Saturday, October 08, 2005

Memories From Past Ramadhan: 1424H

Wah, I’m inspired from Lea’s blog..heheh.. well, it’s basically about my past tense memories of fasting on the flight home from the UK. It was Ramadhan 1424 H, Nov 2003. I cant recall the flight number etc… (MH 02 I think) but I really wanted to balik kampong for Eid that year. I just did not know why, but I was glad I did.

I started the day after sahur, Abang Lan fetched me about 4 am form my Nicolson Street flat, Anis and Zam sent me downstairs.. and of course, Zam was really pissed with me coz I was leaving him alone for Eid! (Anis went back on Eid itself after Eid Prayers) Well, the weather was NOT FINE at all..heavy FOG through out the UK. My flight to Heathrow was supposed to take off at 6 AM, arriving in Heathrow at about 8-ish, and I had to catch the connecting flight to KUL at 10-ish a.m, I was all dreary and worried, ye lah, takut miss my flight back home *mati la aku raya kat Heathrow! I was only holding on to what the Stewardess said on that BMA flights from LHR is all delayed because of the bad weather…All I could do was pray that I manage to catch my flight home. Alhamdulillah, when my flight touchdown in LHR, I learned that MH02 was delayed to take off at about noon…Oh well, Alhamdulillah.. I even managed to shop for chocolates at LHR!!! And so, I boarded the MH flight… learnt that my seat was at the VERY LAST ROW!! 62 or 64 D or something…Huhuhuhuhuhu….

And so, the flight took off… And I was still fasting… well, it’s not that often u get to fast on the plane anyway. So, my meal was kept aside… I also manage to do my prayers on the plane, at a makeshift Mushola (surau) between the business class and the, erm Lea what is it? EY? (Economy Class) – well, I have to thank the cabin crew…(ok! Standing Ovation for the crew on that flight!) sebab all very helpful and chirpy, smiling away and chatting away with the passengers. Dalam flight tu best..coz I made friends with some Malaysians whose already workin in the UK, one was a dentist, Atikah and another was..hoo hoo…forgot her name…but they wre great traveling companions.

And so, when the flight crossed somewhere just after Europe.. erm..middle east (lalu ka LHR-KUL??!) so it was time for me to break my fast.. And so, I was given Dates in a special container, and of course, my meal…Lea… I really like inflight meals ok! Ekekek.. nak nak Ice Cream vanilla (brand COTTAGE or Country Farm tak silap I )yang sangat YUMMY (u’ll only get it on the flight from LHR-KUL) . So, after my Iftar..ade lah energy sket…but still, just lepak aje.. dalam hati dah plan dah ape nak buat upon arriving… kire sempat la puasa kat mesia, dan berbuka ngan family tercinta kat PJ… hmmm….kusangka panas kepetang… rupanyaa…..

AS THE FLIGHT WAS A FEW THOUSAND FEET UP IN THE SKY….tiba2 tengok all the cabin crew sibuk kehulu kehilir… and then ah... (it was another 4 hours to touchdown in KUL) the pilot made an announcement :


AIYO!!!! My heart stopped for a moment…aiyoh..what was happening? Anyway, as I said earlier, that the cabin crew was really friendly… we (me and the girls at the last row) decided to ask them the problem…. And guess what we were told? THERE SEEM TO BE A CRACK AT THE COCKPIT WINDSCREEN! (cockpit ada windscreen ka?) Aiyooo….NERVOUS U OLS!! Time tu secara automatis..terus baca Al Fatihah dalam hati ok… Our hopes were dashed, as all our shopping plans had to be cancelled (in KL la kan) aiyooo…how?? Eid was only 2 days away!

Anyway, the cabin crew made our spirits high again by telling us that: Y DON’T U SHOP FOR EID AT DELHI?? Wah…… tiba2 mata kami bersinar kembali!! Aiyohh SHOPPING KATANYA!!! Heheh tak sabar plak nak land kat Delhi!..yang penting, I only had 20 quid in my wallet!! LOL!!!

So, apa jadi upon landing di Delhi? Geng Last Row berpecah? Apakah menu ROSZA we ols? Apa jadi seharian di hotel tilam ALA2 TILAM GETAH ASRAMA JATI? *mati la Kolej Jati? Apa menu IFTAR? Apa lagi terjadi lepas itiew? Haaaaa.. TUNGGUU..nanti ade update… aiyo…its beginning to look like Lea’s blog? How? Lea: jadik mentor mak lah? Bleh? :P I WRITE U READ AH! Lea..thaks for inspiring me to write this entry...dan nampak's going to be a SERIES!!!! LOL!!!!


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