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10 Questions with Miss India....

Kali ini, saya terpanggil untuk menanyakan 10 soalan kepada Miss India, Miss Ginger De La Loca *matilah nama Miss India I x tau... huhuhu.

Terima kasih Ginger kerana sudi meluangkan masa menjawab soalan-soalan saya melalui email.
Secara ikhlas, saya masih baru berkenalan dengan Ginger, adalah dalam setahun kot?! Tapi sering namanya dibaca di dalam blog Che Det dan Lea Laurielle, dan juga blog Leez the Pioneer. Ginger juga adalah pemegang takhta ratu-ratuan beberapa kali dan telah dua kali menewaskan Miss World 2006 sebelum ini.

Miss G ini juga merupakan teman chatting di pagi hari, kerana beliau memang morning person dan akan terpacak online di alam maya sebelum jam 8 pagi. Gigih skal!

So Ginger, ini tribute saya kepada Miss Congeniality 2006 sempena pertandingan Miss World 2006. This is for you Ginger! the stage is yours.....

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Miss G sedang bersiap sedia, apalah yang sedang bermain di benak fikiran beliau...?

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From: fifth_e taib
Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2006 10:58:27 AM
Subject: interview with Ms India

attached is 10 questions for you to answer :).

Thanks u ol.


1. Why did you choose to represent India this time around?

Because i've always wanted india, cuma sblm ni dah selalu kena sariap! so this time around mek book awal2 lagi... gigih katanyer! besides, i think i should use another name kot. everytime masuk pageant asiklaaa nama ginger de la loca! haha...

2. What are the similarities between India and you?

me = aishwarya rai... kau berani?

Tuan blog: ai tak berani..... *dok tepi diam diam sambil betulkan mic....

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Umrao Jaan - tak sabau nak tgk citer ni... i dare say the nose tu yang similar..hik..

3. I heard that you had personal issues before the pageant, and you almost pulled out, but you got yourself together and made India proud getting into the top 10. How did you handle such a situation, do share your thoughts and anecdotes.

hmm takpelah, i think i'll just keep the skeleton in my closet! biarlah mek dgn LKY je yg tau pasal benda2 ittiew...

4. I am informed of your kinred relations with Ms Venuzuela who is also the winner this year. What is like competing with each other?

its like competing with any other contestants je... except with your own close friend, its more like "i hope you do your best and win gal" instead of "i hope she trips and fall and make a fool of herself. that'd be an interesting sight!" haha sial tak?

tuan blog: very der

5. What traits/attributes did you have that made other contestants voted you Miss Congeniality?

ntahler nok... honestly i'm still wondering...

tuan blog: theres something about G.. hehehe

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6. Describe your make up in 5 words

err... . MELERTS...
and, did i mention MELERTS?

7. Describe your National Costume in 10 words

OVER THE TOP!! oh thats 3 already! hah...
eh cukuplah tu!

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Antaltuya skal saree u ols

8. Describe your Evening Dress in 10 words

you tell me the other 7...

tuan blog: antaltuya X 7. hehe

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9. 5 Tips on giving a very good introduction to the audience

1. prepare awal2... add and add and add where you want, and delete whats unnecessary.
2. fix on one final one and jgn tukar2 lagi dah.
3. then just start practising it over and over.
4. remember it by heart, so that kat atas pentas, tak terkulat2 sbb lupa.
5. and try to play with body language, gestures & voice intonations.

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Opening introduction by G. Dengar kata sampai ado audience menangis dengaq intro Miss G kita ni... hurm..matila tunggu DVD.

10. Now for the most BOMBASTIC question. Having beaten LKY (Venuzuela) TWICE, and holding the rights to brag for two consecutive years, how do you feel LKY wearing the 5kg crown this time? *matitak mak?

first of all, its not 2 consecutive years la gal. its been since 2003! matilah KOREKSI! haha... and what do i have to say about it? hmm 3 words: IT'S ABOUT TIME!! matilakau! haha... honestly, mek mmg harap sgt dia menang. in fact (ok this is the first time i'm saying this out loud. i plan to keep it inside but what the heck. jgn kata mek drama plak!!), i made a silent vow to myself, SHOULD i win that night, i'll give my crown and sash to her. seriously!! (but dont tell her i said this ok!). sbb this time around, she really went all out. and i'm not talking about her preparation, i'm talking she went all out helping me as a friend. she has been very patient with me and she's helped me in any way a friend could be helped... i could list down benda2 yg dia buat utk mek (she has the list, by the way), but that'll make her girang. and i'm not used to make her girang! haha... sial tak?

Tuan blog: apa-apa pun... its so sweet.

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G dalam moment in time dia. *isk... matila ai... hehe

*pictures are from Lea's blog and fotopages. Thank you Lea :)

Jazakallahu Khairan

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maatila GAL!!! hahahahaha!!!!


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