Monday, December 31, 2007

the last day of 2007

my new look. HAHA. its gonna stay, Insya ALLAH for 2008. Irhamna Ya Rahman!!
Sigh. Its the END.

What a year has it been for me. Alhamdulillah.

This year 2007 had given me so many insights of life. A lot of sadness, a lot of happiness. I learnt a zillion things this year.

I dont even know how to wrap up my year actually, because for me, life goes on. Year in year out, its just the same.

Im just gonna type out my thoughts of the moment:

I shud be thankful to HIM more for giving me oxygen and to return my soul everytime I wake up.

Manage to loose a few pounds this year. I cud get back into the pants and jeans bought in Edinburgh. Have to keep this up.

I did few weddings this year. Thanks to Taj and Wazi for their support and help.

My aunt and friend passed on, within a week to each other.

I did wardrobe and make up for a film. My first. Learnt so much from that experience.

I designed and did costumes for a music video and met new people in the production line.

sinar rembulan mengiring tari... la la la la

I feel more attached to my work now. The joy of doing my job, i dunno. I love it and so thankful for it. I must give more.

Ramadan : Well this year is really special for me. :) I got to fast in Alor Star AGAIN.. berbuka AGAIN with Miss World and her PA *die la RuRu the Reindeer and the Garden Gnome.. * and had great time with Ginger n Nazz @ SP. Shop shop raya katanya.

Im back on track with my dance troupe. even with minimum members, we are striving bit by bit. To you guys, thanks for the support and let's keep the group's rapport up.

Malam Simfoni Kasih UiTM... lalala

This year also, I travelled. I went to the Land of the Minang. Mainly looking for stuff for weddings. I dunno ada rezeki or not to go again. Tanggungjawab makin bertambah now, so have to attend to what is necesary dulu.

KFC with NASIK!! waaa.. guess where?

OBE and MQA. Well, have to focus on this for 2008. I want my 'kids' to be sellable to the market when they graduate.

Oh yeah, upgraded my PC. I mean my HD. KW did it :). Thanks KW for ur attentiveness.

L O V E. HAHAHA. Well, let it be a memory. GOD knows. :P *no comment lah*

Friends: well, made lots this year. Ricko in Padang, CapT HooKeD, who else? ramai lah! oh yes, Kak Long from Brunei (and hubby) Who else? ramai la.

Hopes for 2008

Im doing this entry untuk sambut Awal Muharram sekali.

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah dan Maha Penyayang.

Dalam menghadapi hari hari dalam tahun 1429 Hijrah / 2008 ini, aku bermohon hajatku kepadaMU ya ALLAH. Supaya dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik terutama kepada kedua ibu dan bapaku, saudara2 kedua mereka, adik beradik ku beserta kaum kerabatku yang lain. Jadikanlah kami hambaMU yang sentiasa patuh akan perintahMU dan maafkan segala kekhilafan kami, baik yang kami sedar ataupun tidak. Jadikan kami termasuk dalam golongan yang sentiasa mengingatiMU dengan ikhlas.
Wahai Maha Pengasih Maha Penyayang, jadikanlah aku seorang anak yang soleh. YAng berbakti kepada kedua ibu bapaku, yang membahagiakan mereka. Kurniakankanlah kesabran padaku dalam menangani hal hal kekeluargaan Ya ALLAH.

Ya ALLAH, aku bermohon kehadratMU wahai pencipta alam. Jadikanlah aku berdedikasi terhadap tugas2 ku yang telah KAU amanahkan kepadaku. Aku bermohon padaMU ya ALLAH, peliharalah keselamatan dan kesihatan serta keimanan anak-anak didikku Ya Allah.

Ya ALLAH. aku ini terlalu banyak meminta minta, namun kepada siapa lagi yang harus ku pohon permintaan ku ini ya ALLAH?

Ya ALLAH, ku mohon dipelihara persahabatan ku dengan kenalan dan taulan ku. Sesunguhnya, merekalah teman bersuka duka di dunia pinjaman Mu ini ya ALLAH. Ku bermohon diberkati silaturrahim yang terjalin atas kehendakMU ini ya Tuhanku. Pimpinlah kami ke jalanMU yang KAU redhai Ya ALLAH.

Ya ALLAH, peliharalah hati ku, dan hati muslimin dan muslimat lain dari hasutan musuh yang nyata bagi kami *namun kami tetap tertewas dengan godaannya*. Jadikanlah Nur MU sebagai pembersih hati kami dari segala sifat mazmumah dan sifat yang tidak menguntungkan kami.

Ya ALLAH yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani, jadikanlah aku seorang yang sentiasa bersyukur atas segala nikmatmu. Sesunguhnya tanpaMU, siapalah aku ya ALLAH. Terima kasih kerana mengrniakan ku dengan bermacam nikmat dan semoga aku menjadi seorang yang selalu mengenang jasa-jasaMU terhadapku.

