Sunday, July 10, 2005

Malaysian Audience.....SEDEH LA!! - Tribute to u Adam.


I actually waited for the Malaysian Idol results tonight, eventhough I had to put up with the F1 and flippin thru channels...

Well to cut things short...(yeah...i've lectures tomorrow morning - class at 0830hrs!!) I was SHOCKED to see the last couple on stage... Nita and Adam.... my heart just kinda stopped! ( So DQ!) they were both original in style and delivered their pieces triumphantly. Sadly, only one is staying and the other is going back home. And so, Nita is staying and Adam is going... NOOOOO!!!! I cant believe it! (well, I could accept the fact that this is all God's Will) but, both are really good singers and both SHOULD be in the next round (The Spectaculars). Quoting Paul Moss (our version of that guy wearing the black body-huggin-Tshirt.whats his name?? - Oh yeah Cowell) "Malaysian audience tend to vote for the wrong elements that a singer should have, and they can't judge true talents" - and looking at Roslan's face, and Gee's face...they were all DISSAPOINTED!!!

Dearest Adam,
if u ever come across this posting ( I hope you do) the moment you strut your stuff on stage Friday night, me watching at home, could feel your presence. The way you delivered the song effortlesly, it was almost perfect (mind you, nobody is, only GOD is perfect). Dont stop singing Adam... Ada hikmahnya di sebalik semua ini, didoakan semoga Adam terus berjaya dalam apa sahaja yang Adam lakukan. It's not the end. Watching you on telly shedding tears, as if I could feel how you are feeling. Insya ALLAH Adam, bigger opportunities are awaiting you, insya ALLAH. All the best to you.

Thats about it for tonight's entry..... Pictures courtesy of Malaysian Idol official website. For this coming Friday's Workshop... Good luck to all of you. To Aesar....GIVE UR BEST ok!! and to Yasir too....Buat yang terbaik!!!!

Would update more on Malaysian Idol soon..when I have the time, insyaALLAH

signing off!

Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Lailahailallah Allahuakbar


At Mon Jul 11, 01:37:00 AM 2005, Anonymous Raydy said...

I do agree with u (in regards to Paul Moss' statement) about the elements voted by Malaysians. It is sad but unfortunaely true. Perhaps one day people with realise that, and hopelly, those deserving but unfairly voted out talented people are still around...


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