Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Yooo Lahh!!


Maka Yooo Lahh! Ambo Tubuh Begelar Puteri Bota antaro kesore nak menuka diri jadi sekuntum bunga de ambo nak tabo penyekak atah kapal jung suluk kapa ulano ni...Saaaa!!!

he he he... well, i've been eliminated from Bloggers Idol and it is not the end of the world... Well, I guess it would be for some people in the USA... well.. It's all God's work, so, be strong on hold on to what you people believe.

Well, this entry is going to be different somehow... I do not know how different it would be, but its gonna be...

Hile ghoyat berito timbo....berito timbo gakkk.... I dedicate this entry to a make up job I just did last weekend. Ambo buak make up untuk Mok Yung Raja Tangka Hati di MTC Jale Ampang..Watie Elite jadi Pok Yung Muda... Ambo tuke buak Eye Shadow dia...hehehe. One thing I have to mention here, personally, I really salute Watie for taking the challenge to become a Pak Yung Mudo, She has the ANGIN ( spirit) Mak Yong in her, that was why her performance was great. Alhamdulillah. Well, I have to congratulate Mala, the director herself as she helped to shape Wati to be what she was...aiyohhh...mek suke suke suke.... Mala is actually the grand daughter to the late Khatijah Awang, recipient of the National Arts Award some years back... Mala..GREAT JOB!

Panah rasa dale hati! kerana mu loh Raja Tangka Hati tok sir kat aku! Celaka Mu nih! Kalu diri mu nok raso, rasolah pada hari ini ambo nak godang mu lintang empat puluh bujur empat puluh! Berfikir kami dale hati gamok dale dada gak.. Ayolaaahh !!! GEDEBUK! GEDEBAK! hehehehe...ini lah line Mus.. I just got to know him in this production, such a great guy, he teaches yoga around town, and dia ni ex Seni Kreatif USM and ASK... I like his sempoiness and he was the best for this Puteri Bota character....hehehe... u readers should have seen him...hillarious...and very good acting.. Making him up was not difficult at all, eventhough I really emphasize on this particular character. Hmmm...suke sangat la aku drag kan orang kan....ekekekek *mati la aku....

Hehehehe... So that is about my new found friend, Mus...I've actually heard of him dari dulu lagi, tapi ni la baru 1st timeI keje dengan dia... Hmmm..This production also I dapat keje dgn kawan-kawan yang I dah biasa kerja with... Most of them ASK graduates..Kma, Intan just to mention a few.. oh yeah... Yuni and Mardiana..whom I've worked with them during MYRTH di IB 2 years ago.....Sape lagi...YEah... Hadi Tahir... DEWA BETARA GURU...he is my student's Beau...heheh..erm... and of course ramai jugak yang I keje with for the first time...... Pic sebelah kiri tu la Hadi.

Maka Yoo lah tubuh ambo begelar Mak Ikan Jerung antara kesekor nak kirat ke pintu koto puloknyo.... Saaa!!! heheh.. this is K'ma's line...Kma jadi Mak Ikan Jerung and Raja Besar Mengkuang, Raja Tangkai Hati's father inlaw. Kma played this role of a Shark in the MYRTH production at Istana Budaya 2 years ago... I first met K'ma when I was freelancing with Centre Stage around 1999 where he was a mad out balloons to the public when Mid VAlley Mega Mall opened its doors to public...

And, this is the Director herself, Mala, the grand daughter of Allahyarhamah Khatijah Awang, the Mak Yong Primadona and recipient of the National Arts Awards a few years ago. Well, I am proud of her as she is keeping the Traditional Arts alive. She is the new generation of Mak Yong practitioner and what she had done to Watie Elite.. I really must congratulate her... She is the third generation of (if not mistaken) Sri Temenggong Mak Yong Troupe to keep the dying Mak Yong arts alive. Syabas Mala!
Well, this is the longest entry i've worked on... 3 days im a row as my IE Browser keeps playing up. So that was my weekend last weekend..huh? Really past tense huh? he he he *die la bonda!
sat lagi update lagi....hehehehe
Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Lailahailallah Allahuakbar


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