Monday, July 04, 2005

10 years...and today really bring back memories.....


It has been 10 years. And it felt just like yesterday, me, entering the world of college life....

10 years ago, on the 2nd of July, changed my course of life. I registered and entered the world of tertiary education... which shaped me to be what I am now. I am so thankful to ALLAH for paving my course of life in this direction.

Tertiary education is obviously more challenging compared to secondary school. This is where I start to discover myself, and it was then in my tertiary level of education that I met more and more people from different backgrounds.

I still remembered that day, It was a Sunday. My sis sent me to register at the residential college, prior to that i was really nervous, it was my big step leaving home, i never left home before (well, my biggest ever step was to board the plane to UK). My parents could not send me, but I could not remember for what reason. So, my sis left me, my heart was not beating regularly... I was really high at some point because of all the stories my teacher use to tell me and some of my schoolmates about orientation week at my Uni. Ayooo! anyway, I had really great room mates.. I could still remember their names... Hatta (public admin) Jack ( AD10-my coursemate) Ben (Masscom) Mija (Hotcat) and one engineering guy from Melaka. We kinda do stuff together through out that week. It was then too, I made friends with this Mass Com guy from Sarawak... His name is Nazib...we always keep each other company... I also met a close friend...Irwan Iskak, who is some where in the States now... I wish u well Iwan Jebong! :P

One moment that I could not ever forget is, i sprained my ankle on the second last day of the orientation (the day before the freshie's games to close the orientation week) on the way to do my Maghrib Prayers at the Islamic Centre...LOL! So I was excused from doing the cross country race the next day, ALHAMDULILLAH! (well, now how i had wished I was more active in sports then...Well, no point regretting nothing is ever too late!!!). Orientation week closed as my parents fetched me home the following Sunday, and it was then I was already a FRESHIE!!! An ITM scholar... And the next four (eh..five) years was FUN! TEARS! and HEADACHES!!! Oh yeah, I was an Non Resident student because i come from the Klang Valley, but about two months after registration, I managed to get a room at one of the Residencial Halls populated by Art and Design students.... :P So many memoriesssss!!!

I stood in the hall today, waiting for freshies to come and register...Gosh, it was 10 years ago, I was just like one of them depicted in the foto's posted below... Looking at them and being where I am now...gosh..I am ever so thankful to ALLAH... without HIS blessings i would not be here now.

It is a loong journey....a long one, and so many things to discover, to do and to cherish.

I would always cherish those days. It's been 10 years...10 years.... would there be another 10? Only ALLAH knoweth all.

Tribute to RIGHT BRAIN SOCIETY @ JULY 95 BATCH OF THE SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN,MAINSTECH. Happy 10th anniversary of friendship, sentapship and funship..... may more ships to come! ni kes lepak sebelum ke selepas kelas..rase nye ini time semester 2.... aiyooo... *maati la aku!!! :P

And so, the pictures today's generation of future leaders in their own way...

Subhanallah Alhamdulillah

Lailahailallah Allahuakbar


At Tue Jul 05, 05:18:00 PM 2005, Blogger budakbasah said...

erm tinggalkan ejjak kat sini jelah.

At Wed Jul 13, 01:09:00 AM 2005, Blogger sha said...

sowey.. tumpang menyibuk plak~! huhu.. saye jugak wendu kat skool ad, uitm!! besh tgk pics neh.. ;)


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