Sunday, July 02, 2006

Konsert AF week 5


Salima is out. Personally for me, it was Lotter or Amirul who should be out. Salima delivered what she had to deliver. She was in sync with the music, and her pitching was still in control. She did not sound FLAT like Lotter and Amirul.

Lotter and Amirul JUST DIDNT FEEL THE MUSIC. Lagu Zaman is a favourite of mine. Amirul spoilt it. He had no motivation and he did not analyse the lines. Gosh. Kesian Fauziah Nawi aja. Lotter on the other hand, kind of like spoilt Fazley's song. GOODNESS ! the ORIGINAL ARTISTE was WATCHING in FRONT! I agreed with the comments by the 3 PRofesional Critics.

Diddy, No energy from him. I expected more. Faizal - I dare say he did a good job delivering what he was supose to deliver, but why look so TAK KONFIDEN during MENUJU PUNCAK?

Velvet: she did her stuff, but the costume. NO. It made her look like a JACKFRUIT in WRAPS. PITY THE GIRL LA ASTRO! Would ZIANA wear that ensemble of clothes ah?

Farhan: I sat, watched and tears came down my cheeks. Eventhough she almost missed a note, but she did good. Costume wise: The fluidity of the dress (the bias cut) did not flatter her figure, but it sure did make an impact, the simple lines reflected the simplicity of the song.
In general, the wardrobe kinda improved with safe outfits for the students, yet when Velvet and Farhan came out for the bonus song, the first thing that came across my mind was that : Are they in REHEARSALS?? huhuhu... ASTRO.. PLEASE DO SOMETHING.
Energy wise was DOWN. The students should just be MOTIVATED some more la. They probably should get Normah Nordin AMN to OPEN them up. Look at Ning Baizura's acting in MALAIKAT DI JENDELA!
I think the guys at the academy should pick themselves up, have fun people! REMEMBER WHAT YOUR OBJECTIVES ARE AND WHAT YOUR MISSION IS!! Good luck for the following week guys.
Al Fatihah
Condolences to Mawi and his family of the passing of his father, Encik Ani.

Jazakallahu Khair

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