Thursday, May 20, 2004

Oh My!

had been sometime since i last updated my blog. Been kept up with my Mak Yong stuff..had late nights for past 2 nights and i find that, writing at tahat time of day just inspiring.... kinda like tensed out a bit...kind of...

anyway, Cheryl had been booking the accom in Italy and been calling me up 4 updates last night (till 5 AM!)...really excited! already purchased flight tickets! tummy was not well since sunday...and i'm running out of Poh Chai pills! they are damn expensive here!

ok la..thats about it. Wd update later.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Saturday already

just got text msg from my mom, they are coming to Edinburgh after all! My bro inlaw got free tickets to my parents are tagging along. :)

have to buck up (keep telling that to myself)...gosh, it is just so hard to concentrate! I do have a problem on focusing. That is bad.

Do check my photo album, i've just updated it with pics from a reception with DYMM Sultan Azlan Shah.

oh yeah, made nasi lemak last night, i am starting to over eat again. I hate that!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

It is very amusing to think that sometimes you just cant see the path, when it is staring to you right in the face. And when someone else shows you the other way, that is not a short cut even, you just begin to say YES! I SEE IT NOW!

This was just the situation that I am in at the moment. I just went in to see my supervisor regarding my Uncle Varick project. Francis told me that my current structure is good, but I have three to four studies and there is no particular conclusion for it. He started feeding me with some key words like LINE OF ARGUMENTS to help me get questions and answer for the project that I am working on. I really am glad to have met him.

I’ve been left in the dark for a wee bit too long.

I am definitely pushing my datelines a week back in order to finish off this project.

Roughly this is my action plan to tackle this project. I have with me print-outs of the Character Drawings for Uncle Varick by John Byrne, and I had been somehow involved with the fittings, worked a bit with the wardrobe team and had done two interviews, one with Byrne himself and one with Mark Thomson, the director. All the info that I had collected would be the data that is to be included for the first part of the study. This then would lead me to the characters in Uncle Varick, and in comparison to Uncle Vanya, how and why they had changed (geographical, period, social status?) and learning about Byrne himself, his style of writing is from his memoirs of when he was young. I guess that all his memories are to shared with others in his writings of plays (namely the Writers Cramp and the Slab Boys Trilogy) and it sparked to me as well, the character Sandy Sheridan, an art critic and TV pundit…. BYRNE WAS WORKING WITH SCOTTISH TV AT ONE TIME!!!! ISN’T THAT SIMILLAR? Or had he (Byrne) was referring to someone he had known in the industry and making a parody out of that character? Or did it reflect himself? WOW! I am quite surprised with myself now! All these questions just pouring out of my fingertips to the keyboard!!!! Ok, back to the original context…hehehe…

The characters of Varick and Vanya, are they just similar? Even through time and at a different geographical space on earth? And how did Byrne translate Vanya and why so (the interpretation had been done in that way) and this would bring to the question of the style and theme of Chekhov’s and Byrne’s writing.

In conclusion, I dare say for the time being, Byrne’s interpretation of the characters in his adaptation of Chekhov’s Vanya somehow reflects his own style rather than doing a ‘traditional’ adaptation style. Byrne had given life and colour to the characters, especially of Varick and Sandy.

Byrne’s past works indicates his past memoirs of his younger days, very down to earth, comical (as himself, witty and probably partly his desire to achieve a few things that he did not at an earlier stage. Varick somehow or other, really reflected on Chekhov’s Vanya, as he is A BIG FAN and he really ADORES Chekhov, but setting it in Northeast of Scotland, in 1964 (he was 24 years old then) and being very familiar with the local topography. Byrne also told me that the Russians are just like the Scottish…a wee bit crazy (while making a finger around the side of the head movement) and thus, Uncle Varick came to life in 1999.

In The Name Of Allah The Gracious and The Merciful. Alhamdulillah, Praise Allah for what He had shown me today. Thank You for showing me the path and the route, also for opening my heart to receive whatever i was to receive from my supervisor today. Ya Allah The Allmighty, praise Muhammad S.A.W,as my mind is very clear at the moment and bless my parents, give them good health, bless my friends in the UK and in Malaysia, help me and my friends find the true path and what You reagard us for. Ya Allah, bless all muslims in the world, keep us away from all harm and bless the rezki that is halal for us. Amin.

now to get on with my work. :)

Currently i'm sitting at the Uni computer lab. I'm using Mozilla instead of IE. I'm confused, panicking and not bothered to do anything about it.

I've got to buck up work today as i would be seeing Francis tomorrow afternoon. Wonder what am i going to show him? i've got tonnes of stuff to type. got to go home and continue work.


Monday, May 10, 2004

current mood: confusion, tensed, uninspired
current music: none
current character: myself, 6 feet under.

