Sunday, January 27, 2008


It was a storm, complete with lighting and thunder and strong wind and I went to the Alumni @ AD Dinner, Lets Sembang ... Nostalgia at the Shah Alam Club last night. Not many from my batch came, only Azli n Rinee.

Met up with quite a number of seniors, super seniors and super duper trooper seniors. Also met Encik Jai and Encik Tajali, my drawing lecturer when I was in Foundation Year. Reminisced a bit about the hey days of Kompleks PKNS :). Kool.

But, the most memorable part of the evening was when I won (FIRST TIME TAU!!!) the lucky draw. Got 4 CD's of Indo Artistes :) Kool :P

My highlight of the evening was not just the food, but meeting up my senior, Jaafar, who is a Fit Technician at a multi national company.

We sat together, ate together and reminiscing old days at the Fashion Department. I offered to send him back to Kpg Baru after the event. So off we went and have coffee at one of the stalls in the make-over of Kpg Baru project.

Whilst having coffee, we spoke our minds on certain things. It was like God sent. Talked over about sooo many things, the system, curriculum, syllabus at the FSH DEPT, lecturers, work and of course life.

Jaafar made interesting remarks on a few things that somehow opened my mind. I am so glad to have met him. To Jaafar, if u r reading this, thank you for ur suggestions and ideas and knowledge. Its hard for me to explain it here due to state of zombieness. May continue esok.. haha.. IF la ..... KANNN?! :P

gotta catch same ZZZ

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