Sunday, July 31, 2005

Congratulations Azean and Izryl...


Azean and Izryl FINALLY tied the knot after courting each other for the past 8 years!! That is since my Uni days... Azean and I were in the same department... so, we share many memories of our college days together. Well you two, Congratulations and my prayers are with you. I am sooooo happy for the both of you and Praise ALLAH for blessing both of you together at last.
Ceremony 1, July 30th @ 12 noon. Aqad Nikah Ceremony.

I was late for the Akad Nikah ceremony (taking the wedding vow before the Kadhi (Religious Officer in charge of Muslim Marriages), I was the only friend from the Fashion Dept who was around, the other guests were close relatives. Azean wore a Lavender coloured lace kebaya with matching selendang or pashmina, embroided as well and Izryl wore a matching coloured Baju Melayu. Azean was made up by Marina Muhielara and the make up was superb and clean! Azean really stood out!

Ceremony 2, BERINAI BESAR 30th July @ 2045hrs

The second ceremony was the Berinai Besar (Staining of Henna)... Azean wore a gorgeous Moss Green Songket Bunga Tabur for this ceremony. This ceremony marks the first time (Duh!) of the bride and bridegroom together on the throne (Pelamin-bridal dais)- The Malay concept of the bridal pair is that, the couple are the King and Queen of The Day, hence, sitting them in state on the Pelamin is symbloic of the concept . I met up with Suraya, and my, did we have a lot of FUN keeping up with gossips and news about our ex-coursemates. We had lots of laughter reminiscing old times at uni. Well, tomorrow would take place the Marhaban (Praises to Prophet Muhammad SAW) ceremony and at about lunch time, the Bersanding Ceremony again, the second last bersanding ceremony that is!! The last one would be at Izryl's parents place soon.

Well, to the both of you, Congratulations again, May ALLAH bless your marriage with lots of Rezki and happiness...Insya ALLAH.

Subhanallah Alhamdulillah

Lailahailallah Allahuakbar


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