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Eid 1426H - a past tense entry *mati la blog past-tense

Hmm...Where should I start? the day before lah.. ok ha... the main activity for me the day before Eid was to cook. I had obliged myself to my mom to cook this year, and I wanted to cook a meat dish without using santan for a start. So, I surfed the net as well as asked my colleagues if they happen to have any recipes taht I could try out, well Tini gave me one recipe, Isis almost gave me one *Die la Malbari and from the web I was tempted to try out Daging Nasi Kandar. Well, I then decided to KAK NAM my own recipe...heheh..Using the basic principles of making the usual rendang and bits and bobs of the recipes I picked... so mrasalah Masak Daging Yang I Tak Tahu Nak Kasi Nama Apa Janji NO SANTAN!
So, salosai masak tu at about 4ish.. siap main hujan ok sambil memasak itiew! hiks~ and so, bersiaplah untuk Iftar piuler... Oh, earlier on I sempat la pi gunting ghambut, beli bunga kat PS, pi Giant KJ sebelum mengabdikan diri di dapor..hehe... So, Iftar terakhir Ramadhan pun simple ajo... my sis beli lepat palas di Putrajaya, as well as rendang tok, tak dilupakan Dagin yang I masak tadi tu. Simple aje Iftarnye... lepas berbuka tu juger lah, baru la I sibuk nak pasang panjut. Aktiviti pasang panjut ni as I recall dengan past tense yang sangat past tense, dah 20 tahun dah kot, except for the two years I was in UK for Eid I dok pasang panjut ni utk Raye. Just nak timbulkan suasana raya tu sendiri. Well, Itu ajelah hiburan I u ols.. I basically grew up alone, my elder siblings mane heran sgt pun. So, sedang2 isi minyak tanah itiew, mrasalah Announcement Raya on Radio and TV. RAYA IS ESOK. Alhamdulillah... terus masuk bilik...n pasang takbir raya kuat2 on my PC.... hiks~ And my nephews and nieces pun datanglah untuk sessi bermain bunga api.... Pixies are all at my FOTOPAGES
After melayan my nephiews and nieces...its back to the kitchen for me.. this time to tackle the Kuah Kacang and Sambal Tumis Udang and Kosong..... another late night, wrapped up cooking at one and attack the living room etc... heheh...NAsib baik my eldest sis was around to fill up the balang kuih... with ALL THE KUIH TUNJUK...hiks~

Woke up at about 7.45 am, huh, late! Got to get ready EXTRA QUICK as I need to rush for a parking space at the mosque ( had to get parking space at the front part of the mosque – My dad has to perform prayers seated and he could not walk very much these days). It was also raining, hence that explained WHY I overslept. Hehehe.

My mom called my mobile and informed me my dad was not able to go for the prayers, he is not feeling well and I have to take my eldest bro to the mosque. Oh Well.. what ever… So I took my dad’s 4 wheeler to the mosque and did what I was supposed to and after the Khutbah or Sermon, went back home.

After the usual forgive and forgiving session, went straight to the kitchen to dish out the dishes, and at about 11ish my sister’s friends started to come, as well as relatives. Well, actually my siblings started arriving first, one by one with their families (2 of them actually) and the house started to get noisy with my nephews and nieces screaming about playing with each other.

At about 4-ish only I managed to get to the cemetery to visit my grandparents and my niece’s grave at the Kampung Tunku Muslim Cemetary, I had a fine time looking for my niece’s grave, thank goodness it was just a few feet from my grandparents, yet I still had to get my bearings right. I did not know that the grave had already been marked with black marble headstone- the last time I visited the grave was during the funeral itself. After that visit, I felt kind of relieved, I don’t know why. Stopped by section 14 to top up my mobile and went back home.

Only then, I started eating the Raya Goodies I cooked, as well as the goodies brought in by my sister from her inlaws in Meru. Alhamdulillah…and, after 3 pieces of lemang, ketufet and its condiments.. my eyes started getting heavier…and heavier…and again.. I left my soul to ALLAH till I woke up again about 9 something just now, when my sister called me and reminded me to put some stuff in the fridge..hehe..

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That was my 1st day of Syawal… I feel like doing the Puasa Sunat Syawal ( for a period of 6 days in the month of Syawal) tomorrow, insya ALLAH. Hmm…as for pictures.. Did not really document it well today, was busy doing this and that, but mrasalah fotopages I.

Selamat Hari Raya!

Haiyaa!! nampak sgt PAST TENSE kan? sah sah entry ni separuh dah type on 1st Day of Eid itself..but BARU LA NI nak hapdate! how??? hiks~ enjoy!! PLS LA KOMEN NAH!! rindiew plak takde org komen blog ni..ala2 zaman2 BI sat dulu...hiks~

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