( I just heard there was a big eatrhquake) and on the 27th morning, Just before I left for office, I saw the total devastation on CNN. Subhanallah! Praise ALLAH! I was dumb founded.

kirenye malam tu jugak Broken Angels menang MEDIA NIGHT itiew mengalahkan agensi2 media yang lain.. hmmm......

So, It is a year today.

A Silent Prayer to those who have met their Creator.

`Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari. Dia datangkan petir dan kilat...kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya ke mana hilangnya sinar... rupanya-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi...'

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

My Christmas...

Had lunch with Che Wan, Oja, Noi n Sis and Farah, Hubby n Emir kat this Javanese restaurant in Taman Dagang.. Ayam Panggang Wong Solo.. SEDAP U OLS.. and VERY CHEAP!! We ol order almost everything on the menu.. hehe.. 6 orang makan came up to RM118... Cheapo eh? and memandangkan food nyer delicioso.. berbaloiler kan...

memandangkan keterlaparan tahap cipan tadik, mrasa la dinch sempat Snappy Snappy gambau lauk pauk yang VASSST sebab.. we ols terus TERKAM lauk pauk tu... Reccomended Dishes:

  1. Ayam Bakar Wong Solo
  2. Pecal
  3. Daging Dendeng
  4. Sambal Sotong
  5. Jus Poligami <<>

Service pun ok la.. Ramah Mesra gitew... tgk lah betapa ATTENTIVEnyer waiter dari seberang ni....

...which reminded me of the service kat Menara Alor Star... huhuhu..

Lepas tu.. we adjourned to Great Eastern Mall for dessert. Pi sana terserempakdgn kawan lama, Jerry @ Ranum, hiks! meriah jumpe kawan2 lama.. we ols lepak kat Starbucks....

Oja left with Noi n her sis (sorry dinch igt nama) sebab dia nak balik Teluk Intan, and CW left with me, we rondad Great Eastern Plaza itiew as adjourned to the Curve..where surprisingly walaupun JAM.. TETAAP MELAMBAK PARKING KOSONG!!! mrasa!! so we ols jalan2 dokek 5 jam and had dinner at this new Reastuarant that served Fish... HOOKED. Food n price reasonable but I WISH I SHOULD NOT HAVE taken the choc frapuccino n Tiramisu kat Starbucks earlier. As usual.. feeling2 la SNAPPY2 kat restaurant itiew, dimana salah seorang waiteress (hiks~) nya berwajah CHUCKY.. aiyoo nok, mengapakah mekap u ols demikian?? isks.. Owh yeah.. Farah left for Taiping as school is starting tomorrow...

So.. itulah my so called Christmas break... hehe.. mrasa la komen eh???

So u guys who turned up for this little gathering, thanks!!! Thanks to Noi yang buat reservasi.. Thanks for CW for putting up with my antics and to Oja.. prepare urself nak kawin tu... Mrasa i pi IKEA lagi cari hadiah... hiks~ mrasa mrasa..... Good luck to all nah.....

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Kenduri n SNAPPY2

Aktiviti utama selain Doa Selamat.. SNAPPY2 ..hiks~ my cousin n niece sebok amik gambaq...
Tadi kenduri kat umah cousin aku kat Manjalara, so met up with relatives from Mom's side. Mrasa la kan jumpe anak2 sedara yang DAH MASUK UNI!! mrasa!!! Even my cousins from Singapore came up. Actually esok (today la in about 12 hrs) ade kenduri kat umah my Uncle in Sungai Merab, doa selamat for my mom's youngest Bro yang akan ke Mekah for Haj soon, but I wont be attending as I'm meeting up Che Wan and the rest of the Edinburgh m8s for lunch esok at a Ayam Bakar Restaurant in Ampang... So Christmas la kan.... ade element AYAM itiew walaupun bukan dari spesis BELANDA kan... hiks~ mrasa mrasa...
So, aktiviti utama tadi ialah SNAPPY SNAPPY .. well... mane la tahu kan, this would be the last ke.. Wallahu Alam, anything is possible. Hanya ALLAH yang tahu... so I also mrasa la snappy2 pixies...hehehe...
Bunge bunge Ros kat umah cousin I... tetibe lak FEEEELING nak snappy2.. ni pakai Close Up Mode
Mau Lee Mau?? hiks~ well, snappy sajor.. dinch makan pun... yummy kan?

