Sunday, July 03, 2005

THE FOUR and B.B....and a near perfect weekend..(nothing is perfect occay!)

In The Name of ALLAH Most Gracious and Merciful,

Finally today, THE FOUR has managed to capture their images on a digital media and been posted in this very blog. Why THE FOUR? well, these four Kak Nam's *maati la akuuuu!! is VERY DOMINANT (tapi ade sorang bottom duer? hehehe) in a particular Yahoo Chatroom (well before the service had been stopped due to some irresponsible individuals who has a case of mental health) These Four unique creatures of ALLAH always belch out their vocal chords, whether other's like it or not... AND! dont ever pijak when Leo is DJ-ing or speaking... Woo Hoo! nahas u ols!!! :P *maati la maak!! ALHAMDULILLAH!

the first B is....


Well, Planet YM had their bowling match the UE3 complex in Cheras. So, Raydy, Leo and Kie decided to go and meet up the rest of the Yahoo Chatters, The event was simple yet organised, and it was great to finally meet up other Chatters (Lowra, Fully, Zest) finally in person...and TT ofcourse! :P

The second B would be....


It would be Raydy's Birthday tomorrow... So this all happened by chance... and we kinda celebrated Raydy's Birthday in advance at a stall in Miharja....

I really had a great Weekend... a really great one! Thank ALLAH for all HIS blessings.

Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Lailahailallah Allahuakbar


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