Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ok lah...request nak gambo scandal ekk? sori le..i mmg takde scandal...Leo..can u answer on my behalf plsss??? *maati la maak!! well, took this last semester, I made my students manage and run a fashion show...so this shot was taken after the show, the bajus are all mine! mine! mine!! LOL!!! eehh..kejiss...over expose laks.. ok lah, the pink ones are from my final year collection..yes-its been almost 6 years! the red and beige-ish ethnic motif tunics is my private collection, the black one is one of my treasured shirts i bought at HnM for 7 quid!! the red brocade dress is Oda's and the Cik Siti costume is mine also...all mix and match one...aiyoh...propa ke? *maati la akuu!! Posted by Hello