Saturday, October 01, 2005



was just browsing my picture folders, and stumbled upon some pics of mine while I was in Scotland. Yeah, it's been a year since I came back. So, last weekend Taufik was in town, he came back for a bit (summer hols) and me, Jess, Cik Kap and Taufik (Kak Mas... *mati la mak) so here are some pics that I snapped on my Nikon Coolpix 2500 that day we met at Coffee Bean KLCC. Would update later with more pics of Taufik

"3 Witches on a Witch Hunt at Cofee Bean" *mati la Cik Kap tak enter prem!!!

"3 Witches found the Chief Witch" *mati la Cik Kap jadi Chief Witch.. Motif WITCH??!!

Ha Jess...pueh? ekekekeke....*mati la RATU KUITHO erms... if Iman or Chef Wan is reading this, saw u on Taufik's Lappy... wahh Chef Wan!! sungguh vundevar sekals menjadi wakil pengantin lelaki yer..pantun bagaii *mati la wedding planner berangan..aiyohhh...vundevar sungguh! Wawawa Iman...jadi pengapitz ek? eh u ols dah contact Zizi tak? she's still in UK u ols!

Oh! 'zaman-zaman itiewwwwwww' kan Jess??? *mati la mak!

Wahh... ini apa la pulak kan??? tetibe LASAGNA laa kann?? huhuhu... heheheh

kenangan kat Venice..... mana Jess? die amik gambo nih...

ni lak dinner kat Venice.... pasta dia VAST! Frsh Tomatoes ok!!

tu aje la kot entry kali ni, i nak mandi segala, nak pegi jumpe Bun, kawan i semenarian zaman2 PESKA 2000-2002...huhuhu comments plsss!! :P

Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Lailahailallah Allahuakbar


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