I dont know, I guess it's the datelines i'm giving myself or what? it's just taking toll on myself. I have to be really strict with myself from now on. With no part time jobs at the Playhouse for the next 2 weeks. I'm GONNA BE REALLY SKINT!!! Waiting for the last of my cost of living allowances from my sponsors (hoping that it would be banked in in early June - as mentioned by a friend) is really hellish. Can't they change the system of giving out the allowance on a monthly basis rather than a once in 3 months basis? I guess, I've survived so far.

I'm still right in the muddle of Uncle Varick costume design case study and still had not come up with an appropriate title for it. I would be attempting to start on Mak Yong Raja Tangkai Hati stuff beginning next Sunday. I've drawn out an outline of the whole project thingy. Irma Vep...Hmmmmm......I dunno.....

The trip to Europe is also playing in my head. I really want to see Rome etc. Well, I've laid out plans with Cheryl and Taufik and made an itenary of it. Hope everything goes as planned. Insya Allah.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

(20th February - 20th March)
The support of a business partner, lover, or close friend helps you move mountains. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you encounter any obstacles this spring and summer. Travel plans, spiritual endeavours, and writing projects are particularly favoured during this lucky period. It may be hard to communicate some of your dreams, but try anyway. A little practice makes all the difference. Don't despair over initial failed attempts; you'll improve with practice.

Well, well, I dont really believe in horoscopes, but the coincidence is SO GREAT! Been hanging out with Mahmud these past few days, been checking my e-banking at his office just because the system at my uni does not allow certain sites (yep...firewall)

I'm going to watch Van Helsing later on, and only yesterday i watched Passion Of The Christ for the second time. A very moving film and quite a disturbing one. The make up artistry is just SUPERB!

I dont think I would be able to check out Dr Holiday today as plans has changed.

I am coming down with a nasty cough and my throat just itch like there is fluff rubbing against my throat. Have to buy Fisherman's Friend...Lockets helps, but just does not do the trick.

got to get back to Uncle Varick...

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

current mood: anxious
current song: Tegar (Leo Sabri's jukebox)
current character: the fish of the fish


Tergoda aku 'tuk berfikir
Dia yang tercinta
Mengapa telah lama tak nampak
Dirimu di sini
Jangankan ingin ku tersenyum
Tak ada ghairah
Ku ingin selalu bersamamu

( 1 )
Kini ku resah
Diriku lemah tanpamu
Oh... oh...

( reff )
Gapai semua jemariku
Rangkul aku dalam bahagiamu
Ku ingin bersama berdua selamanya
Jika ku buka mata ini
Ku ingin selalu ada dirimu
Dalam kelemahan hati ini
Aku tegar...

( ulang 1, reff) (2X)

Aku tegar...

Hmmmmmmmm...opened a new bank account to start putting aside some money for emergency purposes. Had lunch with Mahmud, now i'm at the gateway computer lab, meeting Nozomi to get my DV camera. About to go home to start with my work and prepare for work tonight.

what else is there to update? been quite a boring day for me. It's raining..(thank goodness its not Geri Helliwell's song tho..otherwise Timah would be screaming over his head!!!) hmmm....

oh Feeke, I do remember to include you in the discussions and i feel quite bad because i still had not sent the CD's to you yet...he he he..i've been quite 'busy' and the bank hols as well....akekekkee.....

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...aku tegarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...................

oh click on the song title...and listen....he he he...come share my feeling of the day! LOL!

oh yeah, Woke up at about 10.45 and my mom called. She is busy helping my cousin to prepare for her wedding. I wont be around for her wedding in June, well win a few, lose a few. I have to buy few cards this month. My dad's birthday in on the 13th, my sis-inlaw's is on the 20th (if not mistaken) and so is my parents 44th wedding anniversary on that same day, my flatmates birthdays are on the 12th and he he.

Monday, May 03, 2004

current mood: chirpy and happy...smiling all the way....
current song: none
current character: Me Myself...the Piscean.

Had quite a hectic week last week...and a mind blowing orgasmic weekend...(Hmmm?!!!!) he he he....

The food fair went on fine and so did the Costume Presentation, everyone liked it. I enjoyed myself as well. I am still somewhat uninspired to write. I wonder why? Anyway, had not been updating my stuff on Uncle Varick as well.

I've made friends as well this past week, I met ExxN yesterday and went for coffee after the rehearsals for Mr Poppins and Tristan. He could chat just ata bout everything and he is a good talker as well, as usual, i would just sit and listen.

Timah and I are planning to travel to Europe in June. Hope everything would go on fine.

I need to buck up with my Masters programme. I've been playing too hard. Erkgh! HELP ME!

pictures of the costume presentation is on my fotopage

check it out!