Hmmm.. I rasa I nak membebel pasal Snappy Snappy ni.. nak cakap on the technical bit.. sowwy lah.. hem Dinch Hui... , I nak cakap pasal SUBJECT MATTER.. yes.. SUBJECT MATTER atau Subjek Utama serta TEMA kegemaran dalam Snappy Snappy ni. Kalau U ols rajin, mrasa la visit fotopages org lain... sure u akan jumpe macam2 SUBJECT MATTER kegemaran si juruSNAPPY ni. As for me, I personally suke amik gambo CANDID (like what Kak Nam mention pasal pics gathering in prev entry) yang berkisarkan sesuatu situasi, contoh untuk hari ni is the KENDURI. Entah la, that feeling you feel bile tgk gambo tu balik kat PC, rase cam seronok sebab dapat capture saat2 yang sudah tentu tidak akan dapat diulang. Lagi satu SUBJECT MATTER kegemaran I is NATURE, entah la, feeeling la kan amik gambor bunge lah... scenery lah.... Well, bile tgk balik hasil snappyan itu, dapatlah diingatkan akan kejadian alam dan sekaligus mengingatkan keEsaanNYA.
FOOD is another of my favourite subjects. I LOVE food, so documenting them is like fun for me. I could actually remember events by relating to what food is served at that particular event. Teruk tak? LOL! contohnye.....
FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD!! hiks~ spread @ my cousin's
Sebenarnya Subjek kegemaran ni very individual, like my friend Lea Laurielle, dia suke snappy2 macam2, personally I rasa sebab nilai estetika yang ada dalam sesuatu imej itu. Setiap garisan, bentuk, warna serta susun letak objek2 dalam satu satah itu memberi pelbagai makna, manakan adanya kata-kata pujangga A Picture Tells A Thousand Words. Snappy snappy ni sebenarnya memberikan suatu kepuasan yang dapat memenuhi naluri seseorang. Snappy2 ni pun boleh menjana rezeki, just like my friend Aireen di Alor Star yang mengambil gambar pengantin sekarang, and her work.. MARVELOUS! Tapi sayangnye, I takde lak link foropages dia. Dia lah satu-satunye jurugambar wanita di Loq Staq (ya ka? and so she claim) yang komposisi shotnya so cantik, penuh nilai estetik dan mampu meninggalkan kesan, terutama pada pengantin2 itu *mrasa la PAST TENSE hiks~
Oh ye.. Snappy2 ni pun menjana KENANGAN SILAM @ PAST TENSE memories... hiks~ *mrasa la RATU RATUan... *mati la CDH .... ekekek
Anyways, dengan ado nye DIGITAL CAMERA ni... semakin GALAK la mensnappy snappy sebab the outcome kite akan tahu dan sure menjadi..walaupun blurr, tapi u takyah kua belanja nak cuci dulu gamba to know the outcome. Now I am really WISHING THAT A D70 Nikon SLR camera WOULD JUST FALL ONTO MY LAP!!! (D50 also can... hahaha) huhuhuhu I WISH!!! HA HA HA... God knows what i'll do with that camera! hiks~
`Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan
matahari. Dia datangkan petir dan kilat...kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya ke
mana hilangnya sinar...
rupanya-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Tag Board Gathering... not mine tho...heheheh

Image of Syed Bistro KJ thanks to http://

It all begin here.... Syed Bistro Kelana Jaya, 22nd December 2005 @ (1stly - 9 pm) (then it was 8.30 pm) and finally at 8 pm.. mrasa la POSTPONED to 8pm

*mati la CDH hiks~

Chatters2 dari CBox Nurlea Laurielle Lai Lee Abdullah ZON LEMBAH KLANG telah berkumpul untuk berjumpa dengan FAMOUS BLOGGER itiew sendiri... yang telah tampil dengan imej Hari Raya... *mati la CDH again.........

Mrasa... Ameer, empunya dotcom, Neo dan 5thE.. erk... apakah yang difikirkan DALAM HATI itiew???

Roll Call menurut ketibaan para Chatters..... (awal - akhir - *mrasa la tak dapek nak keep track siapo hadhir di tengah2)

  • Volks
  • 5thE
  • Neo
  • Kak Nam Bebe
  • Pak Nam Zaid
  • Ameer
  • Nasik
  • Ad
  • Bonny
  • TUAN PUNYA BLOG - Nurlea Laurielle Lai Lee
  • Wan Bie
  • Kie *mrasa la lupe taruh..nasib baik Kak Nam nampak..kalau tak..alamat kene CDH gamaknye... hiks~
  • Apek
  • Abang yang datang dgn Apek (maaf eh.. lupe lak nama nyer)

Sayangnye, ade jugak a few yang lain yang tidak dapat menghadirkan diri ke pertemuan yang bersejarah ini.... hiks~ contohnya ialah jiran kiew.. kW , katanya ada match FUTSAL... aiyoo.. Gol n Gincu sgt!!! anyways... bak kata Neo.. KEJADAH sajor... *lariiiii

Nasik Goreng USA (notice the telur goreng???) and Nasik in the background... hehe


Something super duper NICE happened during the gathering... I rasa better kalau LL yang story kat blog dia... TAPI.. just want to say THANK YOU and how chaffed I got when NORY came to our table and asked "Ini LL ke?" and... 'yang ni 5thE kan?" aiyoooooo SPEECHLESSSSS u ols~!! Thanks for taking the trouble to 'hunt' for us Nory... mrasalah nanti LL haploadkan gambar u ols kat Blog dia after dia pulang dari BKK... mrasalah HAPDATE NON STOP nanti... suke suke suke...............

