Monday, August 01, 2005

Azean and Aezryl...Again :P


From top left to bottom right...... 1. Yan and Aezryl on the Dais...I was FASHIONABLY LATE or was the bersanding too early??? 2. Yan coming down the dais... 3. Aezryl and Yan at the Main Table... 4. Yan minglin' with guests 5. These people belonged to my department almost 10 years ago!!! now already have new generation...aiyoh!! 6. AD16 JULY '95 today 7. Me and Za... 8. The very VAIN and Metrosexual me...somebody commented on the flawless complexion...thank you Body Shop!!! *Maati la akuu.. ni leh masuk SSBM ke Lea?? *maati la aku sekali laghik!!! 9. Me and Denan coursemate at the Fashion Dept..he is designing Mawi's outfit for the finals of Akademi Fantasia

Friends and their spouses...reminiscing July 95

In the same order 1. Che Din with Daughter... 2. Rose, my coursemate who is married to Che Din 3. "oh look at my hair...Chantek kannn??? Ini la Sugi yang u ols selalu sebut 'Lite-lite Sugi' itiewww*Maatii la akuu 4. Dik Ja and Web...they also have a kid now..Natasha... 5. Me and Sugi.... 6. Denan Hassan..masih single...any takers??? 7. Jerry... Bride Groom to be end of August 8. Right Brainers @ Yan's Wedding 9. Me and Sugi...again....the ones missing in this pic is Ras (London) and Honey (JB)...bile nak kumpul lagi ehhh???

So, that was the Wedding of the year..much awaited by friends from the Fashion Dept (July 95)... All the best guys!!! Ok...Who's wedding is nexttt???

Subhanallah Alhamdulillah

Lailahailallah Allahuakbar


At Tue Aug 02, 03:01:00 PM 2005, Anonymous walkthrulife said...

fifi...nice pics. nak a copy


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