Saturday, July 02, 2005

Very Mundane Saturday...but I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT!


Gosh, this foto bloggin business is really gettin on to me..esp goin around with my Nikon Coolpix... Well, my day started at 10 today as i had a late night out ( home at quarter to 5!) and I settled the cooker for the kitchen at my mom's flat and rushed off to Shah Alam to collect my rubber stamp at Kompleks PKNS...but the guy at the shop did one really silly mistake! he misspelled my name! and my writing on the instruction form was definitely CLEAR! well, he promised to compensate me with a new rubber stamp by 10 am tomorrow. Not knowing what to do next (after all the spedo-dedo at the shop) I ended up going to Sect 2 to buy some barbequed Ikan Keli....mouth watering and the aiyak asam is superb!!! and as i was buying myself Limau Blend, I thought of Leo and was wondering what he was doin, so I decided to give him a tinkle...and he was WIDE AWAKE! so I asked the Abang to add another 2 portion of the Calamansi Juice, with dried plums that is :P.....and headed straight to Leo's. When I arrived, they supplied me with the happenings post Malibu earlier on in the morning, and me, having bitten by the Foto Bloggin' Bug...took out my camera and started to......yes...take snapshots of two of my close friends and kindred spirits....Kie...I am sure that you are going to be kinda SENTAP with this....U ada GELANG TANGAN aje kan...but look what I HAVE!!! Eat Ur Heart Out HONEY!!!! *maati la akuuu!!!!!

And not only that Kie...., i have this as well ... *Maaaatii la akuuuu !!!!!

Hmmm... kaedahnyer...:P


Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Lailahailallah Allahuakbar


At Sun Jul 03, 08:44:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sentapppp tauuuuu gambar nih....tanpa baju lagik occay...venciii

At Sun Jul 03, 08:49:00 AM 2005, Blogger Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...

Well....what can i say... :P


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