Thursday, July 07, 2005

Let's ponder.....


A friend passed me this a few days ago, and I thought it would be nice to be shared with my readers.......

someone is thinking of you someone cares about you. someone misses you someone wants to hold your hand. someone wants you to be happy. someone wants to hug you. someone will do anything for you. someone needs to know your love is unconditional. someone wants to tell you how much they care. someone wants to stay up watching movies w/ you. someone wants to hold you in their arms. someone wants to see you. someone wants to be your lover. someone loves you for who you are. someone loves the way you make them feel. someone
wants to be with you. someone wants you to know they are there for you. someone is glad that you're their friend. someone is wishing you would notice them. someone wants to get to know you better. someone loves you.

Thank you Bibi for sharing this with me...

Subhanallah Awni Wahasbi


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