Saturday, February 10, 2007

Where I want to be NOW

I want to be at the V&A!! I want to see the KYLIE EXHIBITION!!! click HERE, HERE and HERE. *matike ai? Thanks to Volks of Studio L3, I am back being a KYLIE JUNKIE! hehe. She's fab! She's Magnificent, the people surrounding her career - MARVELOUS! especially the costume designers and her stylist. Gosh. From her LA LA LA video clip, that inspired me to go all out for this semester's Showcase. Hope God would make it a breeze and not much problems would arise in realising the show upcoming in April. Click HERE to know more. seronok lak buat entry click HERE, HERE and HERE nih.. well, I guess I'm in real deep **** when CLICK HERE reads this entry... MATILAHHH I! muahahaha... aiyoh..this click here here and here business is ultra COOL. hiks. Thanks Lea! hehehe.

Jazakallahu Khair

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