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Apa yang ingin kulihat konsert AF4

Berangan ke saya? hehe? Well, suggestions of wardrobe for the stduents according to song.

What factors do I look at upon suggesting the costumes

  1. Song
  2. Choreography
  3. Silhouette of performer
  4. Backup dancer's costume

    Tema Besar: IRAMA MALAYSIA exception to Zila, Farhan Haziq and Faizal


  • Farhan would do with a simple black number, with minimal embelishment at the neck opening. Her accesories also minimal. A diamond stud for her ears is enough. Black smokey eye detail for her make up and her hair up. This sort of image wopuld not only enhance her vocal prowess but would put her upfront as a confident contestant. She would just have to project her persona through her voice rather than her image. Personally for me, she has the package and I could see her being the next YUSNI HAMID.


  • ni baru sesuai buat image ala2 Coyote Girl. High boots, tight jeans, white tank top cover dgn red blouse/shirt, tied in front. why red? - it is because of the content of the song. The song theme is literaly about a guy who fancies you (singer), yet he tells you all of his 'escapades' with other women, thus the singer is gearing herself up so that she would not get hurt emotionally. As for me, i see the BOOTS as a metaphor of saying that the singer is not a girl to be fooling around with as she too, can play at the game. The REDness of the blouse should connote that she to could be dangerous as well as dominant in the courtship. Dressing Zila up in something red and with knee-length boots uoghta do the trick.


  • one of those citrawarna style costumes. Not too colourful tho. I would go with a mandarin collar long sleeve top (organza) or a twinkle satin kebaya top, with a songket kemban. The sarong would be a batik or songket pareo, below the knee length. This silhouette is suggested as Dikir Barat is from the Kelantan, and the costume represents the folkness of the song, depsite the the word PUTERI. The PUTERI would be represented by the choice of fabric or accesories. It would be allright is Velvet is given a simple bun, but bedecked creatively with traditional inspired accesories. Not too much tho. The backup dancers, if any, should just wear a baju kedah tucked in a batik sarung with a piece of pareo or plain coloured fabric worn around the waist. The color I would go for velvet is more to Golds and lime green. The gold would connote the PUTERINES and the green is more related to nature as well as fresh.


  • She would be presenting the Academy's Principal song. Ramli Sarip for me writes his songs poetically and has hints of sufism in his songs. After going through the lyrics, the first thing that came across my mind is ANGELIC. I could actually see Salima in a what westerners say Islamic Garment. Islamic Garment by our standards is Busana Muslim, an outfit that compliments the Syariat (teachings) of Islam. Yet, one could take a further step, I see her in a flowy white chiffon robe, with a light blue crepe or saree Salwar Khameez beneath it. Instead of a tudung, why not opt for a turban or African head wrap thingy (just like Rahimah Rahim) - This idea was actually being discussed by a frew friends here and there. ERTE would be a great inspiration for Salima's image this week.


  • A simple ethnic style tunic with ethnic print to represent the Nusantara. Simple see thru top with simple wrap around pants. That would just do the trick for Diddy this week. As the lyrics are very simple, he should be presented simple as well. I think majority of the audience would want to see his physique, that is why I suggest a light-weight linen or indian gauze top with motifs to represent the Nusantara element. Earth colors such as beige or light brown would be best as the songs touches about the roots of the Nusantara people. The simplicity of the image suggested would contribute to the choreography as seen in the AF Diaries, especially with the Joget sequence.


  • This lad would be belting out Ramli Sarip's Bertemasya Desa Gemalai . The song is basically about reminiscing the good old times back in a rural village. The nature of the song is very earthen as well as it raises the question of one's roots. As lotter is very small framed lad, I suggest that he should wear a simple tunic cut top with string-tied pants. I am aware that this silhouette seems dull, but the top could be textured with hand-stitched embroidery just to create something different on the surface.


  • I've never heard this song before. The first part of the lyrics is very human-human relationship but towards the foutrh verse onwards, it seems to be very Sufi for me. It really sounds like a relation between man and God. Haziq would be well presented in a dark pin stripe single breasted jacket, white or grey shirt with straight cut jeans. The image he would portray is much more relevant to the fourth verse onwards, where, one gives him self up to the infinity (black space). In fact, simplicity is the best and safest solution. Erm, MAYBE, a little BLING would do the trick, probably by giving him a chunky ring? hehe


  • WO! aiyoh... i really pity this Ganu Lad. Well, It's time to show MORE skin Faizal!! I see him in a sleeveless t shirt with a capital F on the back. Combination of Black and Red and a dash of white. Accesorise with BLING belt chains as well as a baseball cap with FAIZAL written over it, worn backwards. I bet the girls would be OOGLING and DROOLING over him... HEHEHE kannnn Volksss kannnn???


  • KHATULISTIWA = EQUATOR. Another song with NUSANTARA as the theme. As Amirul skintone is very fair, it would be allright to dress him up in a funky hand drawn batik outfit. Something SHEQAL probably? No, That is over the top. Amirul should probably be dressed up in a 70's inspired shirt, but using contemporary batik designs as the focal point. Amirul really needs to be dressed up and a total make over seems necessary for him. He needs to be portrayed as a more matured person and has to look energetic and perky. As of last week's concert, it was a good attempt to dress him with the multi-coloured shirt as it gave him a different personality alltogether and it really helped his performance.

    Over all. I really hope this week's concert's wardrobe would make an impact to the audience and to the artistes themselves. Clothes maketh a man.

Jazakallahu Khair

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