Sunday, May 20, 2007

and Finally...

Mila won AF5. After 4 years of male domination, the opposite sex finally got a place. I have not been following AF this time, im just to occupied with other things. I only followed the finals via ERA on the way back from office just now. Gosh. Mila did really deliver! just with the gift of hearing, she delivered well and i could imagine how explosive was her final performance.

Just got back from KB at 1 a.m this morning. Syahrul sent me home, sian kat dia super tired. Shot off from KB at 9 a.m, lunch @ Bukit Besi @ Zan's inlaws, went to look at the location in Tanjung Jara *pictures later* also went to Hotel UiTM Dungun which is SOOOOO GRANDID!

KB was great! looking and feasting my eyes on people surrounding me, absorbing all the lines, shapes, form, texture and color to apply in the wardrobe design and make up design for Kelir Kaku. Tiring - YES but i enjoyed every minute of it! I had fun with my new toy too! nantik lepas transfer bagai, I would post some pics up here. Now i just want to lie down and SLEEP. :)

Oh, getting back to today, got up at around 9-ish, took my bath and took my mom to KL to get fabric for the sliding door curtains, I also went to look around for fabric swatches for some character costume for KELIR KAKU. so thats my day today. now gonna get some shut eye :) whilst listening to ROSSA - TEGAR and SAMSON - Kenangan Terindah .

Jazakallahu Khair :)
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