Monday, June 27, 2005

My Day Today....

HAri ni ade meeting decided to foto-document the meeting, so enjoy lah yerks :P but i had decided not to upload the pics of the meeting itself, but instead, of what's left of the meeting. Being me, I ended up documenting my own portrait as well!! Aiyohh!! vain nak mampos eh? Then, after work, i went over to Oda's office to fetch Mizi (Bah LoOnSs!) to go over to Oda's hse in Brickfields to help bring some stuff to his new flat at Vista Angkasa, well, Oda did'nt get to come along as Oda had rehearsals for an upcoming competetition... but I did not manage to snap anything in Brickfield coz I was occupied with stuff that I had to do Posted by Hello


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