Sunday, March 30, 2008

Of Emotions and The Hijab


Who believes in astrology? I dont, but at one point of my life, it did interest me, and I was reading forecasts and so on. Astaghfirullahalazim! How astray can one get? curious katanya.

Anyway, being a piscean, it is said that pisceans are EMOTIONAL. I guess it's just a coincidence. I've been on a highly-charged emotional status this past week. So many things happened that lead me to be a nightmare and a super DQ. LKY, u think u saje boleh DQ? I also can ok! :P but die la, My DQness is at my workplace. God, I should want to omit this state of DQness?, it is not that I am not bersyukur for it (should I be? - I should, because that is me)

I was super upset with some people under my seliaan. Gosh, pepagi buta ni otak tak jalan sket.. hehe. Shim does not seem to meet my expectation, and shim never try. Sad. I always know that people like shim are GK's (Gila Koaser) and after 3 years at uni, would know how to basically organise his or her department and things that comes as a package with it. NOOO!! shim did not show anything at all. Its just play play play for shim. It's all about being a lady on Friday nights, on the podium at La Queen, and of course, being an entourage to the reigning MW. Shim would probably think of being a PA rather than studying and making people's life miserable.

I'm being very HB innit? *die la female dog* Well, I just have got to get it out of the system so that I could start the week FRESH.

I was being EMO with this whole group of artistes wannabes. Just a YEAR after I had introduced expensive materials for their use to help them act and be apart of other people seemd to have drowned into the drain. Well, they opted to have their faces flattened by stage lights - then, go ahead. Ity's their show and not mine. HAHA. I bloody felt frustrated with them. I just left them in a lurch after not being happy with what I see. It is not THEM! it's just not them not to show enthusiasm and getting excited over things, especially when it comes to building their alter ego for the stage. Sad lah, Im SO SAD!

So, what ever ajelah. If I dont feel like it, I wont feel like it. I dont want to be a hypocrite. I would just IGNORE these people till my sengalness go away. And I wonder when? 14th April? HAHAHA!

Oh yes, Im still very much in an emotional state now. Im not touching on this issue as it involves some people's privacy. But I just want to thank him for letting me know. I am so honored to know of the news. Full stop.


Was browsing a friend's facebook account. Saw pictures of him doing his Umrah. Saw picture of his wife in hijab and all I could say is, women look better in hijabs rather than having their hair go free.

Ning's wedding saw friends and relatives of Ning in Hijab, they look exceptionally stunning. When I did Sirah, all the women folk had hijabs on, and they look so pretty. The power of hijabs :)

That's my point of view.


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At Tue Apr 01, 01:33:00 PM 2008, Blogger LeoSabri said...

Who believes in astrology?
>>> i think i dont! same here! :-P
I dont,

but at one point of my life, it did interest me, and I was reading forecasts and so on.
>>> yeahhh tau x pe... ahhaks!

Astaghfirullahalazim! How astray can one get? curious katanya.
>>> yeahhh me too confiusing...

p/s: jawap kertas soalan katanyaa... huhuhuhu! :-P


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