To you guys who came to the gathering... Thanks sebab dapat jumpe dgn u ols.. hiks~ mrasa lebis mesraaa mesraaa after this insya ALLAH.

Taking this opportunity to wish



and a new Gregorian New Year to all yang baca blog ni...

May 2006 bring us joy, success and happiness, insya ALLAH.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Birthday laghiks...

and kembornye
hiks~ mrasa mrasa... many happy returns of the day....
*sorry dinch sompek letak pic yang ala2 festive... sorry u ols... hiks~ mrasa mrasa

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Monday, December 12, 2005


Mrasa mrasalah click image above to be directed to HADI, karya Nizam Zakaria, U wont regret reading it... mrasalah....

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

PENANG - Final day of vacation


So, mrasalah hari terakhir I cuti rehat untuk tahun ni, Famous Blogger itiew adorla urusan di Penang dgn kawannyer bernama LEO... hmm.. so mrasalah segerombolan anak-anak teghuna dari Alor Star ni menSTAR kan diri menaiki Kenari Merah menghala ke Pulau Mutiara... Itu pun asalnye hanya I, CA ngan LL sajor yang nak pi.. bile si Mami dan Hazel itiew dapat tahu..... mrasalah nak hekot kan??... so... mrasalah kami ke Pulau Mutiara... dan akhirnya.. I terus balik ke KL dari Butterworth katanya... selepas ronda2 cruising2 di Penang.. dan yang penting.. Ado orang tu nak cari cable utk HP nyer.. Ado ke dapek?? Mrasa kene CTT or worse, CDH sat gi.. hihihi..

Pic atas menunjukkan cara yang betul untuk melakukan Pose Pink Panther.. terima kasih Mami atas tunjuk ajar Mami yang telah mempesonakan Mat Mat Rempit di Jambatan Pulau Pinang.... hiks

Mercu tanda Pulau Mutiara : KOMTAR.... lain dah tempat ni la ni hang tau dak?? Cheq mai dulu tahun 2000..lain beno.. nak pi lagi lah... hiks~ mrasa mrasa

Cebis2 kenangan percutian ke Alor Star 2005... dan jiuger Penang... nak pi lagiiiii...

To all my friends in Alor Star, thanks for having me in your beautiful state. To Famous Blogger, Chef Aduka, Badarsila, Abang Salleh, Mami Zack, Hazel only ALLAH can repay ur deeds and hospitality and your kindness to me while I was there. Till we meet again, insya ALLAH.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005



As usual, the day starts at about noon for me, and again went for lunch with LL and BS ke UNO CAFE.. AGAIN... heheh.. Well, what more could I say, they have kinda of the perfect combination of glutton to satisfy one's hunger.. tak ghitu Lea?? hiks~ Tgh hari tu putar2 sekitar City Plaza sambil ketawa mengilai mengingatkan Ponty on Horsy yang bak kata BS..persis iklan Hazeline Snow... aiyoh...perut sampai CRAMP ketawa u ols!! hiks~

mrasalah Sushi Bar kesayangan Famous Blogger kiter tuh.. tiap kali pi..order Sushi sajork!
Malam tu pula merupakan malam istimewa, very special night for Laurielle as she hosted her gathering for regular chatters at her tag board esp those in the Northern Region... Mrasalah malam itiew jiuger I akhirnya bertemu muka dengan Miss Ginger yang masih menyandang title RATU...... Kami telah menjemputnya di Tol Selatan (ya ka? Correct me if i'm wrong, jgn CDH sajor).. Dia datang dgn Kipas Patah yang kiut itiew... hiks~ Mrasalah click kat tile image bawah itiew untuk mengetahui all the happenings at the gathering.... and who's who that menghadirkan diri ke majlis makan malam di restoran Riverbank Alor Star itiew... mrasa mrasa ... *sambil membuat gesture pusingan penuh 2 X 8 citrawarna*

Presenting... Miss Ginger aka Miss Gurun, it was nice finally having to met you in person *arghhh!! I berkenalan dgn RATU u ols.. RATUUU!!!! *

That was day 3 for me... After that meal of SCRUMPTIOUS and DELICIOUS food (well, read all about it at LL's Blogdrive..mrasalah click kat pic ataih to go over to LL's blog kan... hehehe...) LL sent me back to the Motel... and like the nights before.. I SLEPT like a baby.. with the TV watching me... hehe.. there would be another update on my trip to Alor Star.. and my grand send off at BUTTERWORTH... aiyoh... BUTTERWORTH??? mrasalah menantikan hapdate seterusnya.. entah bilo la tu... haa u ols.. KOMEN! JGN TAK KOMEN!!! hiks~

`Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari. Dia datangkan petir dan kilat...kita menangis dan tertanya-tanya ke mana hilangnya sinar... rupanya-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi...'

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Happy Birthday LeeZ!!!

u ols memang PIONEER!! hiks~

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