Saturday, March 08, 2008

General Elections 2008

Alhamdulillah. I just got back from the polling station.

My first time ever! hehe

I even dreamt about it last night! That must be how excited I was about doing my part as a citizen.

It was great to have checked the daftar pemilih online, so, within minutes, I was done, and so were my parents.

As I stepped into station 8, I passed my IC to the person incharge. I then gave her my serial number to speed up th eprocess, and then she called out my serial number, name and IC number. I moved on further down the line and got my two slips of the kertas undi *darn what is it in english? - voting? blotting? ARGH!* - one in orange and another in ochre, and proceeded to the pop up cubicle. After PANGKOHING *ekekeke* who'm I chose, the ballot papers were then *AHAAAA!! BALLOT PAPERS!! KAKAKAKA* posted into *can i say POSTED or what? die!* the respective perspect boxes. VOILA! im done!

This is one thing I wont forget :) - first timers are indeed something for us to remember for the rest of our lives :)

I hope whoever is elected for my area, DUN Bukit Gasing and PARLIMEN Petaling Jaya Selatan would do better in serving the community this coming term.

Jazakallahu Khair

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