Selawat dan salam kepada Junjungan MU, Muhammad S A W serta kerabatnya, tak lupa pada Ibrahim A S.

Subhanallah Awni Wahasbi, Irhamna Ya Rahman! Ya Rahim!

Jazakallahu Khair

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Al Fatihah

Al Fatihah

Benazir Bhutto
1953 - 2007

Sad. How could one man take life of another? in a cowardly way. And all in the name of politics. Sad.

The day will prevail, as promised by HIM. I was numbed looking at the photos online. I admire her charisma and wits, standing up for others. May ALLAH bless her soul.

Jazakallahu Khair

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Monday, December 24, 2007


It's Xmas Eve. So what? I tak celebrate pun.Kat opis ni ha, nak mengadap documents utk ISO etc. Dgn opis karam pecah ni! But entah la. A fren of mine gave a the link to my cousin's blog. Huhu, was surprised to find out she has a blog. Thanks Fren.

Remember my entry about arwah my aunt? some time back, macamla aku ni rajin sgt update blog ni kan?

So, my cousin actually pour her heart out in her entries. Gosh. I jadi waterworks kejap. I terus teringat kat arwah. Ade one time tu, I dapat surat ke BTN, which, I tak berminat pun nak pi. Kebetulan the same date tu, I was to follow my aunt to Singapore, sebab nak attend kenduri my relative kat sana. Kalau I tak follow my aunty ni, mmg sah i takkan kenal sgt belah Singapore. My dad bukannye story sgt about his side of the family.

I ingatla, vaguely, pagi arrive kt Changi. Breakfast kat AnW tak silap. Then, off to a relative's place. And i vaguely remember naik bas dgn dia, and another relative, pegi Sentosa ISland. Goodness. Masa tu tak silap I, my cousins were already overseas kot?. hurm. Tah la.

Al Fatihah to arwah.

oh yes, to all Christians yang read my blog, Merry Christmas and to otehrs, happy hols :)

Jazakallahu Khair

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

night out

Agenda for the day:


Meet client for April wedding @ Kemensah. Went on from 11am-4pm.


Went straight to Masjid India to buy Keris for props. Went straight to Vistana after that for a show. Baby asked me to hang out with the rest of the gang at her father's Dangdut Club. Woohoo. Tonight is the last night of Queensway Nite Club in Sentul. Change of ownership. So it was my last chance to go and experience what a Kelab Dangdut is like and to commemorate to closure, the same gang would be performing tonight at the said club.

The show at Vistana finished at 9 pm. Woohoo. That was early! anyways, decided to hang out at Anis's place @ Sentul and watched Asian Pop Idol. I like Jac's delivery and also i had seem to like Filipina's Idol as well as Indo Idol. Singapore Idol, HAdi, is just to cute. HAHA.

Anyways, at about half past midnight, we left for Queensway. Got there at about 1245 and there was not many ppl around.

It has been a while since i last went for night outings. And tonight, really opened my eyes. While sitting around and listening to the loud music (This place actually play mixture of tunes, not only dangdut, yet they play Zapin, Joget, Chacha, Mambo etc - varying in levels of degree!) This aunty caught my eye. This aunty, she must be about 50 - 60, carrying a big bag of tid bits to be sold to patrons. She lugged around the big bag of tid bits and shone her torchlight around to attract attention. Oh goodness. My heart sank to think, at that age, in the wee hours, a lady that age should be at home, sleeping and resting, not carrying a huge bag of tid bits to be sold to patrons at the club. I just then thought, how lucky I am. How I was never that thankful with what HE had given me and always had taken granted of things.

GRO. Guest Relation Officer. Last night was my first encounter with girls who carry this stigma of a title to the society. They are just human beings and i bet they did not choose (if given the chance to choose) what they do. Probably there are lots of things that contribute to why they ended up there. It was very surreal to see, my ex students dancing next to them. It was because, again, my ex students had the opportunity to study (and I am aware that there are GRO's who are college going girls) and dah grad pun, at least dgn diploma. Yes, generally they just entertain guests, and accompany these so called lonely men. According to a source, these GRO's are going to be out of work as the new owner who bought over the club wont be taking the girls and the rest of the crew that run Queensway. And i know what its like when u have shortage of cash. And imagining some of the GRO's have mouths to feed. I guess that is what you call TAKDIR (fate). And how we handle ourselves to face it.

Entah la. last night's outing really opened my eyes and had given me a new perspective in life.

I am ever so thankful to YOU and thank you for showing me things and giving me the thoughts last night.

Jazakallahu Khair

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