Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Im In Bachok, Kelate.


*entry with no gambau*

Im in BACHOK. Yes. In BACHOK. Arrived last night from KL at about 1030 pm and am staying at this place called DANGA D'RIVER CHALET. And I just woken up one of the people who works here *I think - Hussein mesti suke siapa aku terkejutkan itiewww-nanti i snappy nah!*, well, IT IS 5 to 8 anyways.

On the way yesterday, we stopped twice. Oh yeah, hitched a ride with Syahrul, my colleague to get to office. Oh my, thoughts are getting fragmented again. Ok Ok. Let me start all over again and waste your time reading, hehehe. Im here in Kelate Darul Naim to recce stuff and do some textual research of the location where we would be shooting KELIR KAKU which would be directed by Prof Dr Hatta Azad Khan. I would be the Wardrobe and Make Up Designer of the production. It's quite a big thing and it is gonna be shot on film.

So, today, I would be doing the following:

1. Study the colors and textures of the location of the shoot, as well as looking at what people are wearing in this Kampung im in.

2. Get information of how many types of silat is practiced in Kelantan, namely in the Bachok district. Then I need to find out what they wear for practice and training *matila nak type SHOW tadi.. hik~*

3. Sink myself, immerse myself in the locality and surroundings for inspiration. I may write about my ideas later and what I plan to do for KELIR KAKU.

Anyways, Im wondering why nobody has come out of their rooms yet. Ha, nak story pasai semalam nyer journey. The group of 11 people from FACT Puncak Perdana started the journey from Puncak Perdana on the Uni bus and on the way, stopped at BENTA in PAHANG and had lunch there. Then, we continued the journey to KB via Gua Musang and stopped again in Gua Musang for Tea Break and then, zoomed straight in to KB and stopped at this place called Ayam Percik Yati along Jalan Long Yunus *i think* and had dinner. During dinner-lah we met Pak Mat, elder brother to Pak Ya who teaches Wayang Kulit at my Uni. He led the bus to the Chalet mentioned earlier. Brief or not? :D I am very much interested to do a click here here here and here entry or more likely a 3000 word essay entry, but I rather not, why? SEBAB CHEQ LAPAQ! cheq nak pi amek roti krim dalam beg cheq! cheq nak mamam.

Ok, there may or not be an update later, so have a nice day semua! Dui!

Jazakallahu Khair :-)

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