Friday, March 03, 2006

The End... and many more

The Final Curtain Call and Encore with Standing Ovation

It's the end of the spectacle. Got to watch the FINAL show of PGLM, Planned to just lepak at the foyer, but rezeki came knocking TWICE. Alhamdulillah. first one: got ticket from Mahyuddin Sidek (costume designer for PGL the Movie also my senior at the Fashion Dept ITM) - he had one spare ticket. Really did not expect this. I had the ticket in my hand, but I was not mentally prepared at all to watch it in the auditorium, I just wanted to lepak with Sultan Muzaffar who'm i was surprised to meet that very night - he too came to see the ending of the much talked about PHENOMENON in Malaysian Theatre. Second Rezeki: Whilst lepaking at the foyer with SM, suddenly a rep from Enfinity came up to SM and offered seats (Media) - well SM kan famous blogger... hehe... So, entah camne... I pun tag along dgn SM and by the Keraton Scene with Tuah and Gusti Putri, we were seated at the Grand Circle... Masya ALLAH!! what a view!! (deep in my heart I felt so BAD coz my mom didnt get to watch PGLM- tickets were all snapped up-SAD)

The Final Show was full of energy, despite the 1/2 hour delay for the second half, some technical problems arised (it seems that one of the scanners blew - they had to replace and re-programme the lighthing sequence). True, much as I expected that when I compare the show I watched on the 9th and the final night, It has matured tremendously.

Stephen's acting WAS SOO MUCH BETTER and Tiara's was clean, and full of emotion, especially at the very last scne, singing her final aria. You could hear her shaky voice. I could imagine what was going through her mind and heart at that moment - the very last performance of the Malaysian Musical Phenomenon - Puteri Gunung Ledang. I actually shed a tear at that moment. Not only that, my friend Zeqhty, one of the ensemble told me that they actually BAWLED on stage at the very last scene as Gusti Putri came down from the stupa.

As the stage lift rose for the very last time, with the imagery of the Borobodur Sculptures, I became teary again. Thanking God for letting me be there to witness it. I wonder if PGL is ever going to be staged again in Malaysia.

Good luck to al the people who worked so hard for PGLtM. U guys have made history and a benchmark for future Musicals in Malaysia.

My HOD as Bendahara Melaka and Zaridah Mallik (Dida) after the curtains closed for PGLtM

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