Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saturday Rendevous @ UPM


I spent the whole day today with my University Cultural Troupe PESKA at UPM for the annual Malaysian Universities Cultural Council (MAKUM) National Day celebrations. I helped out with their make up and putting on their costumes. I was reminiscing the day when I performed at one of these functions back in the year 2000!! My God!!! that is agessss ago!!! - Ermmm..Lea...I pun PAST TENSE JUGER KER??? *maaati la aku!!! Anyway, had a great time today... and most memorable of all.... pls scroll down... :)

1. Syaz 2. my make up box 3 & 4 Me and my beloved Make Up kit 5. Me and Spin 6. Baby getting ready 7. Earing detail 8. The girls are ready and waiting for their cue to be on stage 9. Fatin

1. Baby all ready 2. Mas all ready as well 3. Me and Syaz... surviving members since 2001!!! 4. Ma(EL or War???) hiks *pengsaaan la akuuu!! 5. Miza 6. Ayu and Me 7. the PA gang @ UPM 8. Me giving a special pose with Fatin 9. New members..sorry i still cant get ur names :P *maaati la akuuuu!!! LOL!

1. Amar in the background and a new member in the fore 2. Owen and the girls 3. Fatin again 4. PA Boys... familiar lah! 5. me and the boys (?!!) 6-9 SHOWTIME...tapi sangkak...lagu kene potong dgn organiser tanpa diberitahu...thank God bebudak itiew proffesional itiew... kalau kene dkt Lea...apakah Lea akan lakukan??? perluke Poll untuk mendapat jawapannya??????? *maaati laaaaa akuuuuuu!!!!! :P

He He He.... this was really memorable.....

Spin... met him today at UPM... It was an impromptu gesture to meet up with him and Alhamdulillah, we met. Cleared out a few matters that had been a big question mark in his head about me...:P Spin..thanks for treating me to dinner!! Catch up with u online later m8! :)


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