Monday, May 05, 2008

He who Knoweth us all

Assalamualaikum readers, and a good day :)

I am updating this whilst waiting for the Subuh Azan.

I just had my sahur. Just wanting to share my current thoughts.

God is Great. God is Great. God is Great. Nothing is greater compared to HIM.
He who arranges our lives, He who gives.
It is Him who decide what is best for us, it is Him who knows what is deep in our hearts.

God is Great God is Great God is Great, there is no full stop to that.

I wish my fellow readers, friends and family a great and productive week ahead, and may all our plans and tasks go smoothly, insya ALLAH.

The call for prayer has sounded.

Greetings to Muhammad SAW, his family and sahabats.


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At Fri May 09, 06:10:00 PM 2008, Blogger kamal sabran said...

alhamdulillah. semoga selalu di rahmati allah.

At Thu May 15, 01:15:00 PM 2008, Blogger saat omar said...

Fifiiiii...nice blog.

pasal exhibition tu mmg dah lama plan nak buat tapi takde kaki yg serius. kalau kita ada work aku rasa at least kita leh propose kat Galeri Shah Alam at the most.

or kat galeri AD...why not?

At Thu May 15, 01:18:00 PM 2008, Blogger saat omar said...

oops sorry..aku terbaca geng2 AD hehe..orait kalau geng FACT nak buat buleh. anytime. yang penting kita siap artwork dulu


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