Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Siti Nurhaliza made a public statement of her relationship with Datuk K which, Insya ALLAH would be solemnised on August 21st. Siti, I am wishing you all the best and may ALLAH guide you and Datuk K to His path.

I have been receiving emails in response to the PC made yesterday. I usually do not entertain these emails, as I know, I would not know the authenticity of the content. Yet, my curiosity took the best of me to go thru the emails and it was funny to see the response are mainly NEGATIVE (-ve) of Siti's announcement. SAD. Cant we just be happy for her? I guess if we cant be happy for another human being, we ourselves are not happy with our own lives. SAD! *tak bersyukur ke??*

And how I wish, the press (no matter how sensational the news is) would just keep it positive. I know Siti would have to pay for her stardom, yet she does not have to reveal what is personal for her. She needs her own space for her own personal reasons. Why should one violate this? Why revealing what is close to one's heart for everyone to share. Even the GRANDEST *adeke?* of WEDDINGS did not end up as one expects it to be!

There is NO NEED to bitch and send hate emails, EVEN it is just a JOKE. Quoting Siti, she strongly believes in ALLAH's fate in marriage as well as in death. So to those people who just loathes her, or just plainly not easy about her decision to marry Datuk K, please just for once, SHUT UP! as well as for those who are just to FANATIC about Mawi calling off his engagement *This goes to JOYAH of UTUSAN* JUST LET IT BE. ALLAH has laid the groundplan for each and everyone of us to go through and there is not one thing that is tested upon us that we could not handle. Enough is enough. IT IS NOT US who is GETTING MARRIED, or calling off an engagement, it is their personal right to decide so and so. Wallahualam.

"5thE Tak Peduli Apa Orang Kata"

Jazakallahu Khair

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At Tue Jul 18, 10:53:00 PM 2006, Blogger KiaH ARiaNa said...

akak rase cam ader x kena je bila ct pilih datuk k..antaranya:matilahh byk./.hikss
datuk k tuh dah boleh panggil bapak dah...umo 47
datuk k semasa bercinta dgn siti masih lagi suami org..mengikut fakta yg ct bercinta sejak thn lepas..dan datuk k baru bulan lepas sah duda..motif x jd rujuk ngan bekas isteri?confirm la sape x nak ct u olss...
akak tak suka muka datuk k yg seiras mcm muka jaafar on..n mcm kekwat semcm
datuk k dah 20 tahn kawin..ct baru je nak tau hal perkahwinan
datuk k tuh layak dgn artis yg ala2 x sesuwaii je..ct boleh carik yg bujang n lebih baik dr datuk k tuhh..
ITU SAHAJA komen akak..tq..huhuhu

At Tue Jul 18, 11:13:00 PM 2006, Anonymous ayieastana@penang said...

Hi 5thE, terlebih dulu kita berbaik sangka dgn niat dan hasrat murni Datuk K melamar CT tapi bak kata Kiah tu, mmg ramai yang upset dengan pilihan CT! Banyak sgt cerita2 yg "menakutkan" ...apapun kita doakan CT bahagia dan Datuk K benar2 ikhlas menjadikan CT suri hidupnya...trimaz...amin.


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