Monday, December 25, 2006


First and foremost, I would want to say ALHAMDULILLAH. Thank you ALLAH for giving my students the chance to perform KALUT at the MAKUM Theatre Festival which ended tonight. Even though we only managed to get the Juries Award for Most Hopeful Group, yet personally, we had already won on the day of performance upon the reception of laughter from the audience.

The comments made by the juries made sense and we learnt a lot from this experience. The flaws are being noted and would be looked into once term begins, and performances of the adaptation of Run From Your Wife by Rooney would be staged in 2007.

UPSI got first placing, and is followed by UM and UKM.

My personal thanks to:

My Big Boss: Prof Dr Hatta Azad Khan, En Hamzah Tahir, En Mazlan Tahir, Pn Umi, Tech Staff @ FACT, Honda, Mr Aidi, Colleagues from the Theatre Dept @ FACT, Mus Pusat Kebudayaan, the organisers.

Thank you for all the support you have given to the students. If not for your supportive comments and emotional support, the students would have not been where they are now. Even though they did not bring back the trophy, but staging Kalut representing the Faculty and University with your support means so much to the hard working students who spent their Term break focusing for this play.

Not forgetting the director: Iskandar @ Dat, Asst Dir: Azhar, actors and crew.

A JOB WELL DONE. we learn as we progress and winning does not matter. You guys showed your best effort and I am so proud of you guys. The most rewarding moment for me is when the audience LAUGHED their heart out (not forgetting what En Othman mentioned, that HE LAUGHED HARD and when he mentioned THE NAMES OF THE CHARACTER) - PRECIOUS and CLASSIC! We could never re-live that moment in time again. Always treasure this moment.I hope no one is frustrated. Please dont. We have done our part well, and what we've done has been rewarded - by the juries at ALLAH's will. It has been fated and we have to Redha. Ada hikmah besar yang tersembunyi. PErcayalah, so i really hope none of you guys are frustrated with the results.

Is: I respek u took the challenge to direct KALUT and be different from the rest. I know u were kind of resentful at first tapi ini satu pengalaman yang berharga bukan? U can go REALLY FAR! Insya ALLAH.

Mus: Thank u 4 giving us this opportunity and thank u for being there for the students.

Syali: for a first timer, doing Artistic Direction : NOT BAD! u also can go far :)

Norez: Tahniah! I want you to keep the pace of your work now, gear up for final year ni. Awak boleh buat dan ruang untuk kamu maju masih terbuka. Keep it up :)

Jannah n 'Aina : Teruskan apa u ol buat, and I know you have passion for it. Thrive further and be where you want to be. Insya ALLAH. Oh yea, thanks 4 the bitchin' about kat DTC, hehehe.

Mali, Botak, Naim, Farid, Adzlan dll yang I tak ingat nama: Korang memang la bekerja keras buat flats etc. Ilmu ni in future insya ALLAH leh jadi ibu duit, Teruskan keje u ol. Buat yang junior2 tu, I hope this experience membuka lagi pandangan u ol about what power we have in the industry dalam masa hadapan. So, WORK N STUDY HARD!

Khalis: Awak ni MEMANG BERBAKAT! Technical ko bole masuk, ko bole menyanyi, ko bole menari, dan ko bole berlakon. Work HARDER to be the HARDEST- camna tu tatau?! Lipat gandakan usaha kamu, insya ALLAH, kamu akan berada jauh lagi kedepan. Sempat lagi tau.

Fiza, Hanim: Watak kecil tapi impak besar. Teruskan usaha kamu. Selalu focus apa yang kamu lakukan dan insya ALLAH, akan lebih kehadapan.

Farhana and Su: pada saya, watak2 Bibi and Mimi tu HIDUP. Teruskan lagi usaha, dan bakat tu dipelihara, dipupuk dan dijaga macam menatang minyak yang penuh. Giatkan lagi usaha kamu dan teruskan perjuangan kamu dalam lapangan yang dipilih ini.

Farrah: I cant say anything about the Play Bill and Pamphlet sebab it is very unique. The text was translated well visually on the posters. Keep it up.

Suriati dan Yang lain-lain yang saya tak mention nama: Teruskan usaha kamu semua, segala ilmu yang ditimba, harus dikeluarkan balik dan dipraktik. Diharap proses KALUT telah membantu kalian mampraktikkan segala teori dalam kuliah. Work hard utk sem akan datang.

Cherish and be thankful to ALLAH for the moments you guys (and me also) went through to materialise KALUT. We DID ENTERTAIN THE AUDIENCE, and it was PROVEN. SO SO SO PROUD OF U GUYS. So, rest for now, get ready for the new Term soon and FOCUS. Let us all join hands to make UiTM proud of us.

Jazakallahu Khair

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At Mon Dec 25, 09:24:00 AM 2006, Anonymous ^janna^ said...

en.5thE thanks 4 being with us throuhgout the competition.. u have been so much supportive 4 us.. we did won the day the audience laugh and the jury did not walk away from their seat.. hee.. about the bitchin'.. glad to bicthin' and mengKRITIK.. kannnn?... ape2 pon... personally, i'm proud to be one of F.A.C.T students.. and have a verrrry supportive lecturers.. my batch will try even harder 2 make FACT proud... thanks en.5thE!!


At Fri Jan 05, 07:52:00 PM 2007, Blogger Adzlan Artavenue said...

En. 5th_E, thanks for the support and knowledge that u have being giving to us. I hope I can learn more about the art direction thing from you although I've learn it from the Art Direction subject in school. I hope I can graduate well in Screen Art and then continue my study at the same place same lecturer . I'm hoping to having Sinography course for my Degree. Hope it will be exist soon. Thanks a lot and I hope the friendship and cooperation wouldn't stop here, Insyaallah. Thanks, assalamualaikum.


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